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  1. NadineK

    Vlogs of the Camino del Norte; losing my way/finding my way

    As I sit tight, riding out this pandemic and longing, longing, longing to get back on a Camino, I've been putting together videos from my last walk in summer 2019. I did 10 days on the Camino Aragonés and 19 on the Norte (Irun to Oviedo) and took some footage along the way. I never intended to...
  2. NadineK

    Aragonés video (2019)

    As I anxiously wait for another Camino (as I'm sure so many of us are!), part of my coping strategy has been to go back through photos/video clips I took when I last walked in 2019. That year was a journey on the Aragonés (Oloron Ste-Marie to Puente La Reina), and then I bussed up to Irun to...
  3. Robo

    Video Woo Hoo. It's Jenny about Volunteering

    @JennyH94 needs no introduction... Apologies for the verbal head nodding! I have since learnt to mute my mic! :rolleyes:
  4. Mark L

    Video My 2020 Journey ... home to SJPdP on a bike

    Hi i just got there. Like many others, this year has been a “re-planning exercise” in whatever I could manage to do. It has been the most positive thing of 2020 for me. The playlist is my personal video diary of the whole thing and in no way commercial. I hope it helps someone, encourages...
  5. ivar

    Video Alex from Romania walked the Camino during the COVID Pandemic

  6. Robo

    Video A Walk v a Camino ? Oh No. Not him again!

    Sorry, he's back......... :rolleyes: We talked for so long we got a whole series :eek:
  7. ivar

    Video COVID Update from Santiago

  8. peregrina2000

    Aragonés in times of Covid

    The peripatetic Álvaro Lazaga is back on the camino, this time starting in Somport Pass and heading to Santiago. He posts a short youtube every day, and today’s shows that he took a detour over to Javier. His video shows that the path is marked, but what I can’t figure out is whether he walked...
  9. Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    What type of gear do you need to walk a Camino? You might be surprised at how little you need! This is what we have found works over 3 Caminos so far.
  10. DSouthard

    Two Million* Steps

    DSouthard submitted a new resource: Two Million* Steps - A Memoir of a Walk Across Spain Read more about this resource...
  11. miguel_gp

    We Walk For You 2020

    Johnniewalker and his companions are walking the Camino Frances over the coming weeks to report on conditions on the route and to carry the intentions of those who have been unable to walk this year because of the global pandemic. There will be regular blogs and videos from along The Way. Here...
  12. Camino de Santiago - Beyond the Way 'Forty, broke and single.'

    Camino de Santiago - Beyond the Way 'Forty, broke and single.'

    5 days on the Camino portuguese central route, with no friends and no stories. Time to get lost, reflect an go crazy. Please comment and share. www.beyondthe...
  13. David Tallan

    Video A collection of Camino videos

    Much as I do appreciate the interview videos and Ivar's updates from Santiago, my favourite Camino videos are those filmed on the Camino by people sharing their journeys. This sub-forum seems the perfect place to share a few of my favourites. Here are some of the ones that are still available on...
  14. Camino de Santiago - Beyond the Way 'Sol y Sombra.' - S02E04

    Camino de Santiago - Beyond the Way 'Sol y Sombra.' - S02E04

    Join me on the first day of my Camino Portuguese, leaving Porto with Lucinda and Marcia with musings on life. This episode falls on the anniversary of my fir...
  15. NEW EPISODE - Beyond the Way 'The long crooked path.' - S02E05

    NEW EPISODE - Beyond the Way 'The long crooked path.' - S02E05

    The Camino is a place of learning and sharing. On the second day of my Caminho Portuguese I have a brief encounter with Puppygrino Ivan and his human and we ...
  16. Luciano Sanguini

    Vídeos from Camino Francės Oct/Nov 2019

    Hello everyone, my name is Luciano and I have made the Camino last yeat my my wife Ana. We would love to share the videos that we have been prepairing with you. I hope that you enjoy. Buen Camino https://www.youtube.com/user/lucianosanguini
  17. A

    Finding SUNJOO an old friend Aug-sept 2011

    Please forgive this thread but I have tried hard to find a Camino friend who appeared In a film we made during August to September 2011 on the Camino frances route Her name was Sunjoo, a South Korean but who lived in Australia, as you know second names are rare on the Camino and her email was...
  18. flolollo

    information about documentary

    Hello everyone! In the first days of July 2018, my friends and I arrived in Santiago and someone filmed us for a documentary about the Camino. We signed privacy disclaimers and they gave us some information leaflets, but we lost them in the joy and chaos of those days, between the celebrations...
  19. CollinSK

    Photo album of Camino Frances 2016, 775 km, 32 days + "The realization of perfect peace" - The Way of Peace by James Allen

    As discussed before, I combined the photos of Landscape walked in 2016 and the script of "The realization of perfect peace" - The Way of Peace by James Allen . I share it here, too. I hope you like it!~ Buen Camino~!
  20. Camino de Santiago No 4

    Camino de Santiago No 4

    Here's my last camino video from my June/July 2019 trip. I rummaged through all of my footage from all of my cameras and here it is. Thanks to all who have watched/commented on my 3 previous camino videos. I hope you watch, like and comment on this as well. Buen camino!