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  1. jungleboy

    A new buff for a new camino

    @Wendy Werneth and I are leaving Lisbon tomorrow on the overnight train to Madrid, staying a night in Madrid to see some friends, taking the train to Oviedo on Thursday and starting the Camino Primitivo on Friday! Today I bought a new buff to celebrate the start of a new camino!
  2. N

    Buff brand vs knock off?

    Hi - I have seen there are lots of buff fans here so I went to look online. There are alot of buff style items out there but is it better to go with the actual Buff brand? Thanks!
  3. WalkMWalk

    Camino Buff - You know you want one!

    I am now working on a new order so let them know that they can put in an order even if not a member of the Forum. I have received about 20 requests from APOC members that paid through the paypal link here on the Forum:http://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/camino-buff.80/ I would...
  4. LTfit

    Camino Buff March 2016 update

    Custom designed Camino de Santiago Graffiti Buff Due to the continued interest in the original 'Camino de Santiago Graffiti Buff' I decided to offer the item once again to forum members. The Buff distributor has confirmed to me that the design will be the same as that used by Beverley for the...
  5. Kiwi-family

    Buff Question

    Can you give me a reason why I should take a buff? I wear a long sleeved hiking shirt with collar and a hat with brim. So I don't need it to keep the sun off my neck. However, I understand they have more uses - can be used as a headband, scarf in cold weather etc. In my thinking if I took the...
  6. Beverley

    Buffs Camino design

    Hi all, last year I met a gourp of Italian pilgrims on the CP. They had these great buffs with Camino de Santiago as the patttern. Anyonw know where I can get some?

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