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camino frances

  1. Lhollo

    Route stops (rescheduling and extending my Camino)

    Hello! I’d like to know your thoughts about the overnight stops in my list. Does it look good, and which of the ones I’m unsure of do you think are the best? Its an extension to a Camino that I’ve had to reschedule, the rest of which is all booked. (For medical reasons, we’re booking all...
  2. Lhollo

    Flight and accommodation problems: Rescheduling everything

    Hello all! I’ve taken the sad decision to postpone our September Camino (stage 1 of the Camino Frances) to next May/early June. Last night, I changed my flights, but there’s now a problem because the new flights arrive in Bilbao at 10pm at night. I planned to stay in Pamplona on the first night...
  3. 20150430_102058.jpg


    OK, Where am I ?
  4. CollinSK

    Photo album) This is The Way. El Camino de Santiago, 32 day's Story To The End of the World by Photos. Piano Song

    I re-arranged and revised the video. It's mostly with photos. I hope it might not be boring. Thank you.
  5. jungleboy

    The Camino Francés day-by-day (three years ago)

    Tomorrow marks three years to the day since @Wendy Werneth and I started our first camino, the Francés, from SJPdP. I posted a photo and a sentence or two each day on Facebook while we were walking and I thought it might be fun, given the current circumstances, to repost these here each day and...
  6. M

    Camino de Santiago and asian tourism

    Hi everyone! I'm a spanish university student and I'm doing a research work about Camino de Santiago and the asian tourism. I was wondering if any of you could please answer this really quick survey. It's been quite difficult for me to find people who match this survey so any help will be very...
  7. J

    Jack's Path 1

    Troubled by an intense loneliness, a result of his lost childhood and a cruel twist of fate, Jack is confronted by an enigmatic visitor’s insistence that the world is meaningless. In his despair, he is drawn to a vision of the fabled Camino de Santiago, and so Jack embarks on a final act of...
  8. Lhollo

    Sleeping bag for early September Camino Frances?

    I’ll be doing the first section of the Camino Frances, from SJPP to Los Arcos, between 1st and 10th September (including exploration days). I’ve booked private rooms in advance for the whole route (medical reasons—wish I could stay in bunk beds but can’t). Some of the rooms are in hotels or...
  9. MichaelM1986

    My Camino in a Nutshell

    Everybody writes a note when they return from the Camino, it seems. After my wife and I arrived in Santiago, we went to confession. My penance was to share a story of the Camino. I started writing about every day and every detail, but I don’t think anyone wants to read that. Let me share with...
  10. Paul Ramsay

    Reflecting on the Camino

    Just sharing my reflections including readings, quotes, and references (this presentation can also be downloaded from SlideShare at https://www.slideshare.net/paul.ramsay/reflecting-on-the-camino).
  11. STEPS: Why People Walk the Camino de Santiago

    STEPS: Why People Walk the Camino de Santiago

    I followed pilgrims throughout last summer to capture their Camino experience and reasons for walking. (I'm also a journalism student doing this for degree).
  12. VNwalking

    Do you like rocks?

    If you are walking: The initial stages of the Frances The Baztanes The Vasco Interior or the Via de bayona The beginning half of the Olvidado The beginning of the Norte... And you are a geologist or simply a rock afficionado, then... Here is a paper you will love...
  13. Y

    What are the differences between Frances Camino(Spain) vs. Portuguese Camino?

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camino Community, I was recently freed from shackles of slavery (aka, a day job) so I am contemplating a trip. I have done a beach trip to near Cancun (Isla de Mujeres) in Spring this year but it seems I came back mostly an alcoholic as we lay in the beach and...
  14. 1 CAMINO FRANCES - St John Pied de Port to Maruzabal 2019

    1 CAMINO FRANCES - St John Pied de Port to Maruzabal 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdU4HKvqzF4 - Read blog about this journey. Links for parts two and three available on the blog. - http://throughourlookingglass.ca/index.php/camino-frances-primitivo-2019/ ...
  15. jj-now

    Journalism Student Filming Frances Documentary from Tomorrow

    Hi all, I'm arriving in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port tomorrow to begin my documentary for university. This will be my second time walking the French-Way, and I want to best capture and share some of the people behind the walk (it's getting more popular for a reason). If we cross paths and you...
  16. Ângela Massa

    Camino Frances from Bordeux

    Hello, my name is Ângela, I'm 24 and I want to do the Camino Frances next April (2020). But I want to start some kms before SJPdP. Do you think that starting from Bordeaux is a good option? Do you have any other suggestions for a starting point (before SJPdP) and why? I'm open to any...
  17. jj-now

    (Postponed - new thread made) Journalism student filming documentary this summer - interviewing pilgrims!

    Hi all I'm James, I finished the Camino Frances on foot in March 2017, and will be returning soon. It would be great to meet some of you walking the Camino this year, and chat/cover at different stages of your pilgrimage. In second year I filmed, interviewed for and reported a variety of local...
  18. Just admit it - you also took a picture of this ancient tree.

    Just admit it - you also took a picture of this ancient tree.

    Sometime before Sarria, right? I am positive you also stopped to hug the tree or take a picture, right? My daughter and I sure did.
  19. The view from Larassoana albergue window

    The view from Larassoana albergue window

  20. Perfect place for a pause

    Perfect place for a pause

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