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camino aragones

  1. ValeryGL

    Bordeaux -> Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Camino de Arles)

    Dear colleagues, I and my wife plan to start our first Camino from Oloron-Sainte-Marie. Please take a look at our schedule, is it realistic? I'm worried about a way from an airport to the trail and from trail to airport. Trekking is the same in every country :) ARRIVAL: 0. Flight to...
  2. samoht.w

    Prehistoria along a very old Camino route (first millennium)

    Due to the hugely increased crowds on the Camino Frances this season, I am thinking of switching my September trip from the Camino Norte to again walk from Pau, FR to Puente la Reina on the Camino Aragon as I did a couple of years ago. However this time I intend to divert from the traditional...
  3. noam chen

    Best Time

    Hello, Just got back from my second Primitivo. Would like to walk the Aragon Way, and wondering what time would be the best? In addition - any recommended guidebooks / websites? Thanks, Noam
  4. High Endeavours

    Camino For Alzheimer’s Awareness

    Hi all. Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. My wife and I are walking the Chemin d’Arles and the Camino Aragones together to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. We began this morning at Lodève just north of Montpellier. We will walk together to Logrono, and all going as hoped, it is my intention to...
  5. CJ Williams

    Santa Maria de Eunate: opening times and access 2018

    Greetings from Santa María de Eunate everyone! As most of you are aware, the church has been closed during the winter months. I am posting to let everyone know that we will be re-opening to general visits next weekend, on Saturday 24 March, in anticipation of the start of Holy Week, and will...
  6. SafariGirl

    Albergue at Eunate

    Hola, Could anyone tell me if the albergue beside the church at Eunate is still open please? I'm currently in Undués and was planning to stop there but have just read a post from 2015 saying it's no longer open. ¿Cualquiera puede ayudarme? ¡Gracias! :-)
  7. SafariGirl

    Information about bus station at Somport please...

    Hi All, I'm travelling from Barcelona to Somport on 28th July (to begin the Camino Aragones) and I'm currently trying to book transport. I've read various threads about trains and buses and have decided to go by bus from Barcelona to Zaragoza and then bus from Zaragoza to Somport...but I can't...
  8. vlebe

    I`m [was] Off again!! [now back with some narrative...]

    Hi my dear friends! I`m flying to Spain this afternoon, ans will be starting the Aragones towards Santiago and Finisterra this next wednesday (nov 16th). As soon as I step on the plane I will be using internet as little as I can ( if possible I wont use it at all). So, I wish you all a good...
  9. vlebe

    Will Camino Frances be Busy in December?!?!

    Hi Everyone! Sorry if my thread seems bizarre or even ridiculous! But, being a holy year and with all the threads about lack of beds, tsunami-waves of pilgrims and even the "900 kept in SJPP" :); I`m starting to have second thoughts about going for the Camino Frances next winter. The current...
  10. Arianna Rose Thorne

    Starting in Montpellier May 23rd...

    Bonjour! I am a solo traveler, excited to converse and connect with you fellow pilgrims! Beginning around May 22nd in Montpellier, I plan to take my time into Spain, leaving space for stopping a day in a town or two if it feels right, but I'm a fast, fit hiker. I need to eventually find my...
  11. wisepilgrim

    The Complete Collection 2016 - Wise Pilgrim Guides 2.2.3

    The Wise Pilgrim Guides are the original camino app, the most frequently updated, and the most loved. They have been updated for the 2016 Season, and the collection now includes the Camino Portugués. The guides in the collection are: Camino Francés Camino Portugués Camino del Norte Camino...
  12. Charl

    Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage In Black And White Photographs 2015-11-30

    For all photographers there's something unspoken that drives them to create images that tell stories, even if unintended. As a photographer I started off on my thousand kilometer journey from Lourdes in France to Santiago de Compostela without any sort of camera agenda, heck, I didn't even know...
  13. M

    A winter walk...why am I worried?

    Hello Camino friends, I have a dream to walk the Camino and arrive at Santiago de Compostela on Christmas Eve. I've walked the Camino Frances twice and the Camino Portuguese, but these have all been walks in September/October/November. This time, I'm starting in the second half of November...

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