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  1. nidarosa

    Mini video camera to record my walk - thoughts?

    I am planning on getting a (second hand, cheaper) Dji Osmo Pocket video camera to record quite a bit of my walk on the CF later this year. Not just for me and posterity, but most of all for my elderly friend who has always wanted to walk it, but now will not be able to. She always loves getting...
  2. VNwalking

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 5.0

    Here we go, One Day at a Time thread number 5. For those who are just joining the fun, here is the preamble from the very first thread to give you your bearings: Please don't worry about posting a photo you may have shared before. Not all of us have long memories! But please attach photos as...
  3. Yoyo

    Let's see your best "framed" pictures

    Today I scrolled through my camino pictures (yet again!) and noticed I have taken several where windows, doorways, arches, tunnels etc. "frame" the view. Have you taken similar shots you can share with us? If so, please let us know where you took them. Mine are from Orisson, Cirauqui, Iratxe...
  4. trecile

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    If you were on the Camino on this date in May in a previous year, where were you? I arrived in St Jean Pied de Port on May 10th last year for my fourth Camino, which would take me along the Francés to León, then the Salvador to Oviedo, then I walked to Avilés to connect to the Norte. After...
  5. koilife

    Ultralight or DIY Camera Padding?

    I'm walking with a "prosumer," travel-sized, "weather-sealed" camera with interchangable lenses (although likely only taking one 14-150mm "utility" lens). Most times it will be clipped to my shoulder strap as I walk for instant access or to my hip when about town (see Peak Design for very...
  6. Margaret Butterworth

    Photo Collage App

    I'm looking for recommendations for a photo collage app for my iPhone. The one I used previously doesn't seem to be working now. I don't want to pay an ongoing subscription.
  7. Botaivica

    What you done, for the Way, after finished the Way

    The Way is full of energy, spirituality, connections with nature and with other people. When the Pilgrims open for such a Way, they experience something they cannot experience in "normal life". At least that's what I experienced and several pilgrims with whom I am in contact. So I wanted to give...
  8. Morning Waters

    Camera, drone, Vlog equipment, etc

    Efren is currently doing the Camino Portugues and has posted his first several youtube vlogs. Equipment vlog, which is quite detailed regarding the photo and drone equipment he is using Day 1 leaving from Porto He has recently completed the Francigena using a wheeled cart for his...
  9. allyka

    Instant camera on Camino?

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone bring an instant camera on their Camino jurney. I'm not sure if I want to take with me my digital camera and make a thousands of photos or just use a polaroid or similar and capture only the waluable moments. I am afraid that i wouldn't stop taking pictures if...
  10. K

    35mm film availability?

    Hi all, Just curious whether I could get an update on whether 35mm film is readily available along the camino frances? The last post I could find was from a few years ago and I know film is increasingly hard to find... Thanks! K
  11. Locamente adicta

    Camino photographic exhibition Melbourne 10th-12th May

    A free solo photographic exhibition on Camino Frances by David Cuthbertson Photography to be held at Temperance Hall upper floor gallery 199 Napier St South Melbourne 10 May -12 May 2-5pm - all welcome
  12. clearskies

    Camino Society Ireland Photo Exhibition!

    (I'm posting this as I see it hasn't been posted yet) For those in Ireland...or even further afield... For the last three months, Camino Society Ireland have been running a Camino Photo Contest with the best photos being exhibited. Independent judges have picked the best from a number of...
  13. D

    A Great Way to Carry a DSLR on the Camino

    It's not a new product but I've just found and bought one so thought I'd share for other photo junkies who haven't seen one yet and like me have struggled with how to bring my DSLR on the Camino. It's a camera clip called Capture by Peak Design that very securely attaches your DSLR to your...
  14. notion900

    Cameras and smartphones for the frugal

    A nice tech question for those that enjoy such conundrums... I am a well informed but stingy consumer of technology. e.g. for ages I hung onto a non-smartphone, by also using an iPod Touch (that I was given free ;)) with WIFI. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone (bottom of the whole...
  15. R

    best way to organise photographs

    I have lots of lovely photos, and was thinking of making a photobook, but i would want to add my own text and maps. I havent had much success in the passed adding my own texts. Any suggestions?
  16. D

    Free Automatic Photo Upload/Backup Solution for Phones

    I've read many threads regarding how to upload and backup photos and videos taken on smart phones during a Camino. Often the solutions sounded pretty complex or potentially costly. I found a great solution and wanted to share it! Google Photos allows free unlimited "high quality" photos and...
  17. Thea

    A Path for a Photographers Delight

    Photography will be a large part of my camino experience and I would love some advice on which route would deliver a great variety of picturesque scenery to capture? I particularly love landscape photography but also will capture the people and towns I visit. Thank you (Yay my first ever forum...
  18. jirit

    1200 Pilgrims — A Personal Photography Project

    Discovered an interesting site today. From the photographer and pilgrim... 1200 Pilgrims" was a personal project carried out with the intention of photographing 1200 Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. Individuals from around the world walked this 800km trail over the course...
  19. Nanc

    iphone verses camera

    what am i missing here? i have an iPhone 6 and have been looking at my pictures and seeing their limitations. I am hesitant to depend on it for my photojournalistic memories i am NOT a good photographer! but the lightest digital with some zoom that i can find is 10.4 oz (294 gm) All you lovers...
  20. B

    Experienced Camino Photographers

    HI, If you have completed your Camino, and are experienced with a dslr camera, possibly even published your trail journal, I need your help. I am a member of the Branford Camera Club in Brandford Florida USA. Branford is located in north Florida , south of, and somewhere in between...