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  1. H

    Camino Frances or Norte

    Hello, My partner and I are planning to begin our Camino in September. We were initially going to begin by walking from SJPP to Pamploma, and then planned to cycle from Pamploma until Leon (at least). We have three weeks and don't know that we will finish the Camino. We intend let the...
  2. K

    Best Routes on Norte

    Hello, I'm planning may camino but only have 16 days off annual leave so wanted to cram a lot of it in walking/coach travel. Would anyone recommend the most beautiful routes of the Northern camino please? Thank you.
  3. Sally Forester

    Bilbao to San Sebastian/Irun

    Hi There, I think there was a great chain detailing the transportation options from Bilbao airport to Irun- but I can't seem to find it... I land @ Bilbao airport at 6:30pm on Sunday May 7th. Was thinking of trying to catch a bus to Irun that night. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Sally
  4. The Mouse of Getaria

    The Mouse of Getaria

    The Mouse of Getaria, spotted whilst approaching Zarautz from Orio, in the Basque Country.
  5. M

    Maps and Trail Documentation?

    Hi I am a student studying in Madrid and am itching to get back on the trail. I have 6 days to hike, so I chose the scenic route of San Sebastian to Bilbao. I have a basic itinerary of where I will be staying each night and the distances of each segment, however I can't find any maps or...
  6. J

    Cycling options

    Hello-I'm planning on walking the Camino in April/May 2017. I'm working on a plan B as I'm having some foot problems and may need to use a bicycle. Would anybody have ideas on how to extend a bicycle tour by piecing together the other caminos so I could fill my 6-8 weeks riding a bike? I hope...
  7. E

    Starting the Camino Norte...

    Hi fellow pilgrims! I'm going to begin walking the Camino Norte to Santiago around 25th September and am having a few last minute anxieties that I was hoping you guys could advise on... #1) Do you think I will have trouble staying in the pilgrim albergues going so late in the season, will they...
  8. D

    Best Biking route for Camino/ Camino Norte

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums here. My wife and I and 2 other couples plan to bike the camino end of September of this year. We want to start near the France border to enjoy the mountain scenery. Since we are biking we want to skip past the more plain landscape areas. (Especially...
  9. I

    Live - Cam. Norte camino nord bed spaces

    hi i am planning on walking the camino norte from irun leaving 23 of this month(june). just posting to see if anyone has any information on how busy things are. i am a bit worried we will find ourselves in a situation where we find it hard to get beds in alberges and if this is the case we may...
  10. backpack45scb

    Camino del Norte images from the trail - now viewable in all countries

    My first attempt had a music licensing problem. This one should be better. I tried to capture the feel of the walk in a 140 image video. Hope it works for you.
  11. backpack45scb

    Video on scenes from Camino Norte 2015 - not viewable in United States

    For those of you who are considering this route, this will give you a feel for what you will see while walking: Even if you have already walked it, this may bring back memories.


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