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  1. S

    Notes home to my grandma...(a blog!)

    Hello! I walked the Camino Frances in September and October of 2018. This was my first solo traveling experience, and it was a personal challenge for me in that regard. At the time I was walking, I kept a journal each day to send updates home to my family. After deciding to create a website...
  2. AndrewDavOz

    Heat, feet and water

    Hola! I started from SJPP on 27th. Stopped at Orisson, then to Roncesvalles. Impressions: fabulous scenery in the mountains, lots of people walking much faster than I walk. Good for them. I took the forest track down to Roncesvalles and regretted it. With poles it is ok but slow. The road would...
  3. Judy's Way

    Three Caminos in One!

    Our first Camino Frances was in the autumn of 2015 and finally we are returning this spring. The decision-making about what Camino to walk (so many choices!) and whether Dave would come at all was complicated, but in the end we came up with a plan to walk three-caminos-in-one! 😀👣💥 We hope to...
  4. D.Matthew

    Camino Portuguese Blog Posts

    Hello forum members, I just returned from a walk to Santiago via Porto and will be publishing photos and videos on my blog. I walked with my wife and 2-year old son, which was quite a bit of fun. My blog is Trail to Peak and I just published my favorite photos from the Portuguese Central Route.
  5. Tamsin Grainger

    Via Sacra pilgrimage, Austria- blog

    Last year I walked the Via Sacra in Austria (Vienna to Mariazell) and wrote a blog about it (English language). You can access it here if you are interested https://wordpress.com/themes/walkingwithoutadonkey.com
  6. andywild

    first time on a camino? feel free to read and comment on my blog

    I decided to document my Camino adventure (CF) with a blog. This will be my first Camino and I plan to go from couch potato to trail-ready between feb1st and april 18th (my start date). As I prepare for my Camino no doubt I will make mistakes which I hope you can avoid. Also maybe it will...
  7. Irenie

    "Was Your Camino Life-Changing?" Stories on my blog

    Hi, Camino amigos. Recently I asked the question, "Was your Camino life-changing?" and many of you replied, posted your stories, personal experiences and comments. Thank you all. I posted four stories on my latest blog, WALKING THROUGH THE AGES (formerly "Beyond Borders on the Camino") and will...
  8. Irenie

    Was Your Camino Life-changing?

    Hi, friends. I'm sharing my blog, Beyond Borders on the Camino, and hope you'll contribute a comment about your experiences of Coming Home and if and how your Camino was Life-changing. You can click here Beyond Borders on the Camino , (also at end of this note) read my post and write a comment...
  9. stevov

    'More than a walk'...my blog about the Portuguese Coastal

    I did the Portuguese Coastal Route via the Senda Litoral in June and have finally produced my blog covering my journey along the coast from Porto to Vigo and then on to Santiago. The blog...'More than a Walk...can be found at https://stevov.wordpress.com Bom Caminho!
  10. T

    Camino blog/journal on tampabay.com website

    My daughter, Kelly, is now 22 days in to her 33-day Camino Frances journey. She has been writing a daily journal/blog about her journey for the Tampa Bay Times newspaper website. (Below is a link to the post for Day 1.)...
  11. Steve Goods

    How to make great videos with your phone

    I used my Iphone SE to make videos on my Camino this month of May. The week prior to my flight to Madrid, I bought the DJI Osmo Mobile which is a gimbal (a stabilizer for 300 euro). When walking or moving your phone and record videos, this gimbal reduce the shakiness (watch my videos). One cool...
  12. Camino: pilgrims

    A blog similar to "Humans of New York" but in the Camino

    Ok. Not a personal blog, more a photography site with little stories from the pilgrims alas "Humans of New York. I´m walking several days every month (lucky me, I live nearby) and posting a new picture (almost) everyday. Has not and will not have any kind of advertisement. Hope you like it...
  13. Deanpf

    finally put my blog together

    It took me a long time but I moved all my facebook posts and pics that I posted throughout my walk last summer onto a blog. Looking at all the posts sure has made me want to go back. Time to start planning I think... For anyone interested: https://deanpatrickfleming.com/blog/
  14. ChloeRose

    Le Puy English Guide/Website

    Hello fellow pilgrims, One thing I noticed before I started my Camino was that there doesn't seem to be much English information online for the Le Puy route in France except on this forum (and some small blogs that are sometimes difficult to find and rely on). I did my best to set up a nice...
  15. L

    Camino blog

    Just started a little blog on Tumblr about my experience on the Camino if anyone wants to check it out! Nice pictures to! https://www.tumblr.com/blog/irishtravelbug
  16. beiramar

    My Camino experiences 2011 to 2016. The journey is the goal.

    Hey everyone, I have been on this forum for five years now and equally the Camino de Santiago has had a role in my life for about the same time. During the last days being at home with a cold gave me the opportunity to put some of my thought maybe about my pilgrimages into words. It all...
  17. soniaba

    My experience walking the Camino Frances in Sept/Oct 2015

    I first started researching the Camino Frances two years before I actually began walking in September 2015. I read every blog, posting and guidebook I found. The information was invaluable to me. It helped me prepare physically and mentally as well as advising me on all things equipment...
  18. Pedrito

    Blogging on the Via podiensis

    We have just started blogging on the Le Puy route. We are new at this, but hopefully it will improve over time. https://ritvaandpeterschemin.wordpress.com
  19. PeterMahon

    El Camino: Surviving day 1

    Hi all! I walked the Camino in August 2014. I wrote blog post about the first day of my camino. Would you mind having a look and letting me know what you think? Thanks in advance :) http://www.lostnorfound.com/2015/09/el-camino-surviving-day-1.html
  20. Movie - Camino de Santiago CF  - Rob's Full Journey - YouTube

    Movie - Camino de Santiago CF - Rob's Full Journey - YouTube

    This video is a summary compilation of my 40 day journey. Daily videos, pics. blogs are at www.robscamino.com

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