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  1. meye1099

    Bed bug advice along Camino Primitivo and Norte

    Hi, everyone! I am walking the Camino del Norte in March and meeting my husband early April in Oviedo to walk the Camino Primitivo to Santiago. We walked the Camino Frances in 2015 and got bed bugs in Sarria. We'd like to avoid them if at all possible this time. I ordered a travel-sized bed...
  2. S

    Cycling el Camino del Norte/Primitivo

    Hey there, I'm looking to mountain bike el camino del norte/primitivo possibly in September of 2018. I liked the path taken by these bloggers here. Basically I would love to mountain bike on trails as much as possible, though I realize the pavement will help me gain some mileage here and...
  3. R

    Looking for hospitalero

    Looking for hospitalero/partner to manage the hostel Albergue el Texu-Camino Primitivo After three years our dear and hospitable Celia has decided to undertake new adventures. During this time she has pampered the travellers who have arrived to our hostal. Our intention is to continue with...
  4. Steffan

    Arriving 10pm in Santander. Where to stay? >> Labaniego, Vadiniense, San Salvador

    Hello all, this year, since I have brushed up on my Spanish, I decided to do my very first camino in Spain. I have planned to travel with Ryanair on a mid August Sunday from London to Santander, but the plane arrives late at 21:45. I wonder where to spend the first night. Is too late to turn up...
  5. T

    Advice for Walking the Camino del Norte

    Last summer (2016) I walked the Camino del Norte, Camino Primitivo and Camino Finisterre. The beauty of the camino is that you never know where the path will take you. I set out with the sole intention of walking the entire del Norte, but though the advice of a priest, I took a detour into the...
  6. notion900

    Riverside Walk Out Of Lugo Re-routed?

    Just had lunch today with José Manuel @xmsg and he told me that he had heard that the camino Primitivo is being rerouted away from the pleasant riverside path out of Lugo. This is due to a landowner challenging the path in the courts. Has anyone seen any of the waymarkers being changed lately...
  7. Wisdom


    The old 'mojones' or way markers that are being removed on 2016 and 2017 have a look of wisdom and experience that the new ones will take their time to get for themselves. May this be a tribute to them. Photographed near Ferreira, in the Camino Primitivo, just a few days before it was removed.
  8. Felipe

    Jean-Christophe Rufin, Immortelle Randonnée. A pilgrim's review

    The book: Jean-Christophe Rufin, Immortelle Randonnée : Compostelle malgré moi, Chamonix, éd. Guérin, 2013, 272 p. (My bad translation: Immortal Walk: Compostelle in spite of me). Another edition, with photos, 2014. The author: a physician, writer, diplomatic, alpinist, volunteer in many ONGs...
  9. Elle Bieling

    The Camino Primitivo Ebook 2017-02-28

    Use our Camino Primitivo Ebook, taken from our Camino Primitivo web pages, as a guide on your own Camino. It is our personal story of our adventure, loaded with pictures and useful information. When you purchase the guide, you will receive a PDF file to download to your chosen device. OR you can...
  10. Mary Quagliata

    From Oviedo to Lugo, May 2016

    Hi: My son and I walked from Oviedo to Lugo this last May. I flew from Mexico City to Madrid, and he came from California and met me at Chamartin. We had a great time, but it was a pretty difficult walk for me. I carried a small video camera and made a nice movie with the clips, using Adobe...
  11. R

    Camino Primitivo vs Frances

    Hi all, I'm very sorry if this question has been asked many times before. I was wondering if I could get some advice? I'm flying into Madrid on the 21st and have 16 days until I fly out (2 days of those will be travelling to & from the camino, so 14 day walking/rest days). I was initially...
  12. notion900

    Has anyone tried the Wool Caminos?

    I saw this intriguing framed map on the wall of the municipal albergue in Tineo, made out of wool and pearly beads! Who made the map? I think one is the Pola route and one the Hospitales, but what about the other and the crossover? Has anyone on the forum tried these routes? Does any...
  13. S

    iPhone5 charger left in grado!

    UPDATE: lovely lady in Espina organised for the backpack transport service to drop phone chargers to tineo. The day is saved! Thanks Celine!
  14. I

    camino del salvador AND camino primitivo?

    Hello! So this will be my first camino experience. I'm a young female, 21 years old, and would like to bike el camino del salvador+ el camino primitivo by my self. Is this too much? And do you think one are able to do this within 12 days? Im in quite good shape, allthough I dont usually bike...
  15. Malcolm

    Carrying stones

    Do people carry stones etc on the "other" caminos? If so, where do they leave them?
  16. ParistoCapeCod

    Live from Primitivo

    ¡hola! We are in San Romao today at the municipal. Just us! Yesterday was beautiful, sunny and warmer than I expected. It rained hard last night and drizzle all day, leaving some major mud and running water on the trail that can't be avoided. In Lugo a wonderful female guide gave us un...
  17. N

    Starting walking April 19th - introducing a blog

    Now is the day … before the day. Tomorrow I’ll arive in Biarritz to start walking from Hondarribia Wednesday morning. I do plan to wite a blog along the way. In fact, I have started. The sad bit is, it is in Danish, but I’m sure the intrested reader or fellow walkers will find out a way to copy...
  18. wisepilgrim

    The Complete Collection 2016 - Wise Pilgrim Guides 2.2.3

    The Wise Pilgrim Guides are the original camino app, the most frequently updated, and the most loved. They have been updated for the 2016 Season, and the collection now includes the Camino Portugués. The guides in the collection are: Camino Francés Camino Portugués Camino del Norte Camino...
  19. wisepilgrim

    Camino Primitivo - A Wise Pilgrim Guide 2.2.3

    ANDROID LINK: No login necessary. Now in their 5th year the Wise Pilgrim Guides are the definitive app to help you to Santiago de Compostela. Built off the hand written notes of a veteran pilgrim, the app is updated...
  20. C

    Cold on July mornings?

    Hi all! I'm walking the Camino Primitivo starting in early July, and I'm wondering if I can get away without a jacket (other than a lightweight rain jacket). I'd rather not carry one around, especially if I don't get much use out of it. I'm from North Carolina, but I feel like I'm pretty...


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