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camino de madrid

  1. frbobs

    Just "finished" Camino de Madrid

    I walked for most of August (2019). I had the time to just walk, and see what happens. I had long days, short days, hot days, not as hot days. I encountered 9 pilgrims on foot and 5 pilgrims on bikes (there were probably more bike pilgrims, but they just wiz by). I found it physically difficult...
  2. jungleboy

    LIVE from the Camino Camino de Madrid - April 2019

    After spending a day and a half in Madrid seeing friends and eating way too much, tomorrow morning we’re setting out from the Iglesia de Santiago to begin our third camino. I’ll phone-blog here for anyone interested. I’ve never minded walking in cities on camino and @peregrina2000 has said that...
  3. U

    Leon to Santiago

    I will be in Europe for 90 days. Originally I wanted to have 5-6 weeks to walk the entire Camino Francis (which I still may do). But should I fall behind schedule with my other touring (other parts of France/Spain) how would just walking from Leon to Santiago? I know I can, I'm asking how...
  4. OzAnnie

    Train question - Sahagún to Ponferrada

    Hi Can anyone advise whether it is necessary to book in advance for trip between Sahagún and Ponferrada? Not exact yet on date arriving in Sahagún at completion of CdMadrid; and need to catch train to start point of the Invierno. Has anyone bought a ticket on the travel day ? Otherwise., I...
  5. T

    5 Days for Part of Camino de Madrid

    Hello! I am a female, 21-year-old first timer! I currently live in Madrid and want to do the Camino de Madrid, as I love the fact that it isn't too popular and has few industrial cities along the way. However, the average amount of time to complete it is 2 weeks-- I will be on break and only...
  6. Nastucha

    My first Camino

    Hi everyone, my name is Anastasia and this Camino (starting from Madrid and heading towards Santiago and maybe a bit further if I can make it) is a part of my first ever solo travel experience. I am a little unprepared and was feeling really anxious about starting the Camino for about 2 weeks...
  7. L

    Is anyone planning to hike the Camino de Madrid this May?

    Hi! I'm thinking of hiking the Camino de Madrid to Sahagun, where I will connect with the Camino Frances and continue to Santiago... But I have never hiked the Camino before and I don't speak Spanish. Is anyone else planning to take this route in May? Would anyone highly recommend I not take...
  8. Un Peregrino Siempre

    Eating on the Camino de Madrid

    My apologies if this has been beaten to death but my search didn't turn up anything specific. How difficult is it to find bars/tiendas/mercados on the CdM that are reliably open? On the Frances as everyone knows most every little pueblo has a bar or three. From what I'm gathering, not so on...
  9. Suzyjan

    1st timer..Camino de Madrid mid June 2916

    I plan on starting my walk in Madrid mid June 2016. I'm nervous and love any advise about any and everything. This is my first time doing something like this.. Anyone else starting there? Tips? Can't I just walk in tennis shoes? Is the Madrid walk really only 2 weeks long?

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