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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears

camino family/friends

  1. stevelm1

    What I Learned from Walking Alone

    While out walking in my neighborhood the other day, I thought about the question: “What did you bring home from the Camino?” On that day I answered the question this way: I am much more comfortable being alone now. I walked the Camino Frances alone in Sep/Oct of 2015. My wife had no interest...
  2. Liam55

    Camino Friends

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Just a query that floating in my head!! Am due to start in St Jean 5th September. How difficult is it to part from new friends that one might have walked and shared with for days if not weeks? Maybe not difficult but it seems to me that I might find it difficult; maybe...
  3. LineDenmark

    Do you have tips for meeting people on the Camino?

    While waiting for the world to reopen I am planning my next Camino experience, probably like most of you. I did some of the Camino Frances in 2019. It was a life changing experience for me and I'm proud that I did it alone. I met and talked to many people on the way, but mostly I walked alone...
  4. Robo

    To what extent did 'others' influence your Walking Distance and Stops? (Not a Poll)

    This really would make an interesting Poll I think, but I'll resist :cool: For many of us, a Camino is best undertaken as a Solitary journey. At least at the start. And if we meet 'kindred spirits' along the way that may change for a period.......or the rest of the Camino. Yet others, like...
  5. diegoromerosm

    Maybe you can start solo but you will never walk alone

    I'm alway starting the Camino alone just to enjoy that little freedom but... there are so many interesting people out there. I'm very grateful for all these people (my new brother and sisters) that The Camino has put in my life. Buen Camino!
  6. A

    Finding SUNJOO an old friend Aug-sept 2011

    Please forgive this thread but I have tried hard to find a Camino friend who appeared In a film we made during August to September 2011 on the Camino frances route Her name was Sunjoo, a South Korean but who lived in Australia, as you know second names are rare on the Camino and her email was...
  7. K

    People on the Camino that become your Friends

    One of the most endearing aspects of the Camino experience is the human interaction. You may meet a person for 20 minutes, a day or travel with them over the course of the trail and recognize that you have made a connection. Sometimes it may mean exchanging email addresses, becoming Facebook...
  8. T

    The Camino Family Feeling

    My wife and I, (semi-retired), have walked several Caminos since 2016. (Frances, Finnesterre, Norte, Via de la Plata, Englis, Rota Vincentina and Portuguese). Our first Camino was on the Frances and one of the things that we really enjoyed was the camaraderie amongst the Pilgrims and the many...
  9. E

    Camino del Norte in April?

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here and I need some advice. I walked the Francés last august and it was wonderful (maybe a bit hot). I would like to walk the del Norte but I have to start in the beginning of April. I know that it rains A LOT that time of year so I'm a little bit...
  10. kdespot

    Did you fall in love on the Camino?

    Yes, most of us fell in love WITH the Camino... but did you have a special romantic connection with another human on yours? It would be great to hear your story, and how it turned out when the Camino came to an end, if you're willing to share.
  11. E

    I met someone on the camino, never got their contact details and would like to find them somehow.

    I made a friend on the camino, and would love to get in contact with them! I know what albergue we stayed in, would they be able to give me contact details if they booked it via email/phone? Or would they not be allowed disclose that information? I didn't even get a second name, but I know where...
  12. K

    Racial discrimination on the Camino

    Hello and big thanks to members of the forum for sharing. I have been reading posts religiously hoping not to have to bring this question up myself. I plan on hiking the Camino Frances solo starting April 1st. I am of African descent and black ; I wonder what level of racial discrimination I may...
  13. Richard Ray

    Advice for Starting a Local "Friends of the Camino" Group

    I've been giving some thought to trying to create a forum for Camino pilgrims who live in West Michigan (USA). I'd be interested in learning how others who have done something similar in their communities have approached the task. How did you develop your list of pilgrims to whom you could...
  14. ouroboros

    Camino as a balm for grief

    I returned a couple weeks ago from walking the Portuguese from Porto to Santiago with my husband, Stuart. On my 9th day of walking, somewhere near Caldas de Reis, I got news from my sister that my mother died that morning. I knew that she was in decline before I left for Portugal, but did not...
  15. Richmond Gardner

    Searching for friends

    I finished walking on May 10 and would like to connect with people I met. Should have been proactive, but am generally happy to let temporary relationships be just that. However, I got separated from my group as I waited in Sarria for family and friends. So here goes- Patrick from Liverpool...
  16. Joseph_MT

    Camino Family - April 2017

    I travelled alone to SJPdP to what I thought was going to be my solo journey, however from Day 1 found a wonderful family who welcomed me with open arms, we've looked for each other, cared for each other, shared lots of stories and experiences together. This is what the Camino is all about...
  17. D

    Epilepsy support on the Camino Frances

    I have been planning my Camino this July for months now, departing St Jean PdP alone on July 4 and returning to the US from Santiago on August 9. However, a generalized seizure weeks ago is threatening my trip. I have had epilepsy for many years but was weaned off my medication due to not having...
  18. Clare L

    Young woman looking for a walking friend or group

    I am a 22 year old graduating from college in the United States this May and planning on walking El Camino from SJPDP to Santiago between May 20–June 22/23 (but would be willing to adjust dates slightly!) Though I understand many young women walk alone, I'm hoping to get in contact with some...
  19. B

    Camino thoughts from a man in a kilt

    Greetings one and all. I am about a month back from my walk on the Camino Frances. I took the time as there are a large number of thoughts rioting around inside my head. First of all, every man should walk the Camino in a kilt. Socially and physically. I met all sorts of people...there must...
  20. Annie Little

    Camino Families

    Mornin All I am on a slow week day 5 .... Heading to Pamplona today . I have not found my Camino family . Sure I talk to people but we all move on and go separate ways . Maybe it's because I am not staying in albergue ..... I need to sleep to function :cool:.... And I need to function in...