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  1. Wild Irish

    Camping at albergues/ camp sites on the Francés (or Invierno) ...and a thank you!😉

    Hello all! I've been a lurker on this forum for about 6-7 years, so it feels a little surreal to have become a member! I wanted to wait until walking a camino was realistically within my grasp before doing so, and now it finally is.. I also want to say thanks a million to everybody for all...
  2. Heartsong Willow

    Camping ?

    Hello friends and my apologies if this is a overly discussed subject. I just want to make sure I have any updates on potential legal camping options on the Primitivo. I have a super lightweight set up and am comfortable in inclement weather. It sounds like I won’t have much trouble finding a...
  3. hossein84

    Camino del Norte, tent or no tent??

    Hello all, I'm starting my camino from Bilbao on 6th June 2019. I still can't decide to take my tent with me or not. In my reasoning, pros of taking the tent: saving some money, enjoying quiet nights (I hear a person or two might snore in albergues), sleeping in nature. Cons: the extra weight of...
  4. good_old_shoes

    Camping legally on the Francés – albergues that allow to pitch a tent?

    Hello dear fellow pilgrims, I‘m in need of some information that some of you hopefully are able to provide :) (NOTE: This is not meant to be a discussion about whether to camp or not, and also not about the issue of wild/stealth camping. I have carried and used full camping gear on Caminos...
  5. weiho

    Wild camping on Camino + New painting

    I wonder how practical it is to wild camping on the Camino. I can get an ultralight tent (weigh about 1.5 kg). So the weight is not a problem. But I remember I read it somewhere it said the official camping sites are usually quite far from Camino trail and it is prohibited to wild camping in...
  6. Walking Nature World

    The Best Campgrounds at the Spanish Atlantic Coast | Camino del Norte accomodations

    In today's video we are happy to present you 9 best and most beautiful campsites at the Spanish Atlantic oceancoast. We discovered them while walking Camino de Santiago del Norte and very excited to share them with you. They are all beautiful# situated in scenic locations and unique of their...
  7. Walking Nature World

    Hiking, Camping and Backpacking Tips and Tricks | Going Ultralight, Stealth Camping and Cooking on Trail

    Hiking, Camping and Backpacking Tips and Tricks | Going Ultralight, Stealth Camping and Cooking on Trail In this video we decided to share with you the lessons that we've learnt after being hiking, camping and backpacking for more than two years now. So all the beginner backpacker's stay tuned...
  8. Walking Nature World

    Couple Night Routine while Camping and Hiking the Camino

    In today's video we want to share with you our detailed night routine while camping and hiking. After being hiking for a year and a half we finally seem to have established our own routine that we tend to stick to every day and you are about to see everything that we normally do in the order of...
  9. Walking Nature World

    Meals that we like to cook on Camino and when camping - Step by step recipes

    In this video we are willing to share with you 3 of our favourite easy to cook meals on a daily basis when we are on a long hike and out camping. We realized that these are the dishes that we most often go for and like the best. All of them are going to be vegetarian friendly, have simple...
  10. P

    Suitable wild camping spots along the Camino del Norte?

    Hi all, I will be walking from Irun to Santander in early to late May and am hoping to camp as much as possible to keep costs down as well as for the enjoyment of sleeping outside. I will use some albergues if I feel I really need to and also for the Camino spirit (that is if there are other...
  11. theRAGEhero

    Camping on the Camino Catalano in April?

    Hi all, I'm Alessandro and I'm writing from Italy. I have read many posts but they were old so I decided to open a new thread. I have a ticket to Barcelona for the 17th of April and I was thinking to do with a friend my first Camino: the Camino Catalano. We don't have a lot of days so we are...
  12. AlwynWellington

    Cooking from Canterbury to Rome

    Background In September 2018 I walked from Canterbury Cathedral to Chaumont-en-Haut-Marne. I thought I was reasonably well set up. In addition to the usual garbage I also had a two person tent (me and my pack) and a single sleeping pad: total weight less than 900 gram. All up walking weight...
  13. Walking Nature World

    Couple Morning Routine while Camping and Hiking the Camino

    In today's video we will show you our detailed morning routine while camping and hiking. After being hiking for a year and a half we finally seem to have established our own routine that we tend to stick to every day and we are ready to share it. Now you are about to see our regular morning on...
  14. G

    Camping/outdoor stores in SJPDP

    Does anyone know which of the camping stores might be open in December? I have googled and it seems some close Dec/Jan only to reopen in February.. Thanks
  15. Walking Nature World

    Couple Packing for the Camino de Santiago | What we take with us?

    Hello, everyone! We are a young couple who dedicates themselve to creating photo and video content, as well as our own music. Our content is related to travelling and adventures. We are passionate walkers who love hiking, trekking and camping. Our goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle, to...
  16. L

    Camping in the Vezelay route

    Dear pilgrims, Id like to receive your advice. Would love to walk the route from Vezelay with my tent, nog staying in albergues, just camping. The accomodation list I found shows few campings, it doesnt seem sufficient. Did any of you walk the camino this way? How did you manage? Or can you...
  17. D

    Camping in Camino Portugues

    Hi everyone! My wife and I will be walking the Camino Portugues next July from Porto to Santiago, and then walk up to Finisterre. I would like to ask a couple of questions about camping in the camino. First, some info and questions. We were originally planning to sleep at albergues. We heard...
  18. Shston Girlfd

    Camping Stove

    Couple of vegan Americans headed to one of the more isolated and under serviced Caminos this year. No worries - we plan on camping. What are our best European options for backpacking stove & fuel?
  19. J

    Cycling - Franics vs Norte/Camping vs Not/Road vs actual route

    Hi - I was hoping to get some advice on a few things so here we go... Looking to tour through N. Spain on my bike by myself as I have wanted to it for a while. Not for religious reasons, I just like riding my bike and Spanish food! I'm a 28 year male and I ride a reasonable amount (was in italy...
  20. Anthony18

    Should I bring a tent?

    Dear Camino fans, I'm planning to do my first camino in June of this year (2018). I was wondering the following: Is the CF really crowded at this time? If so, should I just bring a tent so I don't have to worry about not being able to stay an an albergue? Many thanks to the creators...