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camino sanabres

  1. KinkyOne

    On the road again (+Levante & Sanabres)

    Howdy there! It happened that I couldn't do it last year (medical & judicial issues - no, I wasn't arrested for my moniker :D otherwise I would ask @peregrina2000 to defend me) but something beautiful happened to me this year. Won't go into details. First the plan was to walk Via Augusta...
  2. dougfitz

    Camino Sanabres - Selected GPS Data 2016-12-27

    This .gpx format file contains a .gps format translation of the .kml format files from Centro de Descargas (http://centrodedescargas.cnig.es/CentroDescargas/loadCaminoSantiago.do). The track colour has been changed to red for better visibility, but no further editing has been done to these. To...
  3. Dawn at Puerto de Ulla

    Dawn at Puerto de Ulla

  4. Near Santiago

    Near Santiago

  5. Hórreo, Galician Corn Crib

    Hórreo, Galician Corn Crib

  6. Before Reguengo

    Before Reguengo

  7. After Puerto de Ulla

    After Puerto de Ulla

  8. Pulpo


  9. Santiago


  10. Near Puerto de Ulla

    Near Puerto de Ulla

  11. Marker near Puerto de Ulla

    Marker near Puerto de Ulla

  12. After Reguengo

    After Reguengo

  13. Near Reguengo

    Near Reguengo

  14. Near Reguengo

    Near Reguengo

  15. Trail to Reguengo

    Trail to Reguengo

  16. Pero Bravo

    Pero Bravo

  17. Bridge over the Rio Deza

    Bridge over the Rio Deza

  18. Old Town Orense

    Old Town Orense

  19. Lost in Ourense

    Lost in Ourense

  20. Trail to Xunqueira de Ambía

    Trail to Xunqueira de Ambía

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