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  1. B

    Travelling to O Cebreiro from Santiago de Compostela

    Hi fellow pilgrims! We are planning to start our walk from O Cebreiro, flying in to Santiago de Compostela on 04/08/2018. We are currently trying to work out how to get from the airport to either Pedrafita do Cebreiro or O Cebreiro. We are aware that buses follow this route, but we are unable...
  2. J

    How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria?

    Hi all, finally, next month i will start my journey (a small one unfortunatly) it is planned to arrive the 18th of november in Santiago ( 17.00) and would like to reach Sarria the same day. is there another way to get there without a Taxi? as busses and trains are no longer available after...
  3. rotemtam

    Buses to Belorado on Sundays

    Hi Everyone, I'm very happy to be continuing my pilgrimage in a week or so. Last time I finished my walk at Belorado, ideally i'd like to start at the same Alberga i stopped at. I'm landing at Madrid Barjas Sunday 9AM, and there appear to be no direct buses to Belorado on sundays, only to...
  4. B

    Options? RA is back

    My rheumatoid arthritis has come back - probably from practice walks carrying backpack. Now I have pain and stiffness in most of my joints, my wrists and feet and hips being the worst. To heal I need to really take care of my body and reduce stress. I do still need to move. Before cancelling...
  5. Veronicad1

    Best way to Mauléon-Licharre from Florida

    I know, by plane. Now having solved that part of the dilemma, here's the rest: I can fly out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami equally. I just don't know if it's better to fly into Billbao or Paris(Charles DeGaulle) or Bayonne or what. I want to visit my friend's grave in Mauléon and start my Camino...
  6. Derek Hanrahan

    Bus Sarria to Airport Santiago

    Hi, I finish my stage/walk this year in Sarria (Sep 27th - all going well). I then need to get to Airport Rosalía Castro (Santiago de Campostella). Can I get a bus from Sarria to bring me there or do I have to go to Santiago itself first? I don't want to go into the city this year but hopefully...
  7. natefaith

    Betanzos - Bruma Bus Accessibility

    Hola a todos, In July I'll walk from Ferrol to Santiago, Lord willing. For various reasons I'll walk from Pontedeume to Betanzos, stay the night, walk as far as I can the next day toward Hospital de Bruma, then go back to Betanzos to stay a second night. The following day I'd like to get...
  8. BjmVW

    How to get to Ponte de Lima?

    I'm flying to Porto, but I only have one week to walk. So I was thinking of starting at Ponte de Lima. Does anyone know how to get from Porto (airport) to Ponte de Lima? I found this bus, but it leaves at 15.30 and my plane lands 14.50, so that is too close, I guess...
  9. MTJ

    Bus from Muxia to SdC

    I've searched for info on taking the bus from Muxia back to Santiago de Comp but just can't seem to find it......anyone have a schedule for this service? Hubby and I are planning on walking from Porto to Muxia by way of SdC May/June 2017. Thanks for any assistance.
  10. Simon

    Walking from Le Puy for a week - and transport links.

    Hello fellow pilgrims Having completed the Camino Frances in 'chunks' over a few years, some friends and I are planning to walk for 7 or 8 days days from Le Puy, later this year. Can anyone suggest where would be the logical place to finish this section? I'm presuming we will get to St Chely...
  11. E

    Best way to return to Porto from Santiago

    What is the best way to return to Porto from Santiago? Bus vs. train? can I purchase the tickets online? websites?
  12. Pete Dunn

    Biarritz to Irun - easier by train or bus..?

    Hi all, I'm flying in from Southampton UK to Biarritz tomorrow and need to get to Irun for the evening to start the Norte on Wednesday. My planning has gone awry as it was one of my closest friend's funeral today, all too sudden and unexpected :( A big concern right now is how best to get...
  13. B

    Getting to Sarria if flying to Santiago

    Hi - a soon-to-be first-timer here! I have one week of vacation in April, plan to fly from the USA to Santiago, pick up a bus to Sarria, and do the last 100K. Is it easy to get a bus from Santiago to Sarria any day of the week in April? Thanks!
  14. L B

    Alsa bus platform in Santiago Bus Station

    I just got a ticket for the way back from my first try on the camino but I only just realized that I have no idea from which platform it leaves, sadly it's so early that the information place wont be open yet. So I'm wondering: Does Alsa usually leave from a concrete platform? Is there a way I...
  15. Angelrawr

    Bus vs. Train - Pros and Cons?

    Hi everyone! I'm Angela and I'm new to this forum. Nice to (cyber)meet you! In order to start my walk from Burgos, I plan to travel from Madrid to Burgos either by bus or train. I was originally planning to take a train from renfe to do that, but I ran across a post from ivar saying buses in...
  16. Margautz

    From Pamplona to...

    Hi All, I am starting my Camino in September from SJPP. I would like to arrive in Pamplona and then take a bus/train to (or next to) Ponferrada. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your help! Have a nice day, Margherita
  17. C

    Towns on the Camino Francés with direct bus and/or train links with Madrid

    The aim of this thread is to make a list of towns and cities along the Camino Francés that have direct bus and/or train links with Madrid that can be used for planning purposes. The parentetical next to the name of each town (or city) shows the bus company (or companies) making the route to...
  18. Joselynn Cortes

    Bus from Finisterre to Oporto

    Hola!! What's the best way to get from Finisterre to Oporto? Is there only one bus every morning? Is it available Monday - Sunday? How much is it? Thanks so much! Joselynn (Walking El Camino September 2016)
  19. thattallguy

    Bus station in Santander

    Hello fellow pilgrims! :) I have a few questions regarding Santander's Bus Station, I hope somebody could help me to answer them. 1) Is it safe to spend a night there? I have no other option than doing that. 2) I would like to catch the first bus to Irun (with ALSA) at 3:45am. Is it possible...
  20. N

    travel from Osorno to El Burgo Ranero or mansilla De las Mullas

    Hey all, Just wondering could anyone help me out, because of my flight times in to Santander I don't think my original start point is possible so was looking to start in El Burgo Ranero or Mansilla de las Mullas. Can't seem to figure out the way the train work to either, would bus or train be...


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