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  1. happymarkos

    Rigid soles on boots

    I am looking at a new lighter pair of boots (yes boots as I need the ankle support) and am trying the Hanwag Anisak GTX model. It has many attractive features including a purposed designed wider area towards the front that corresponds to the part of my that is naturally the widest. My dilemma...
  2. aname4me

    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    I am looking for some input. On our three Caminos we have used KEEN Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot. We were happy with everything about them. Height. Weight. Thickness of Sole. Waterproof. Great shoes. We are now planning our 4th Camino and our old Boots are worn out. I was blindly going to...
  3. andywild

    footwear question for april 2018

    Hi, I am planning on walking Camino Frances in mid April 2018.. This gives me about 12 weeks to get my equipment together. My main concern is footwear for the type of terrain at that time of year, (I'm assuming there will be a fair amount of wet weather). I'm hoping to get away with spending...
  4. A

    Northern Camino June/July questions

    Hi everyone, New to the community, although I have been doing lots of reading and researching this wonderful site. I’m walking the Northern Camino next summer mid June to end of July. I’m not sure how much rain to expect. I will bring a cover for my backpack and a lightweight rain jacket...
  5. C


    Hello everyone, here is my first forum post. I intend to walk my first Camino Frances in January 2018. I bought a pair of North Face hiking shoes/boots which are said to be waterproof. When I told the assistant about the nature of the walk - 4 to 5 weeks, over variable terrain, in winter, his...
  6. Amy Keating

    Camino Portuguese: Shoe Help!

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I leave for Spain in a week, and start walking the Camino Portuguese on September 8th. I am not a hiker but definitely am a walker. I just purchased a pair of extremely light boots from MEC. I loved wearing them in the store. The very kind and helpful salesperson let me...
  7. Alberte

    Leaving boots at home...

    Hi guys, I am leaving in two weeks from now on, and last-minute decision is to leave my new Buffalo boots at home. I think it will be the wrong shoe for me, as I think it will give me one too many blisters in the heat! My skin is very sore and even though it was the perfect fit for me, it just...
  8. Jakke

    Does clay dissolve glue between soles and leather?

    In the beginning of May I was near Riolobos on the VdlP. We had to use a path with lots of wet clay and our shoes gathered a lot of extra weight. I cleaned them with running water once that was possible. Soon I noticed that the leather-and-Goretex hiking boots (I don't want to mention names...
  9. W

    Shoes and boots

    I am planning to walk the entire Camino in May of 2018. I have watched a number of documentaries on YouTube and the consistent complaint is extremely painful blisters. I understand that I need to break my boots in (need to buy them) well before the trip. My question is - does it make sense to...
  10. Hamish72

    Don't sweat the packing list

    Our latest post is aimed at those pilgrims looking for help with the packing list. We have including comments on how useful we found each item and what we took but shouldn't have. http://www.2checkingout.com/camino-de-santiago/2017/5/18/the-ultimate-camino-packing-list-2017 One of the...
  11. Gerhard58

    Wearing Your Camino Boots On Airplane

    I'm about to embark on my Camino from South Africa to start in St Jean on 10th of April. I would like to get your input about did you fly with your walking boots on the plane. I'm quite a tall guy and I have no way to put these number 13 boots in my rucksack so I would like to know what have you...
  12. Lmer

    Old boots?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to walk the Camino del Norte starting in mid-May. I am an experienced hiker, and I have a pair of mid-rise Merrell hiking boots. They have served me very well for the last five years on many long hikes and backpacking trips, and I like/need the ankle support, but...
  13. CaptNoglos

    Walking Boots or open sandals?

    Seeing lots of comments in these forums about footwear, as well as in the number of books that I am reading. These vary from Open sandals, running shoes, trainers, walking shoes, and walking boots So, what are the opinions and why? My preferred choice is snugly fitting (not tight) good...
  14. PastorCat

    7 Ways To Eliminate Foot Pain While Hiking

    Hello pilgrims! Mike here. I'm a Camino vet. Walked SJPdP to Santiago in 37 days, August to September, 2014. Even though the experience included a 9hr walk through a driving rain storm, pneumonia, a hospital visit, a hernia rupture, and a three day "recuperating delay," the Camino was the best...
  15. vlebe

    Boots Recommendation

    Dear fellow pilgrims; As some of you know, I'm heading for the Camino Aragones, Frances and Finisterra in November/December. I'd like to have some recommendations from the Boot Lovers (only) out there. This is not another "trainner vs boots" thread. I won't change my mind regarding the use of...
  16. Kyle Hocking

    Don't Cheap Out on Raingear!

    Hi Camino Friends! I just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Camino from St. Jean to Santiago which my brother and I completed in 31 days without resting. Along the way, we ran into some of the worst rain I can recall ever being in. The wind was fierce, the mud was awful and the...
  17. auldies

    Happy feet?

    So this morning we set off for a 28km training walk in the 30 degree celsius Brisbane heat. I had donned my toe socks and merino socks over the top and set out in my newly relaced trail runners (courtesy of my podiatrist). At about the 7km mark as my feet were starting to swell a little from...
  18. Botas


  19. coldweather

    Shoe advice

    Lord willing I will be walking from Valenca/Tui to Santiago in April this year (2016). I plan on a 6 day do-able pace. I normally would wear my Lowa Renegade boots (waterproof) that are well broken in. I will be doing some traveling before and after this walk and would rather have my Keen...
  20. NorwegianWalker

    About to purchase my hiking boots.

    Yes, in a few days I will purchase my hiking boots. Yesterday I went in a sport store that have a medioco selections on a variety of different types of footwear. One that got my attention was a pair of hike boots called Alfa a Norwegian brand (not that it matters were my next pair of hike boots...

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