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camino basics

  1. C clearly

    How do you train for the Camino?

    Since many people are seriously hoping for a walk in 2021, I'm starting this thread on training for the Camino. Walking is almost always very good for you, whether or not you get to Spain, so there is every reason to build it into your life style. Now. But walking is slow - typically 3-6 km/h...
  2. peregrina2000

    How do you choose your first Camino route?

    Since there seems to be an uptick in optimistic potential pilgrims on the forum, I thought I would raise this issue for broader discussion. It has been discussed before, but fresh eyes and thoughts might be energizing. If you are a newbie, and if you are like me, when you started planning...
  3. P

    Which size rucksack?

    Can any one advise me which is the size ruck sack in liters do most people take walking the Camino?
  4. Mark McCarthy

    Camino Trivia

    While on lockdown, I was wondering if we could start a daily post of Camino trivia (history and background). As a start here is some background on the monastery next to the wine fountain at Irache: "The abbey at Irache was one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in the world with its...
  5. Tmct

    Is it safe for a woman walking alone?

    I am a 56 year old woman wondering if I am wise to walk the Camino alone, starting in St Jean Pied de Port and taking as much time as I like to walk and explore. Any advise from women that have done so would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. CS Peregrina

    Language on the Camino

    How do you think your language abilities affect your Camino experience? If you speak only English… Has that hampered your ability to connect with other pilgrims? Has that hampered your ability to connect with people along the way (bar tenders, servers, store owners...
  7. Robo

    What is Your Average Walking Distance per Day?

    There have been a few new Pilgrims on the forum recently who seem worried about the distance they 'have' to walk each day. Of course the daily distance is a totally personal thing. So as to make this poll as scientific as possible, this Poll relates to the Camino Frances only and during good...
  8. BrendanB

    What to call it - El Camino or The Way?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and was wondering what do you refer to the Camino as? El Camino or The Way? I have heard from people in Santiago that a lot of people from the States and England refer to it as The Way while most europeans refer to it as El Camino. Can anyone help a fellow...
  9. sillydoll

    The changing significance of the modern Credencial

    The first modern 'credencial' was issued in the late 1950's to road pilgrims who followed a road map of routes for pilgrims and tourists which was published for the 1954 Holy Year. Five road routes leading tourists and tourist-pilgrims to Santiago were developed closely following what would...
  10. jsalt

    The lessons I learnt every day on the Camino

    A long post, so not for everyone. Might help newbies, and bring a smile of remembrance to oldies. Lesson 1 (St Jean): get back to the albergue by 10pm or you WILL be locked out. Lesson 2 (Orisson): if you want a bottom bunk claim your bed BEFORE you go for a beer. Lesson 3 (Roncesvalles)...
  11. S

    Getting started – What questions to ask, and how

    Hello, all! (but most especially for newbies, and even the “old hands” here all held that wonderful status once!) Though unable to spend much time here, I just now had occasion to quickly browse some of the new threads over the last few weeks. I see a remarkable uptick in folks putting out very...
  12. riatolken

    How many Km/day?

    I have looked at the guidebooks, and are planning to try and stick to the suggested walking distance per day (Bierkley), but would any of you suggest that you can walk on some of the days more km than was suggested in the guidebook? I do not want to rush, would like to do sightseeing in the late...