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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

camino inglés

  1. The start of the Camino Ingles

    The start of the Camino Ingles

  2. L

    sello in A Coruña

    Where can I get the sello in A Coruña if I only have time early in the morning (until ~10am)
  3. jdriver

    Anyone get the “A Coruña” Compostela

    Hi all! Planning on my second Camino (July 2019) this time with my thirteen year old son and a college friend. While I am excited to share this experience with them, we are also trying to fit other places in as this will be my friend’s first trip to Europe and we have a limited amount of time...
  4. A

    Luggage-forwarding services Camino Ingles

    Hi all Myself and a friend are walking the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago in July. As we'd rather not carry our bags with us everyday, I've researched a few baggage-forwarding services recommended on other forums etc. However, the companies I've researched don't seem to cover some of...
  5. mylifeonvacation

    The First Mile of the Camino Inglés

    There's a new publication called "The First Mile of the Camino Inglés", highlighting 21 interesting landmarks on the first mile of the English Way from Ferrol. A friend sent me the English version so I thought it would be nice to share for those planning their trip...
  6. C

    Starting the Ingles on 5th May

    Hi all, After a late night flight into A Coruña I am planning to start the Ingles from Ferrol on the 5th May. Curious to know if anyone else has plans to do the Ingles around the same time. Aim will be to walk on through Santiago to Finisterre & Muxía.
  7. J

    Albergues open in Dec on Camino Ingles?

    Hi there, Im thinking of doing the Coruna Camino Ingles in early Dec, and was wondering how to find out if the Albergues will be open. Many thanks, Jim
  8. leicoppes

    Camino Ingles

    Are there between Neda and Pontedeume places to sleep?
  9. JohnnieWalker

    New route from Leiro to Hospital de Bruma/Meson do Vento

    Camino Ingles - new route from Leiro to Bruma. For those soon walking the Camino Ingles I'd like to reassure you about this new route - I think it is excellent and of great benefit to pilgrims. Although there is still the elevation it is over a much longer distance and therefore is much more...
  10. gollygolly

    Camino Ingles - return of the marker stones (moines)

    We have just completed our walk from Salisbury to Winchester and then to Canterbury, which was then followed by walking the Camino Ingles from La Coruña. I intend to write up about this when time allows, but thought that I would share the very welcome news that the marker stones (moines) are...
  11. Susanjaga

    The Camino Ingles 2017-07-18

    This book helps you to set a practical goal to walk the Camino and achieve it, by showing you exactly how to: Walk the Camino Ingles, a Galician route as old as the Camino Frances Prepare your mind, body and feet to enjoy the long walk Pack and what to discard to travel light Plan your travel...
  12. natefaith

    Camino Inglés - 7 Days

    Hola! I just finished the Camino Inglés today. Overall it was exactly what I needed as far as a time of personal retreat and contemplation, for which I'm grateful. The weather was perfect for walking and everything was in bloom at this time of year (without triggering any allergies!) and until...
  13. natefaith

    Betanzos - Bruma Bus Accessibility

    Hola a todos, In July I'll walk from Ferrol to Santiago, Lord willing. For various reasons I'll walk from Pontedeume to Betanzos, stay the night, walk as far as I can the next day toward Hospital de Bruma, then go back to Betanzos to stay a second night. The following day I'd like to get...
  14. Susan B Johnson

    Where to stay in Bruma--AKA a Camino highlight

    My family and I hiked from Ferrol to Santiago the end of May 2017, so we needed lodging close to the Camino. We were looking for a place that was clean, comfortable, and quiet so we could rest. We also wanted something reasonably priced. O Meson Novo was all that and more! (PR Ó Mesón NovoPR...
  15. R

    Camping on Camino ingles?

    Doing the Camino ingles starting June 22. We are taking a tent, etc and hoping we can do ninja camping. Is it allowed on the Camino ingles?
  16. J Willhaus

    Winter Camino Ingles

    In summer 2016 my husband and I walked the CF for 45 days. In winter 2017 we want to come back to Spain in December and walk the CI and the last 100 km of the CF. We had to stop just 3 days short of Santiago last summer because my husband became very ill with food poisoning so he wants some...
  17. Saisainita

    Where to sleep on Camino Ingles?

    Hey! I am planing to go Camino Ingles. It would be first time to walk pilgrims way. I am gonna walk from Ferrol to Santiago. I am planing to do it in 6 days. The biggest question where to sleep on the way. In Ferrol and Santiago I am planing to book hotels, but on the way I saw I could stay in...
  18. Elle Bieling

    The Camino Inglés Ebook 3

    I created this PDF document, for my readers who told me that they used my information from my pilgrimagetraveler.com webpages to help them plan each day on their own Camino. However, finding WiFi in the remote areas is tricky along the The Way, if you purchase this, you can download to your...
  19. DanfromSydney

    Week Five - Canadian broadcaster Laurie Brown

    Laurie Brown hosts The Signal, a nighttime radio show on CBC Radio 2 in Toronto. Laurie walked the Camino Ingles and this week we talk about her Camino, both physically and spiritually. It's a great insight into the journey and the journo. Enjoy...
  20. dougfitz

    Camino Ingles - Selected GPS Data 2016-12-27

    This .gpx format file contains two sets of tracks for the Camino Ingles. Those prefixed CI are my personal track record from 2014, edited to remove distractions like stops, deviations, and just plain getting lost from time to time. The tracks prefixed etapa are based on the Centro de Descargas...

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