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  1. CarloSousa

    (HELP WITH ROUTE) Camino Portugués from Valença to Santiago in 5 Days!

    Hola! Me and mine have been preparing to do the Camino but we only have 5 days to it - starting from Valença/Tuí. Can someone please help us with the daily route? We can only find 6 days routes. Gracias!
  2. Ryan Alexander

    People starting Camino Portugués in September 2018

    Dates and détails for those walking the Camino portugues in September 2018.
  3. al15e

    Reverse Camino Portugues

    Hey there! My name is Alise and I'm new here :) Long story short – camino has been on my mind for nearly ten years already (time flies, right?) and I have deiceded that year 2018 is going to be THE year I finally do it! I'm super excited and are doing my research on all the possible topics I...
  4. A

    Share a Taxi to Tui

    Hi all I am arriving to Santiago airport next friday the 22nd Sept 2017 at 15:20. I am meeting a group of friends that will already be in Tui. Public transports at that time are really not good. Anyone interest in sharing a Taxi? Cheers Ana
  5. Marcus-UK

    First Sighting

    Arrived in Porto late Sunday night. Next morning my wife and I had breakfast at cafe Majestic. It was there I had the fist sighting! A whole display of pastel del NATA! Unfortunately I am pre-diabetic and cannot consume a single one!!!! I have worked out that I will be able to consume at least...
  6. C

    Camino Portuguese Blog

    Hi All, I walked the Camino Portuguese from Porto earlier this summer as a solo female hiker and have written a blog about my experience that, hopefully, can help other peregrinos considering taking the same route- the blogs I read before I set off were by far the most valuable in terms of...
  7. L

    Wildfires? (Coimbra-Mealhada)

    Today in Coimbra, I saw plumes of smoke rising from the hills to the north. Sure enough, the local TV was reporting forest fires near Mealhada, causing the A1 highway to be shut off. I'm also reading, however, that the A1-bound traffic was diverted to the A14 and the IC2, which are much closer...
  8. J

    Need help in planning cycling route Porto-SDC

    Hello, I am planning my first camino from Porto to SDC and I am very excited!! I am aiming for mid-September but I have a few questions before I book my ticket. If I take the coastal route, is 6 days sufficient? (I am a road cyclist so I'm in decent shape) Can anyone who has cycled this route...
  9. green_spork

    Camino Portugues Itinerary?

    Good Evening, Fellow Pilgrims I am currently planning to walk my first Camino from Porto to Santiago/Finisterra/Muxia in August. I have the current John Brierley guide which I have been using for my initial research, in addition to reading older forum members posts. I wish to start from the...
  10. katie@camino

    Is Casa de Fernanda a possibility on Coastal Route?

    Hi fellow pilgrims, I plan to walk the Camino Portugues via the Coastal Route and Variante Espiritual in June this year, inshallah! However I have heard such wonderful things about Casa de Fernanda and would absolutely love to stay there and meet Fernanda but the guidebook indicates Casa de...
  11. Caterina87

    Camino Portugues In 5 Days From Valenca

    Hello, I hope this thread is not out of place. I would like to know if any of you has good suggestions for a 5 day route etapas from Valenca, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela. Last year we did the French final etapas in 5 days and it worked out well. I found the 6 day route on a website, but...
  12. Marco TM

    Starting From Porto April 11th

    I'm gonna start my first camino from Porto in about 1 week, and hopefully reach Santiago around 10 days later. Do you confirm the Inland Route will be more populated than the Costal one? I'm afraid of not meeting anybody until Tui... Anyone else going around that dates? Marco
  13. L

    Camino Portugues Coastal/Central Route

    Hi All! My mom and I are planning to walk the Camino from Porto to Santiago starting on the 16th of May 2017. We are planning to walk the Coastal route up to Caminha, and would then like to join the Central route at Valenca, walking via Vila Nova de Cerveira. We would like to know whether...
  14. R

    Navigation from Santarem onwards

    Hi, I am planning to commence my Camino Portugues walk by myself from Santarem quite soon, but am a bit concerned about navigation. While I have managed Aumont-Aubrac to Conques in France without any problems, and without using any map at all, I have a feeling that the southern part of the...
  15. jefferyonthecamino

    A Survival Guide to the Portuguese Camino in Galicia: Information about the Portuguese Way in Galici 2017

    Revised and updated for 2017. The only Camino guidebook written by a person who works as a guide on the Camino and who gets to walk regularly to Santiago de Compostela. A Survival Guide to the Portuguese Camino in Galicia will not only provide you with simple, concise and to-the-point...
  16. S

    Tui to Santiago

    Hi, I've enjoyed ready various threads on Camino Portugues, the information has been very useful. I've just booked flights to Porto, my first Camino, with family members. As we are short on days we are doing the last 100km. We fly to Porto on Saturday 8th April and leave Porto on Sunday...
  17. Kerstinh47

    looking for info/experiences on the Camino Portugués March/April

    Hi! I've been in hiding while in transition - now in the very beginning stages of planning a second camino. YAY! First choice for this one (Porto - Santiago - Finesterre would be March/April time frame, but I am interested in reading about the pros/cons for various times of year on that...
  18. Tingeling

    Blind friend - suitable short distance near Lisbon?

    I would like to inspire my dear friend who is blind to walk a short part of the Camino portugues with me in october 2017. I have walked the camino frances in March 2017 and he really wanted to do something similar one day, but thought it was impossible. I think he will enjoy it more than he can...


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