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  1. Lhollo

    Route plan—help needed! (Bilbao, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port)

    I’m trying to plan accommodation/night stopover locations in advance (I’ve explained why toward the bottom of this post) and would really appreciate your advice. The only flights I could find within budget were to Bilbao, and we’ll start the pilgrimage in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. The flight...
  2. norte15.JPG


    Following the Ria from Bilbao to Portugalete, some parts are old industrial ground, but it is still most interesting, and then you can cross the river with the famous Iron Bridge
  3. P

    How long will correos keep packages

    I'm going to take 8-9 days to get from Irun to Bilbao, and then another 8 days to get to Santander. I would like to send some food to Bilbao and pick it up for the second stint to Santander. I'd like to have it sent to the Correos Bulegoa in the Txurdinaga region of Bilbao, but I really don't...
  4. A

    Transport from Bilbao to Logrono

    We are flying into Bilbao Airport on Friday 25th May 2018. We are continuing where we finished off last year, in Logrona I cannot find public transport to get from Bilbao to Logrona on the Friday evening? Can anyone help?
  5. Tamargrace

    My dogs are up for it but i think the people dont want them there

    I have walked the whole Cornish coast with them and they were ace. They are welsh sheep dogs, pure working stock. Good endurance, tolerance and really happy peopledogs too. I have seen alot of negative feedback regarding dogs on here and the last thing I want to do is annoy someone or dusturb...
  6. M

    Maps and Trail Documentation?

    Hi I am a student studying in Madrid and am itching to get back on the trail. I have 6 days to hike, so I chose the scenic route of San Sebastian to Bilbao. I have a basic itinerary of where I will be staying each night and the distances of each segment, however I can't find any maps or...
  7. A

    Francis Bacon at the Gug

    was just watching TVE news and they showed parts of the mew Feancis Bacon exhibit. Many say, when visiting Bilbao, that the building is better than its content. Well, while the building is magnificent this is one exhibit I wish I could see. If yo're on the Norte, you know what to do when in...
  8. L

    Bilbao - Oviedo options for 6 days nowish

    I'm flying into Bilbao this week, and out from Oviedo next week (because those are the best flight options)... what recommendations to you folk have for 6 days walking between those two points? Are the albergues still open this time of year? I'm not so fit... is there a less challenging section...
  9. L B

    English speaking doctor in Bilbao

    Yesterday I had a really sore throat so I went to the farmacy to get some pills. I guess they aren't working on me, I just woke up with a closed throat unable to swallow anything so I guess it's time for some antibiotics. Does anyone know an English speaking doctor in Bilbao?
  10. N

    Bus Problems!

    Hi guys, I am just wondering has anyone travelled from Bilbao to Pamplona by bus? I had booked two tickets for two weeks time from the bus company La Union and I have had serious problems with them (site went down, transactions went through twice, received no tickets!) after a dozen emails...
  11. ramble-on

    Walking into and out of Bilbao

    I'm going to be walking the Norte/Primitivo/Finisterre in June/July - made my flight reservations a couple of days ago! Can't wait. I almost always miss one or more of the arrows/shells in big cities - there are so many distractions! From what I've read, the way into Bilbao might be a bit...
  12. backpack45scb

    Camino del Norte images from the trail - now viewable in all countries

    My first attempt had a music licensing problem. This one should be better. I tried to capture the feel of the walk in a 140 image video. Hope it works for you.
  13. backpack45scb

    Video on scenes from Camino Norte 2015 - not viewable in United States

    For those of you who are considering this route, this will give you a feel for what you will see while walking: Even if you have already walked it, this may bring back memories.
  14. backpack45scb

    Norte trip report fall and spring 2015 - assorted facts

    In May June we walked from Irun to Bilbao, and in Sept-Oct from Bilbao to Vilalba. I did a long blog post on the trip, and am summarizing here. First, we were hiking with injuries, so about 23 km was about our limit for a stage, and less was much better. We are quite experienced with Camino...
  15. Saturday evening, Bilbao

    Saturday evening, Bilbao

  16. Johnsee

    Gernika to bilbao

    Currently on camino del norte some guide books say 30-35k to bilbao from Gernika, can anyone advise correct distance snd how long it took, what is the route like ie elevation, type of walking etc,,,,thank you
  17. P

    Travel options from Fromista to Bilbao

    I need to get from Fromista to Bilbao on 24th September 2015 in mid to late afternoon. I have absolutely no Spanish so I'm hoping some one can offer advice before I leave for Cmaino on 1th Sept. Thanks. Paddy
  18. T

    credencial in Bilbao

    We are starting our camino in Bilbao, next Monday. Does anybody know if we can get our credencials in Bilbao, and where? I didn't realize we were supposed to get our credencials before we start. I just assumed we could pick them up at the first albergue. Now I am panicking because we don't have...
  19. N

    Kinesiotape in Bilbao

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy kinesiotape in Bilbao. I have been checking in pharmacies along the way and haven't found any. Bilbao is a big city so I'm hoping I can find some there. Thanks!
  20. N

    Bilbao to Portugalete routes

    Hi - I have looked around the forum and haven't found anything about this so hopefully y'all can help me. I keep reading about how there are 3-4 different routes from Bilbao to Portugalete but they are all "Ugly". Can anyone tell me which one is the least ugly and how I find it? Thanks!

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