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  1. L

    Camping in the Vezelay route

    Dear pilgrims, Id like to receive your advice. Would love to walk the route from Vezelay with my tent, nog staying in albergues, just camping. The accomodation list I found shows few campings, it doesnt seem sufficient. Did any of you walk the camino this way? How did you manage? Or can you...
  2. D

    Camping in Camino Portugues

    Hi everyone! My wife and I will be walking the Camino Portugues next July from Porto to Santiago, and then walk up to Finisterre. I would like to ask a couple of questions about camping in the camino. First, some info and questions. We were originally planning to sleep at albergues. We heard...
  3. Shston Girlfd

    Camping Stove

    Couple of vegan Americans headed to one of the more isolated and under serviced Caminos this year. No worries - we plan on camping. What are our best European options for backpacking stove & fuel?
  4. J

    Cycling - Franics vs Norte/Camping vs Not/Road vs actual route

    Hi - I was hoping to get some advice on a few things so here we go... Looking to tour through N. Spain on my bike by myself as I have wanted to it for a while. Not for religious reasons, I just like riding my bike and Spanish food! I'm a 28 year male and I ride a reasonable amount (was in italy...
  5. MatteJa

    Camino de Santiago from my home (Italy + France + Spain)

    Hello beautiful people. I am writing here to ask you an advice: Next summer I would like to walk from my home (Turin - ITALY) to Santiago, I am already planning the route so if anyone of you did something similar, any info about walking/camping in France is worth its weight in gold to me. I...
  6. Nomad Pack

    Continuing on with El Burro

    Hi to all real pilgrims. After walking with my girlfriend from Andorra through the Spanish Pyrenees to Cantabria last winter and spring, I am now preparing to continue possibly alone. I will be heading towards Burgos which is roughly 130 km south of me. Then possibly south on the ruta de la...
  7. G

    Solo Camino - time scale and camping

    Good day kind reader, I've decided to undertake the Camino Francés at the end of March/beginning of April 2018. I won't have any great time constraints as I'll be leaving my job prior to embarking on the journey to work on my writing whilst on the road. I guess my main query is whether there is...
  8. Jeff Crawley

    Been on the Camino? Visiting Scotland?

    Then this may be of interest. Champing - camping in churches! Slighe cheart!
  9. R

    Camping on Camino ingles?

    Doing the Camino ingles starting June 22. We are taking a tent, etc and hoping we can do ninja camping. Is it allowed on the Camino ingles?
  10. Milly2b

    Sleeping outdoors

    Hello everyone ! Ok so this may be a strange question, but since I am on a tight budget I thought I may as well ask in case others do do this... I'm planning on walking the Camino Frances in 2-3 months and was wondering whether it's possible/legal to sleep outdoors along the way instead of...
  11. Crazy Kiwiman

    Le Puy (or Geneva) to SJPdP in Autumn

    Hi everyone Thanks you so much for all the info I have from your Le Puy threads. I am looking to walk from either Geneva or Le Puy starting at the end of September 2017 - through to SJPdP. I can not find much information about walking at that time of year and am wondering if it will be too...
  12. Colton Andre

    Camping on the Camino?

    Are camping sites at all available along the Camino?
  13. shefollowsshells

    Sleeping with the town floozie in the Basque region

    One of our favorite Camino stories... then the next night she had a few things to say about our bedfellows...
  14. Playful Dread

    Camping Shops in Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Does anyone have any information for reasonably priced Camping/Outdoor Gear Shops in Lisbon? I'm flying into Lisbon in May from Liverpool and I travel light on the plane to avoid excess baggage charges. So I don't travel with things like tent pegs, or walking poles. These are things though...
  15. Kbierstube

    Sleeping outside?

    So, sleeping outside. What are the circumstances that would motivate a pilgrim to do so? Where exactly do pilgrims sleep outside; park bench? Street corner? Random field? Is it possible that I'll need to sleep outside during my Sept 2017 CF?! I'd prefer not to. Do I have alternatives? Tia!
  16. Amanda___

    Camino del Norte, April-May 2017

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum/camino, and am looking to take on the Camino del Norte starting in mid-April and ending late May. I'm 23 and hike pretty regularly, do you think finishing this route in 5 weeks is realistic (starting at the beginning in Irun)? I've also read on some of the forums...
  17. K

    Camping on the Primitivo/Ingles in April or May

    Hi All, I walked two of the Caminos a year ago and absolutely loved it but had a terrible time sleeping in the albergues. Despite ear plugs and even sleeping pills the reality is I am just a light sleeper. I can not afford to book hotels or private rooms the whole trip so was thinking of...
  18. Sebastian Smetham

    Camping and animals?

    Hi. We have just joined the page so hi! Seeing that there are lots of helpful first hand informants we hope you can help us. We will walk from Seville in mid February camping along the way as we did the camino Frances and other routes. We have picked up that the bulls/cows/cattle are...
  19. G

    Starting the CdelNorte late July, some questions

    Dear Everyone, I am new to the forum, but not totally new to the Camino concept (as I walked the Frances 12 years...OMG...12 yers ago). This year I will walk the Norte starting in Irun, and have some questions. 1. I will walk mostly during August (starting in 3 weeks) . Is August considered to...
  20. long trails

    Camping on the Frances - My experience

    I finished up in Santiago two days ago and took a train to Vigo (nice place) and now in Porto, enjoying the lovely food! Sorry, one of my main gripes about the Camino Frances is the lack of variety in food. Portugal seems much more accepting of foreign food places! I camped only four times in...