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  1. jj-now

    'Pilgrims: Why People Walk the Camino de Santiago'

    Hi all, It's been a wonderful month filming this thing! I went out to capture and understand the experience of the Camino, and the people behind it. Almost twenty-interviews (some with returning subjects), a month of walking and a magical return to the French way...
  2. V

    August packing list - preparing for the Camino

    Hello everyone, I just joined this forum. I'm flying from Paris to Zaragoza on the 30th of July. That day I will reach SJPDP around 16h. And the next day I plan to start walking. In the photo attached is my packing list. With water bottle of 1.2L, it weighed 5.5 kg. I plan to walk for 30 days...
  3. wanderthecamino

    How many detours can I fit in on my second Camino?

    Hola pilgrims! I am currently planning my second Camino for a late September start in St Jean. I'll be walking the Frances, but am open to being convinced otherwise if other pilgrims wanted to message me their recommendations and opinions. My first Camino was in July 2017, when my mum and I...
  4. I

    Personal experience via: www.travelplanet.blog 2018-04-16

    What is the preparation for Camino Frances? How to prepare yourself for Camino Frances? What are the experiences of Camino Frances? Adventures... Funny stories... ... and much more... my personal blog where you can see how Camino Frances is a life-changing experience...
  5. magsdayc

    camino francés in winter late 2017 to early 2018

    hey guys, I've always dreamed abt walking on camino de Santiago. This year I have two week vacation which I can spend on this, my planning dates roughly is from December 29 to 11 January, I am planing to start from Leon, ideally I hope I could reach the end, if not id be happy wherever I could...
  6. nilesite

    Tips from an American Pilgrim 2017-11-10

    Camino essentials! Not a guide book, no maps, no history of the Camino - just helpful tips from an American who has walked several times and volunteered both as an hospitalera and a greeter in the Pilgrims' Office. Written with much love for any first-time pilgrim or anyone wanting to do it...
  7. H

    LIVE from the Camino Castrojeriz to Santiago in 17 days!!

    So I started from Burgos yesterday and I'm currently in Castrojeriz (beautiful!!). According to my new friend's guidebook, I realized that I'd get to Santiago in 19 days, on Aug 26, when I really need to get there in 17 days, by Aug 24, to catch my flight on the morning of the 25th. Anyone know...
  8. Alberte

    How to get from SCQ

    Hi all! How often does intercity buses go from SCQ airport to the bus station in Santiago? I can't find a time table, and I don't know if an hour and 20 minutes will be enough to reach the bus at the station and catch my bus! Arriving at noon, so there must be a lot of buses? And is it...
  9. Fares Ismail

    Camino In August

    Hello everyone, I heard the Camino can get pretty crowded during the months of July and August, but I was wondering how crowded exactly, if I’m starting in SJPdP to SdC? I don’t plan on staying in the towns suggested in the Brierley guide book. I also don’t mind the crowd but I just want to...
  10. Alberte

    Getting from A to B

    Hi everybody! I love reading all of the forums and they have been such a great help for me through my preparations for my first camino EVER! I am going to Spain this July to walk from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. I am arriving at SCQ and here is my question: How will I easiest (and...
  11. Alberte

    First time on the road

    Hi everybody! I am a danish girl (22 y/o) who will walk the camino for the first time in July. I will spend 2 weeks on the Camino Frances, starting off in Ponferrada. Is it necessary to book hostels in advance? I know that there are many people walking on the road this month, and since it is my...
  12. iona

    Looking for people to walk with in May 2017

    Hey I'm really nervous but excited and want to do the camino. I am wondering if anyone wants to meet up? I'm not the best at organizing so I'm debating whether or not to take a self guided tour (which is a lot of money). Ideally I would love a guided tour but this is way too expensive for me...
  13. Clare L

    Young woman looking for a walking friend or group

    I am a 22 year old graduating from college in the United States this May and planning on walking El Camino from SJPDP to Santiago between May 20–June 22/23 (but would be willing to adjust dates slightly!) Though I understand many young women walk alone, I'm hoping to get in contact with some...
  14. Iain McKie

    Camino in Feb -March ❤️

    One year ago I had just made the decision I was going on the Camino. I left on Feb 24th and it was incredible. The people, the crazy weather, the places and the feeling that I can't describe as you wander along contemplating life other than it's a great one. I learned a lot about the Camino on...

    Faces and Places of the Camino

    Hello Pilgrims, Hospitaleros, and everybody else on the camino in September/October/November, My name is Flavio Edreira, I am a Brazilian/Spanish Photographer, I live in Brazil. Next friday, sept 30th, 2016, I will be starting my new Documental Photography Project, called Faces and Places of the...
  16. A

    Conques in October?

    Do pilgrims still travel through Conques in October or is it too cold? Do the monks still offer pilgrim's mass in October? Thank you !
  17. EFH

    Walking Camino Frances in Mid/late September

    Dear Camino friends! I am a young woman who has done the Finisterre route in July and absolutely loved it. I became convinced that I wanted to do the whole camino so I gave up my room and in mid september/late september I am looking to do the frances from St Jean. I was wondering is this a...
  18. Kasseeopea

    Tsawwassen Camino Training

    This past week I've noticed 3 people that are hiking around Tsawwassen with backpacks, hiking boots and poles I stopped to chat with one today and asked if she was training for the Camino Frances, her reply was "is it that obvious." Yup it is because I have been circumventing t town for the...
  19. M

    Does anyone remember the man, sketching with the beret & le van blanc?

    He was on the Camino Frances in Spain May/June 2016.

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