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  1. P

    Lost Lumix camera

    Lost black LUMIX camera in a black and grey soft case. Lost between Lestedo and Melide on 30 May 2017. If you find my camera please email me at Thank you, Peter McGuire (Australia)
  2. notion900

    Cameras and smartphones for the frugal

    A nice tech question for those that enjoy such conundrums... I am a well informed but stingy consumer of technology. e.g. for ages I hung onto a non-smartphone, by also using an iPod Touch (that I was given free ;)) with WIFI. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone (bottom of the whole...
  3. Nanc

    iphone verses camera

    what am i missing here? i have an iPhone 6 and have been looking at my pictures and seeing their limitations. I am hesitant to depend on it for my photojournalistic memories i am NOT a good photographer! but the lightest digital with some zoom that i can find is 10.4 oz (294 gm) All you lovers...
  4. C

    Lost Lost camera between Ronscevalles and Zubiri - April 2

    Hi all! I am currently on the Camino Frances and earlier today, I lost my camera, an orange coolpix- Nikon I think. I lost it between ronscevalles and zubiri, between the last town before zubiri and the food truck. I believe it would be a few feet off the trail where i dropped my pack to rest...
  5. MaidinBham

    Yes - you need another cable for your electronics! USB OTG cable

    Busy making packing list for upcoming CP, contemplating which electronics to bring and how many cables and adapters I will need. and came across info regarding USB OTG. Honestly I think this is the best thing since sliced bread, and it solved problem of a compact camera without WIFI. I will...
  6. B

    Photographing along the WAY

    To anyone who travels/traveled with a DSLR camera. if you only had a choice of 2 lenses, what would they be?
  7. RobertS26

    "Wi-Fi" Nikon Cameras

    Last year I only carried a cell phone on the Camino for taking pictures. And I had no problem uploading photos every night to Facebook. But I found the cell phone camera limited my creativity and I have decided to carry a regular digital camera (with multiple lenses) with me next year. I...
  8. EllenZimmer

    Transferring photos from camera card to iphone 4

    I thought this would be an easy technology puzzle and i would find a device similar to the ipad card reader to do this... But alas, i have found little reliable information of how to do this. I will take pictures with my camera(much better pictures), then my plan was to use my iphone 4 to copy...
  9. Uracca

    DSLR-camera on the camino

    I want to take my DSLR camera with me when I leave for the camino next year. But I'm still not sure where to leave it during the walk. In my backpack is not really an option, because then I have to take the backpack of every time I want to shoot a picture. I do have a LowePro Toploader bag...


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