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  1. VA Hiker

    Advice for two weeks on the Camino?

    Hi! I’ll start my first Camino in SJPdP in late August 2019. My current plan is to walk for 15 or 16 days. What are some of the best itineraries for that amount of time? I have a few ideas but would love to hear what others think. One idea is to walk from SJPdP to Logroño, take a bus from...
  2. J

    1 Day Horse Ride

    Is anyone aware of any options to ride a horse for one segment of the Camino? If so, any info is appreciated.
  3. R

    My first time - ALONE

    Hey all! So I am planning my trip to walk the entire Camino Frances at the end of May 2019. I graduate from college and am looking for the "break" between undergrad and law school. I am traveling from Toronto, ON at 4:45pm and flying overnight to Toulouse, FRA, arriving at 9:05am. From there I...
  4. Rod Murray

    Jobi Talbot’s “Path of Miracles” choral composition

    Many veterans of the Camino would be familiar with this extraordinary piece of choral music. I was not until this past week. Let me explain. I live near the small town of Elora, Ontario, Canada, which is also the home of the world renowned Elora Singers, a Grammy award winning choir. I...
  5. ¡BUEN CAMINO! Friends along “The Way.”

    ¡BUEN CAMINO! Friends along “The Way.”

    A glimpse into one woman’s solo adventure on the Camino Frances from Southern France to Finisterre, (aka - “The End of The World”) on the west coast of Spain in the summer...
  6. A

    Have you walked both the Plata and the Frances

    Hi, I have just finished walking from Sevilla to Salamanca along the Via and have previously walked the Frances twice. I noticed many differences in my experiences on both routes. I wonder if anyone else has walked both and how they felt them to be different. Personally I enjoyed the Frances...
  7. Iriebabel

    Return of the Cyborg Turtle with post camino summary

    Hi folks I know I’ve been missing in action but I am alive and well. I finished the Camino Frances in late May 2018 with my greatfeul thanks to forum members who helped me prepare. Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on home stuff and was ill for a time, now feeling better I decided it’s time to...
  8. truenorthpilgrim

    Efrén Gonzáles' youtube/Camino vlogs.

    Hi all, Just want to do a quick shout out to Efren Gonzales' youtube channel. Other threads on this forum have mentioned his stellar documentation of his 2017 Camino Frances pilgrimage, capturing magnificent shots with his drone. I personally think it's the best self-documented series out there...
  9. ELHS220

    Pilgrim Mass and Botafumeiro

    This past May through July, I walked the last part of the Norte, from Oviedo/Avilés, the last two days of the Francés, served as a volunteer in the Pilgrim Office for two weeks, and then walked to Finisterre and on to Muxía. During this time, I did the Mass reading 37 times in various churches...
  10. ProulxKR

    23 y/o American looking for help planning to my first Camino!

    Hello! I am looking to walk a large part or all of the Camino Frances in the next two months (I know short notice) and I'd like any and all advice you have for doing the route on your own. Also, if there is anyone looking to walk the route around the same time (Sept 2018), please let me know!
  11. SandyH

    Our Camino Frances Experience

    We walked the Camino Frances in April/May of 2018. We are already planning our next Camino (probably a del Norte) We have created daily videos of our experience and some information videos, as well. Here's a link to our Camino playlist on our YouTube channel, Wanderful Revolution. Head over and...
  12. K

    35mm film availability?

    Hi all, Just curious whether I could get an update on whether 35mm film is readily available along the camino frances? The last post I could find was from a few years ago and I know film is increasingly hard to find... Thanks! K
  13. ReyLoco

    Santo Domingo and Granon

    My family and I just got back to the states from our first Camino. We didn't end up walking the final 100km, as we had a 6 year old with us and after Melide he was ready to jump on a bus. We had an absolutely incredible time though, and made so many amazing connections and serendipitous...
  14. Latecomer

    100 (or so) iconic images for Camino Francés video .. Any missing?

    < This post is just background.. Skip to next post in thread to see my preliminary list of iconic images. > I begin my first Camino Francés leaving SJPDP on September 11 (I did the VDLP in 2015). I am walking with my neighbor, our average age is 68. We have about 49 days available in Spain so...
  15. Hgailey

    My Camino Journal 1

    n the Fall of 2015, after 25 long years of daydreaming, planning and talking about the Camino to anyone who would listen, Heather Gailey set out, at the age of 52, to walk the Camino Frances, solo in the Fall of 2015. Although friends and family thought she had lost my mind, she believes she...
  16. U

    Leon to Santiago

    I will be in Europe for 90 days. Originally I wanted to have 5-6 weeks to walk the entire Camino Francis (which I still may do). But should I fall behind schedule with my other touring (other parts of France/Spain) how would just walking from Leon to Santiago? I know I can, I'm asking how...
  17. Samantha Davies

    Camino de Santiago Frances on Google Maps

    For those who are planning to walk the Camino Frances, I've marked every stage on Google maps so you can download it on your phone and use it during your way. Main stages have a link with info on tips, what to see and what to eat. Hope you find it useful, any feedback is appreciated x Here's the...
  18. Samantha Davies

    Camino de Santiago Frances on Google Maps 2018-04-23

    For those who are planning to walk the Camino Frances, I've marked every stage on Google maps so you can download it on your phone and use it during your way. Main stages have a link with info on tips, what to see and what to eat. Hope you find it useful, any feedback is appreciated x Here's the...
  19. Thomas1962

    The 'All Albergues on the Camino Frances' list in KML or GPX format December 2017

    This file is the KML/GPX version of the most famous “All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf. All credits for the PDF file goes to SYates. These KML/GPX files are made in cooperation with the Dutch Confaternity of Saint James (Het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob-NGSJ) This KML or...
  20. CirrusTheCloud

    Tattoo Parlor Recommendations in Santiago

    I'm on my way to Santiago, and I really want to get a tattoo while I'm there. Just a small, simple black scallop shell, preferably a walk in. Any recommendations for a good, clean parlor in Santiago that does walk ins? Preferably also one with an artist/artists that speak English, and/or...

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