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  1. G

    Bike Rentals

    Looking for a bike rental to cycle the Camino de Santiago? You may rent a bicycle at one of the local bike rentals listed at gives an overview of bike rentals, amongst others in Pamplona, Burgos, Leon , Bilbao... Local bike rentals will provide you good rental bike...
  2. D

    Biking the Camino from Pamplona in Oct. 2016- Advice/Itinerary

    Hi, I'm planning to fly to Pamplona in October and complete the journey to Santiago de Compostela in 12 days. A couple questions I would like to pose to others who've done a similar trip: Rent bike or buy? I'm leaning towards renting because it sounds like the quality of rental bike is...
  3. I

    camino del salvador AND camino primitivo?

    Hello! So this will be my first camino experience. I'm a young female, 21 years old, and would like to bike el camino del salvador+ el camino primitivo by my self. Is this too much? And do you think one are able to do this within 12 days? Im in quite good shape, allthough I dont usually bike...
  4. R

    Cycling Camino del Norte on my own bike

    Hola amigos, I really want to do the Camino de Santiago. I feel like its pulling me towards it. But I do not have enough knowledge about the routes, the camino passport and other things required. I will give myself 15 days to cycle the Northern route starting in San Sebastian or Zumaia on the...
  5. G

    Biking the Camino de Norte

    Hi! A friend of mine and myself will be biking the Camino De Norte in late may- early June. We have hybrid bikes and are planning on biking around 60 km a day (is that reasonable?) If any one has some tips on the following topics we would love the advice - wear a backpack? Or just use paniers...
  6. 1mike12

    How do I bring a bike from pamplona to SJPDP? May 6th - 7th

    I wanted to bike the camino but bringing my bike from the US was just not possible due to complex logistics & $400 in cost, notwithstanding any damage to my bike. So I've decided to head to the decathlon in Pamplon and buy a bike instead for 200 euro. I looked on the ALSA site and they say they...
  7. E

    Walk/Cycle/Walk - need Bike hire advice

    Hello, My girlfriend and I are all booked up and ready to walk/cycle/walk the Camino in May 2016. We would like to walk it all but due to the time we have to do it we are going to cycle for 5 days from Logroño to Foncebadon. We have not booked the bikes yet and would really (really)...
  8. firmo123

    Maps & Elevation Profiles for Camino Portugues

    I'm cycling / bikepacking the Camino Portugues (Lisbon to Santiago) during early June. I rode the Via de la Plata in 2014 and was able to find good downloadable maps and elevation profiles for the different camino stages, but for the Camino Portugues, I haven't been able to find such info...
  9. C

    Highways and sigh-ways on the Via De La Plata

    Hello all, Oh, the amount of my own work I'm behind on now from reading through this wonderful forum! On a very sudden urge, I've decided to walk the Via De La Plata this year in May. I'm not sure why I've chosen this path, but it seems right to me. 'The Call', I suppose some people may...
  10. PeteD

    Donating a bicycle in Santiago

    Hello Everyone, First question on the forum and first Camino! I'm planning on riding from SJPdP in early March 2016 bringing my own bike from Australia. I had the good fortune of winning a basic MTB bike in our local cyclefest last year and felt that this was a sign to ride the Camino this...
  11. dubaly

    any advice about Chinese carbon bicycle rims?

    Just notice a factory on facebook, many well priced carbon rims, I want a set of road bike rims for 38mm depth,but how about Tubular or Clincher? what s the difference? Any advice ? carbon 700C 38mm depth Tubular
  12. E

    Obtaining a bike in Santiago

    I'm thinking of cycling from Santiago to Porto along the Camino Portuguese in a couple of weeks. Does any body know what the best way to get a bike in Santiago is? I am currently walking the Camino Frances and my friend and I were wondering if any cyclists leave or sell their bikes in Santiago...
  13. mary flo

    Biking the more paved/urban sections of the Camino?

    I'm looking into biking for a few days along the way and wondering if there is a particularly large stretch of city/paved area that isn't the most lovely walk that you would recommend biking through. Thanks!
  14. A

    Has anyone rented a bike for a section(s) of the route?

    Hi there, I'm thinking of walking and cycling the route to cut down time-length slightly. Has anyone here had experience doing something similar? Any info about where you got bikes, sections, costs and drop off would be great. Thanks!
  15. Cycling the Camino

    Cycling the Camino

    Our large fleet of bicycles is continually renovated with the latest models as we actively update our stock, and each model in our range has been chosen because it incorporates the most recent technological advances in the field. 1) Model equipped with 27 gears, disc brakes and 27.5" wheels...
  16. S

    Camino de Portugués-2 wheels and the wrong way round

    Hi all, I will be in Pontevedra for a football tournament at the start of the Easter hols and will make my way back to base in Madrid via the Camino Portugués (or Camino de Madrid if previous idea not feasible). As I am going the 'wrong way' with a dire sense of direction this will be a...
  17. L

    A Long Ride

    Folks, I am putting together what is now becoming "my.Camino", starting on the 16 Sept 2015, very soon. Stage_1, a 2oookm cycle journey from Austria over the Alps and down Italy's Adriatic coast to end in Santa Maria di Leuca within Italy's heel, approx 4weeks. Fixed in place. Stage_2, to...
  18. joshcapaldi

    LIVE from the Camino About to Start - Cycling the Camino Frances 08/06/14

    Howdy all, I am about to start my adventure and tomorrow start traveling to Spain and start the Camino cycling on the 08/06/14 From Pamplona. This is my Second Camino after Walking the Frances route from SJPDP last August. I will be blogging along the way so feel free to follow, there doesn't...
  19. Paschulke

    LIVE from the Camino Biking the Vdlp

    So, right now we're chilling in Cáceres, day four of our tour. We are looking forward to a day's rest due to my friend's knee probs. We started in Sevilla on tuesday and wanted to go all the way to Almadén. The heat though made it impossible for us, I was building snowmen only three weeks ago...
  20. Portia1

    Is it possible to rent a scooter to do the Camino?

    Since I have walked the Frances and will have walked the Portuguese this fall, I am curious about the ability to rent a scooter to do the Frances again. I would like to go back and take a little faster journey and yet still smell the smells and take it more slowly.