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  1. irishgurrrl

    Buses between Campiello, Pola de Allande, Berducedo and Grandas de Salime???

    Hey folks, With the current fires in the region does anyone know if there is public transportation (aka buses) serving any or all of the above villages? If the fires are still affecting some of these areas and stretches of the Camino I'm wondering if I can catch a bus to the next "safe"...
  2. Gerhard58

    Getting to St Jean from Madrid in early April

    I would like to hear from aspirant pilgrims whether they are also struggling to get from Madrid via Pamplona to St Jean Pierre de Pont ? Im trying to get from Madrid to SJPDP in one day on Sunday , 9 April. I know that I can fly to be Biarritz and take a train from Bayonne to St Jean ,( I am...
  3. S

    Transportation from Leon to Sarria

    Hello, I will be arriving in Leon on Sept. 29, 2016 and need to be in Sarria by the early evening (latest) on /Oct. 1. I am reaching out to this forum hoping that more experienced travelers will have some advice. There will be four women in my group with our luggage. I have looked at RENFE...
  4. Cedar Schimke

    What is the "preference NUMEROUS" price for Monbus?

    I'm looking at tickets for bussing from Fisterra to SdC (in order to get to the SdC airport) and there's two prices, one is full price and the other is heavily discounted but for preference NUMEROUS. It'd be great to pay less for the ticket, but not if I find out once I get to the bus that I...
  5. M

    Trains/Bus/metro Lisboa to Porto ? and Santiago return to Lisbon

    Hello all...new to posting here so I hope I'm doing this right... Arriving Lisbon 8 am 29 September,2015 would like help/info as to the best way to get to Porto (Bus, train/plane?) and then on out to Matasinhos (metro,Taxi?) Secondly...assuming I make it to Santiago...best way to get back to...
  6. AdaR

    Shuttles or buses that take cyclists and their bikes

    Please don't judge me, but I am just trying to arm myself with plenty of options. On September 8th, I will leave Pamplona for SdC, on a rented bike; along with my son and his wife, two young, strong cyclists. We are allowing 18 days for the journey, which is a reasonable pace for my fitness...
  7. ThisIsSpain

    New ALSA website

    ALSA have today launched an updated website. I live in Spain, do not drive and there is no sensible RENFE route so it's ALSA or BlaBla car. Whilst ALSA services are usually excellent, their old website was a nightmare. BUT SO FAR it does look a big improvement with international routes...
  8. M

    Porto to Santiago Bus/Train Availability

    Wife's sister trying to meet us on the Camino in Porto, but may not have time to hike the whole way. Are there bus or trains that connect to camino towns along the way. Could she arrive in Porto and take a bus to train north to meet us in say Tui? Or could she fly into Santiago and take a...
  9. M

    Madrid to Sarria by bus

    Hey y'all! Not sure if this was covered in another thread or not, but just wanted to share knowledge I learned, in case it helps anyone. Sarria is 110 km from Santiago. It is the absolute minimum starting point if you want your certificate. It may be easier (and cheaper!) to fly to...
  10. Heidi Saxarra

    ? Pamplona from Roncesvalles if we dont want to walk it?

    I am doing the walk from St Jean de pied de port to roncesvalles - but we would like to stay in roncesvalles overnight and go to Pamplona on Sunday the 28th of June by bus or whatever, has anyone got any idea how to do this, I tried with the bus timetable and didnt get anywhere, thanks Heidi
  11. J

    so lost of where to go from Madrid

    Hi everyone! i am planning on doing the walk from Sarria to Santiago in June 2015 and i am so lost of where to go once i land at the airport. I am coming from Florida, USA and i have never been out of the country. I am working out and preparing my equiptment but i have no idea how to get to my...
  12. Jerriah

    Signage at Bus/Train Stations?

    Are the signs at the Airport/Train/Bus station only in Spanish? Or do they have some in English? Is navigating these places easy not knowing any spanish?
  13. N

    Busing within the camino?

    Hello all, I would like to do about a ten day walk this June and am still deciding on a route. My main goals are scenery and a true camino experience (at least, as much as I can get in ten days)! I am tentatively thinking of walking the Camino de Salvador from Leon to Oveida and then continuing...
  14. Sara Jean

    Cheapest travel to St. Jean Pied de Port and a few other questions... (vegetarian meals etc)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Sara and I'm a vegetarian from California and currently living in Hungary. I've just made the (somewhat) last minute decision to walk the Camino de Santiago St. Jean Pied de Port-Santiago de Compostela-Finisterre in late June-early August this year (45 Days - 2015...
  15. J

    Mardid to Burgos bus station?

    Helloo, hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I will be flying into Madrid in the next couple weeks and was wondering if there was a bus station in/near by the airport that goes to Burgos. I speak a little Spanish but not much. Is it pretty easy to get a bus to Burgos from Madrid? If...
  16. S

    Transport from Alicante Train station

    Hi Everyone, I'll be catching a train from Madrid to Alicante and spending the night in Alicante before moving on. Does anyone know if it's possible/easy to get a bus or a taxi from the Alicante train station? I wasn't able to find anything online. Thanks for your input!!
  17. Steve Hackman

    Taking the Bus to Pamplona

    Hi all, Has anyone took the bus from Madrid airport T4 to Pamplona? I thought that might be easier then going into town to catch the train. Besides, there seems to be a bus that leaves from T4 at 10:45 AM (We arrive in Madrid at 9:40 AM) which looks pretty convenient. Was just wondering...
  18. J

    Bus routes? Especially from Cacabelos etc. to Leon

    Hi folks, I'll be walking the Camino in Sept but have to break away for a few days in the middle. I reckon I will, or will try to be, near Cacabelos, maybe up to 30km further towards Santiago. I have my trains to/from Leon sussed out but for the life of me am getting nowhere trying to find out...
  19. J

    21 days on the Camino: Need wisdom!

    I will be traveling from the U.S. to Spain in mid-July for Camino de Santiago and have some questions: 1. Where should I fly to if I want to get to Santiago de Compostela in 21 days/ which airport provides the most reliable ground transportation? 2. If I started in Bilbao and was worried about...
  20. jirit

    Alsa - Spain's Major Bus Company 2014-05-02

    Alsa is Spain's major bus company and is the number one location for ordering bus tickets especially for national and international routes.

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