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camino fraces

  1. ExiledSW

    3 weeks post Frances

    I sit here at work. my wife and I are finally home from our Camino/UK trip. I continually cycle through the hundreds of photos and people we met along the way. There was so much and I seem to remember every step. It feels like it happened yesterday, but also like it was last year. We had...
  2. E

    Will I Be Disappointed?

    Hi I completed the camino France's route in May and absolutely loved it for so may reasons , since my return I have been thinking about my next camino. Im 29 and have can take some annual leave from the 12th September for 12 days and don't want to waste my time off so was thinking of doing the...
  3. R

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    Hey everyone, I will be 19 years old next year and I'm planning on walking the Camino somewhere next year. Preferably in the spring.. I am a woman and will be walking the Camino on my own. I'd really like some advice, because I'm kind of at a lost.😅 I've been reading up on the different...
  4. wanderfrau


    Being 5’9 and weighing 132 lbs I am terrified of losing weight walking the entire CF. Love food and like to eat. Will probably have to be snacking constantly. I made a note about the hamburgers in Cacabelos. Any more suggestions?
  5. andywild

    The wait is over, but unfortunately the weight is over.

    Well folks, the time is nearly here. A couple of days and I'm off to Biarritz!! No more training walks, no more equipment gathering. The result of a few month's training is that I feel no healthier and have not lost any weight. In a last ditch attempt to save a few grams I had a beard trim which...
  6. Tim Floyd

    2nd Camino - Repeat CF or try something new?

    My wife and I completed CF from SJPP in 2017 and are talking about doing another Camino. I kind of want to do CF again to relive some of the best moments and experience some new things we might have missed. She thinks we should take on another route like CP to experience something entirely new...
  7. macouzet

    looking for

    Hi pilgrims I had a wonderful experience walking the camino last summer with 2 friends. I am a photographer, I walked with many photo equipment (no regrets) and came back with thousands of photos. I will make an exposition of this photographs and was thinking in turning it into a book, so I am...
  8. G

    Backpack weight

    Hi all! I will be going on my first Camino in September and am a bit concerned about the weight of my backpack. I weigh about 59kgs and my pack is currently 6kgs (without the weight of water or snacks). Just wanted to get some other opinions on the 10% rule and whether going over is alright. I'm...
  9. L

    Walking alone?!

    Hello! I spontaneously decided a couple of days ago to start the Camino next week in SJPDP. I'm walking alone and am already feeling a mixture of apprehension and excitement. But I keep seeing posts saying there's hardly any pilgrims walking at the moment/in August?! The prospect of walking...
  10. K

    Sending things ahead to Santiago

    Hello! So I will have been traveling for 2.5 months prior to starting my Camino and I need to downsize my pack for the walk. I was thinking of either sending my things ahead to Santiago de Compostela, or to a friend at my final stop after the Camino. Does anyone know how much it would cost...
  11. clearskies

    Directions in Logrono

    Hi folks. I get a bus to Logrono from Madrid early on the 4th of September and then plan to walk to Navarrete. Now my question is what is the easiest way to get from the bus station (which is on the east side of the town) to Calle Duques de Najera and the park? I suppose Google maps will provide...
  12. Milly2b

    Sleeping outdoors

    Hello everyone ! Ok so this may be a strange question, but since I am on a tight budget I thought I may as well ask in case others do do this... I'm planning on walking the Camino Frances in 2-3 months and was wondering whether it's possible/legal to sleep outdoors along the way instead of...
  13. Milly2b

    Cooking your own food

    Hi there! I'm planning on walking the Camino Frances in 2-3 months and have a pretty tight budget. So I was wondering whether it is possible to buy cheap ingredients (rice, lentils etc) in most villages along the way and cook them in most hostels instead of paying for the pilgrim meal ? Thanks...
  14. L

    Can't Stop Worrying! Solo Female!

    Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female walking the Camino Frances by myself in 3 weeks. I've been so excited to do it. But I've just seen a news article regarding a woman who was murdered on the Camino. I've tried to ignore it. But of course my brain is incapable of that and so ive spent the last...
  15. M

    Cycling From Pamplona To Santiago In 7 Days

    Hi Me and a friend of mine plan on cycling the camino frances this July, from Pamplona to Santiago in a maximum of 7 days, so around 100km a day. We plan to fly to Biarittz and then a bus to Pamplona. Does any one have an itinerary or breakdown of stages for each of the 7 days, highlighting...
  16. P

    A Few Random Questions

    Hello all! I have e few questions that have been ruminating in my head for a while now in regard to my plans to walk from St. Jean to Santiago in July-August of this summer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) 1.) The first thing that I've been confused about is what it is like for you...
  17. Jessica D

    Sahagún or Burgos?

    Long time reader, first time posting! I am walking the Camino Frances from May 4th to May 26th, giving me 22 days to walk the trail. I am in moderate shape and have been training when time allows. After reading blogs and forums, I'm torn between walking from Sahagún (16 days) and Burgos (21...
  18. A

    Is it safe for a woman to walk alone on Camino?

    I am planning to walk this year on Camino Frances. I've read some post from past years that is it pretty safe for women to walk alone, but I just wanted to see if any woman from this forum had a recent experience and how I felt. I don't know...I just maybe need some reinforcements that all is...
  19. P

    Spiritual/logistical preparation

    Hello all! Last I posted on the forum, back in September, I was contemplating walking in July/August 2017, concerned about being so young (18 y/o). Since then, all those concerns have been allayed with encouragement from the forum. Furthermore, having told my parents my plan, they have been...
  20. A

    Walking As A Minor

    Hi! I'm a 16 year old girl who'll be 17 by early July of 2017, when I hope to be walking the CF. My initial question: is this a good idea, considering I'll be alone? My parents trust me to take care of myself and manage the hike well, but I'm worried about the minor-friendliness of the Camino...

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