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  1. meye1099

    Santoña ferry operating?

    Hi, everyone! I’m on the Camino del Norte and saw on the Gronze website that the Santoña ferry between Laredo and Santoña doesn’t operate in the winter. Does anyone know if it’s currently operating? I’d love to take the coastal route to Noja that day!
  2. Tamargrace

    My dogs are up for it but i think the people dont want them there

    I have walked the whole Cornish coast with them and they were ace. They are welsh sheep dogs, pure working stock. Good endurance, tolerance and really happy peopledogs too. I have seen alot of negative feedback regarding dogs on here and the last thing I want to do is annoy someone or dusturb...
  3. Isabeila

    Camino del Norte in April?

    I booked a flight to Biarritz the 4th of April 2018 and was originally planning on walking Camino Frances. Now I am doubting my decision and wishing to walk Camino del Norte. I have one huge question about accommodation though! – Are the albergues on Camino del Norte open by the time I start...
  4. Seamus68

    Second Camino - del Norte in late May

    Hi just to see if any pilgrims starting the del Norte route late May/Early June. Also where to stay in Irun... I’m camping some of the way anyone else done this? Thx Jim
  5. sophie_d

    A Thank You for your Help and Link to Santiago Masters Thesis

    Hello, Back in the summer I had just come back from the Camino del Norte and asked the forum for help with my Masters thesis by completing a survey. That thesis is now written, marked, and I graduated in December! (I got a distinction, by the way ;)) Given the meagre word limit of 15,000...
  6. Misha Keselman

    To finish where left off or to start over?

    I did the Camino del Norte mid June to August 2017. My first one. I never made it to Santiago de Compostela, getting on a bus finally in Oviedo to catch a friend ahead of me. Then a few more days of walking with them to Ribadeo and then home. The camino had its own plans! Now I find myself with...
  7. B

    Luggage Transfer Irun to Santiago

    Hi everyone, I am starting to plan our Camino and am really interested in the Norte route. My partner and I will be coming over from Australia in May 2018 and the Camino will be the start of a year of travel through Europe. We'll be travelling with two packs full of gear for the year away, and...
  8. LeelooLizzie

    Doing Norte route - hopefully Spring or Autumn 2018 - but getting freaked out by weather...

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post - finally - but I've been lurking on these threads for quite some time and finally decided to start an account and ask a question! I keep seeing conflicting information regarding weather for the Camino del Norte / Primitivo (I plan to do the whole 860km) for...
  9. S

    Cycling el Camino del Norte/Primitivo

    Hey there, I'm looking to mountain bike el camino del norte/primitivo possibly in September of 2018. I liked the path taken by these bloggers here. Basically I would love to mountain bike on trails as much as possible, though I realize the pavement will help me gain some mileage here and...
  10. MatteJa

    Free camping with tent, is it possible? Also a question about nudist beaches

    Hello fellow pilgrims, next summer I will walk the "Camino del Norte", i have two questions for you, any information would be awesome, as I tried to search on Google but there are some misleading information: 1) Is it possible to "free camp with a tent", i mean, set up the tent late afternoon...
  11. ultreia1972

    New video: Camino del Norte 2017

    My fellow pilgrims! I have just finished cutting the international version of my camino del Norte. I have done all the comments in English, please don't mind my vocab & grammar, I lost practice :) It was a trip from Irun to Santander, which is only the first 10 days. Maybe in 2018 I will walk...
  12. MatteJa

    Camino de Santiago from my home (Italy + France + Spain)

    Hello beautiful people. I am writing here to ask you an advice: Next summer I would like to walk from my home (Turin - ITALY) to Santiago, I am already planning the route so if anyone of you did something similar, any info about walking/camping in France is worth its weight in gold to me. I...
  13. M

    Norte in October compared to CF

    Q: Is it stupid/to late to start Camino del Norte on september 25 for a solo first timer? So I arrive in Biarritz monday the 25th of september, and the plan was to the go to SJPDP and start the CF. I have spend hours/months thinking about if I should take the CdN or CF and finally settled on...
  14. HDD500

    6 days - what to do?

    Hi all, I have some annual leave booked this September and am thinking of walking the first part of the Camino del Norte. I land in Biarritz on the Sunday and then plan to walk till Saturday as I have to fly home from Biarritz on Saturday evening. My question is how far can / should I aim to...
  15. Steffan

    Arriving 10pm in Santander. Where to stay? >> Labaniego, Vadiniense, San Salvador

    Hello all, this year, since I have brushed up on my Spanish, I decided to do my very first camino in Spain. I have planned to travel with Ryanair on a mid August Sunday from London to Santander, but the plane arrives late at 21:45. I wonder where to spend the first night. Is too late to turn up...
  16. FinnOz

    looking for your experiences of Camino Francés dec/jan

    Hi lovely people, What are your experiences during these months (dec/jan) over this route starting from SJPP? I understand the route de Napoléon will be closed? What is the route Valcarlos Route to Roncesvalle like? Is this the roughest part of the walk weather wise? Would the Camino del Norte...
  17. sophie_d

    Tell me about your experiences on the Camino del Norte and help me with my dissertation!

    Dear the generous and charitable people of the Camino del Norte forum… Having had a terrific response from the lovely people over in the Le Puy forum, I wonder if I might now prevail upon you to give me a little help! I have just got back from an incredible experience on the Camino del Norte...
  18. T

    Advice for Walking the Camino del Norte

    Last summer (2016) I walked the Camino del Norte, Camino Primitivo and Camino Finisterre. The beauty of the camino is that you never know where the path will take you. I set out with the sole intention of walking the entire del Norte, but though the advice of a priest, I took a detour into the...
  19. Paintboy2

    Do It Yourself Guidebook

    Last year on my first Camino (CP) I was a little nervous about getting lost so I printed a rather detailed set of maps that I found on this web site: http://www.caminador.es/?page_id=117 . It seemed logical to also print my flight info and hotel reservations along with the various travel...
  20. Lady Explorer

    Travelling Biarritz to Irun?

    Hello Pilgrims new and old, I've just read old posts from 2009, and they're incredibly helpful despite having been posted 8 years ago ;) I'm embarking on my 2nd solo Camino adventure next week, this time the Camino Del Norte and Primitivo. I look forward to meeting some of you on the way. I...


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