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  1. M

    Biking from Sahagun to Leon

    What's a good option for a bike rental for this stretch? The places I've found online so far have required a 7 day rental, something I'm not willing to put out for.
  2. M

    Selling our MTB bikes at Santiago de Compostela

    Hola, ciao, hello! (: As our trip to Santiago is coming to the end, we would like to offer our two lovely companions: Rockrider bikes that served us wonderfully all the way from Gijon. They are very dear to us, but it is time we pass them to someone that would take good care of our MTB...
  3. N

    Handcycling the Camino

    Hello All, I am going to be doing my first Camino in the summer of 2018 and I am looking at the best route to plan. Here is the thing, I am a wheelchair user and I plan on doing the Camino in a handcycle. Has anybody ever done it before? what route is ideal? I am thinking the Camino Frances...
  4. C

    Physical training needed to cycle?

    Hi, A friend and I are hoping to cycle the Camino, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago, in October. Ideally we want to aim to do it in 12 days, while giving ourselves 2 extra days to rest/explore/catch up if needed (worst comes to worst, we have also another week in Spain after that but we want...
  5. M

    Cycling & Walking the Camino de Santiago 2017-02-20

    In early 2014 we visited our friends Jessica and Nigel, and the Camino de Santiago came up in conversation. They had just completed it but we had no idea that it even existed until they told us about it. We learnt that it was a famous walk that started in St Jean Pied-de-Port and finished at...
  6. Ana Claudia

    Camino by bike in June/2017

    Hy folks! My name is Ana Claudia. My husband and I will travel from Brazil to France at the end of May to do the French Camino by bike . It will be in commemoration of our 25 year wedding anniversary! We elaborate a sequence of steps of 14 days and we would like to know if this route is...
  7. Kiwi Suz

    Del Norte in high season, 2016, we biked

    I found this forum so helpful, I promised myself I would write something on return. Finding info, especially in English, seemed difficult before we left...so here is the stuff we thought might be useful to others: We biked Santander to Santiago finishing 20 August. We took 19 days. We were the...
  8. sara carlson

    Biking the English Route

    I'm considering biking the camino; but am interested in both the Northern and English routes. I know cyclists have to bike the last 200 km which eliminates the English route since it isn't that long. If a person were to cycle 100 km or more of the Northern route, and then transfer to the English...
  9. Cedar Schimke

    Biking to Finisterre after Walking the Way?

    I am interested in biking from SdC to Finisterre after walking the Camino Frances. Google maps says it's a 5 hr. 20 min ride. Has anyone biked SdC to Finisterre before and, if so, 1. Can you rent bikes to go one-way to Finisterre (so that you could take the bus back) 2. What's a reputable...
  10. B

    Looking for a reliable tour guide/agency for biking the Camino

    My wife was just diagnosed with a knee issue that will prevent us from walking this May. Looking for recommendations for a highly reliable bike tour operator for plan B. Thanks for the help! Ben
  11. P

    camino bike guide 2016-07-21

    I offer personalized camino bike trips. I guide you and your friends through every step of the preparation and planning. Then, I'll lead your trip, so all you have to do is enjoy the beauty of the Spanish countryside and culture.
  12. D

    Biking the Camino from Pamplona in Oct. 2016- Advice/Itinerary

    Hi, I'm planning to fly to Pamplona in October and complete the journey to Santiago de Compostela in 12 days. A couple questions I would like to pose to others who've done a similar trip: Rent bike or buy? I'm leaning towards renting because it sounds like the quality of rental bike is...
  13. D

    Best Biking route for Camino/ Camino Norte

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums here. My wife and I and 2 other couples plan to bike the camino end of September of this year. We want to start near the France border to enjoy the mountain scenery. Since we are biking we want to skip past the more plain landscape areas. (Especially...
  14. Kiwi Suz

    Bike rental suggestions, Camino del Norte

    We are struggling to find reviews of bike rental companies in Spain. We are going in August, so figure we need to book. Any good or bad reviews of the main bike rental places would be really appreciated. We will start from Santander (finish in Santiago de Compostela). Most of the bigger...
  15. G

    Biking the Camino de Norte

    Hi! A friend of mine and myself will be biking the Camino De Norte in late may- early June. We have hybrid bikes and are planning on biking around 60 km a day (is that reasonable?) If any one has some tips on the following topics we would love the advice - wear a backpack? Or just use paniers...
  16. 1mike12

    How do I bring a bike from pamplona to SJPDP? May 6th - 7th

    I wanted to bike the camino but bringing my bike from the US was just not possible due to complex logistics & $400 in cost, notwithstanding any damage to my bike. So I've decided to head to the decathlon in Pamplon and buy a bike instead for 200 euro. I looked on the ALSA site and they say they...
  17. MelissaSue67

    Self Guided biking the Camino from Pamplona...

    Hi, I've received quotes for bike hire and accommodation package through four different travel companies; Rayo Travel, CaminoWays, Randonee Tours and RAW Travel. I would love some feedback from anyone who may have used these services. I'm a bit stuck as to who to go with, and I don't want to...
  18. AdaR

    Maps available on the Camino

    I am just one week away from flying out of California to get to Pamplona and start my camino. And of course, I'm wishing for more time to plan. Is there ever enough time, or too much? While I have a general route planned, any additional information, such as better, lesser known bike routes into...
  19. AdaR

    Shuttles or buses that take cyclists and their bikes

    Please don't judge me, but I am just trying to arm myself with plenty of options. On September 8th, I will leave Pamplona for SdC, on a rented bike; along with my son and his wife, two young, strong cyclists. We are allowing 18 days for the journey, which is a reasonable pace for my fitness...
  20. E

    Obtaining a bike in Santiago

    I'm thinking of cycling from Santiago to Porto along the Camino Portuguese in a couple of weeks. Does any body know what the best way to get a bike in Santiago is? I am currently walking the Camino Frances and my friend and I were wondering if any cyclists leave or sell their bikes in Santiago...

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