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camino de norte

  1. gollygolly

    Camino related stamps available in Spain

    Of possible interest to some will be a stamp featuring the Cathedral in Santiago as well as separately a series of stamps that relate to the Camino de Norte which feature certain churches along that camino. These are released by the Spanish post office.
  2. Gabs

    Bedbug problems on the Camino Norte?

    Hi I'm super excited as I am starting out on the Camino next Saturday..from Santillana del Mar. I am busy browsing guides and blogs for any advice and think I get the idea... Trying to pack light, try and get myself as fit as possible ( not easy practice hiking in hot and sunny Andalucia at...
  3. W

    Planning the next Camino

    My husband and I did the CdF last summer and want to plan another Camino for June, '17. Would you who have done the Camino de Portuguese weigh in? We are unsure whether to tackle the C de P or the C de Norte next. Thanks.
  4. Beebe

    The Spiritual Traveler Spain 2016-08-06

    The Spiritual Traveler Spain is a celebration of the truly sacred and spiritual places, traditions, peoples, and roads of Spain. It is a non-denominational and deeply anthropological and folkloric travel book on Spain's prehistoric, pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim past. It is also a...
  5. G

    Biking the Camino de Norte

    Hi! A friend of mine and myself will be biking the Camino De Norte in late may- early June. We have hybrid bikes and are planning on biking around 60 km a day (is that reasonable?) If any one has some tips on the following topics we would love the advice - wear a backpack? Or just use paniers...

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