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  1. L

    Most Affordable Camino??

    Hello! I have been traveling for years pretty minimally in terms of finances and have become very fascinated with the prospect of going on one of the many trails associated with El Camino. I have no problem camping in a tent but as I’ve had less energy this year from burning out from a ton of...
  2. Milly2b

    Cooking your own food

    Hi there! I'm planning on walking the Camino Frances in 2-3 months and have a pretty tight budget. So I was wondering whether it is possible to buy cheap ingredients (rice, lentils etc) in most villages along the way and cook them in most hostels instead of paying for the pilgrim meal ? Thanks...
  3. E

    How are you funding your Camino?

    Is anyone else using non-traditional means i.e. not your regular wages ? I ask as I'm selling off part of my nerdy collection of Scout and Guide pins and am almost halfway there. I haven't been able to do any paid work for a while due to severe depression but for reasons unknown, I've become...
  4. Luka

    Daily budget on the Norte?

    I'll be walking the Camino del Norte and the Primitivo in July/August (if all goes well). I am trying to estimate my budget for these combined Caminos. I think I'll need 35- 40 days (an extra day in Oviedo and/or Santiago included). Would a daily budget of 35 euro be enough? Counting on...
  5. fraluchi

    Pilgrimage back home from Santiago

    Next year (2018) I'll be 80 young and after many Caminos since 2007 I think it to be time and return "home" from a last pilgrimage. I should fly to Santiago de Compostela, walk to Pamplona, from where to fly back home. I hope to still be very fit for walking, but the transatlantic flights...
  6. Jaco Klynsmith

    Budget in 2017

    Hi, Most of the posts I find on budget are from a few years ago. What is a realistic daily budget?
  7. Amanda___

    Camino del Norte, April-May 2017

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum/camino, and am looking to take on the Camino del Norte starting in mid-April and ending late May. I'm 23 and hike pretty regularly, do you think finishing this route in 5 weeks is realistic (starting at the beginning in Irun)? I've also read on some of the forums...
  8. Beccyfitz

    Live - Camino Ingles Camino Budget

    Hi All, I'm setting off on my first Camino next Monday 20th from Ferrol, and I was just wondering what recommendations people might have in terms of budget as this was a fairly last minute decision to do a a camino! I am hoping to stay in municipal albergues wherever possible and have rooms...
  9. ChloeRose

    Booking and planning in advance for Le Puy

    Hello all, This will be my first Camino! I've decided, perhaps irrationally, to begin my first pilgrimage in Le Puy instead of at the more traditional Pyrenees. There's a lot less information out there for this route, and though I speak French fluently, I have never been to France or on an...
  10. T

    Camino Portuguese Coastal path on a budget

    Hi all, I will be spending the year in Spain from May and am hoping to walk another Camino or two. I would like to walk the Camino Portuguese Coastal path from Porto, and I plan to order/buy the latest John Brierley book, but not until I arrive in Spain in May as I don't have an address to send...
  11. steve392

    Daily budget

    Hi guys. Quick question. Is 40 euros a day a big enough budget to walk the CF? All the research I've been doing would suggest it would be enough, but prices do go up. I'm planning on a 39 day camino so a total of about 1500 to 1600 euros for the whole trip (not including transport costs and...
  12. J

    From Santiago in to Portugal

    Hello! I am currently on the primitivo and i came in from the norte starting in Irun. I will be in Finisterra in maybe 9 days and i am contemplating going on into Portugal. The plan is to follow the Caminho for as long as possible and stay in the country, hiking, for as long as possible. I would...
  13. A Walking Stick

    Budgeting info for Solo Pilgrim?

    This is my first post, so I apologize in advance if I missed a section here devoted to this topic, I did look around but couldn't find one. I am ready to plan my Camino Frances and the first thing I need to do is work up a estimated cost for the trip. If there is not already a section of this...
  14. S

    First timer? Shoes? August

    Hi Guys, Its my first post and I'm planning to do the camino in August of this year :) . I know there has been tonnes of posts about shoes with many saying it really all depends on personal preference but with a tight budget (being a student and all) I am just wondering how has anyone got on...
  15. jesben1

    leaving for Camino del norte on Sunday June 28, few last minute questions...

    Hello, I'm starting the journey to Spain this Sunday and plan to start walking from Irun next Wednesday. I have a few last minute thoughts/questions First me and my travel partners are on a budget and plan on cooking meals, staying in hostels etc. What are some things you would suggest...
  16. Sara Jean

    Cheapest travel to St. Jean Pied de Port and a few other questions... (vegetarian meals etc)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Sara and I'm a vegetarian from California and currently living in Hungary. I've just made the (somewhat) last minute decision to walk the Camino de Santiago St. Jean Pied de Port-Santiago de Compostela-Finisterre in late June-early August this year (45 Days - 2015...
  17. electra_cd

    Sarria to Santiago late May- investing in merino vs. fleece?

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to answer questions on this forum! I'm hiking Sarria to Santiago at the end of May into June and could use clothing pointers. I already own hiking sneakers, polypro and wool socks, silk base layers, athletic tees, and a rain jacket. I'm in the process of...
  18. B

    Question about Camino: a round trip from St Jean Pied De Port to Santiago De Compostella

    Hi, My name is Ben. I'm a college student with a budget. The first time I heard about Camino de Santiago is through the movie "The Walk" 2 years ago. I watched that movie at least 10 times and I can't get enough of it. The reason I want to walk the Camino is that I am currently running up...
  19. S

    Cost of walking Camino Frances

    Hi, Planning to walk the Camino Frances route starting from SJPdP next Sep/Oct. Like to know how much it cost for the duration of the walk, e.g. food and accommodation? Need to work out a budget as currency conversion is not to my advantage :( Thanks.
  20. J

    Book in advance hostels in Camino frances, Finisterre and Muxía.

    Only Pilgrims is a website where the pilgrim can book in advance their bed along the Camino francés and the epilogue to Finisterre and Muxía. Nowadays is only available bed bunk in share rooms (the cheapest option). The pilgrim can organize their stages (long or short, a day off, etc) and book...

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