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  1. L

    can i camp outside the Albergues?

    hi i hope someone can help answer this question In 2014 i began my camino from St Jean through to Pamplona. unfortunately i had a major allergic reaction to bed bug bites and had to stop my journey. this year i will return to complete the camino frances. is it possible to camp outside the...
  2. Paul Popesc

    Sleeping in a tent

    Hello, I want to go the route St. Jean Pied de Port - Santiago Compostela. I want to sleep in a tent. Are there any restrictions in this sense? Who can tell me where you are camping. How much does it cost? The period of the year recommended for this route.
  3. Pathfinder075

    Wild camping and legal alternatives

    Is their an alternative to wild camping for those that have to wild camp out of necessity? Do certain albergue allow a person to pitch a tent outside rather than sleep inside. Through necessity i cant sleep in shared sleeping space, and am not rich enough to afford hotels. Also from what ive...
  4. CowboyJoe


    I've read where there are no convenient campgrounds along the Camino, but has anyone taken an ultra-light tent and free camped? Is that allowed in Spain? If so, what has your experience been? Thank you, heading out in late May, 2016!
  5. J

    From Santiago in to Portugal

    Hello! I am currently on the primitivo and i came in from the norte starting in Irun. I will be in Finisterra in maybe 9 days and i am contemplating going on into Portugal. The plan is to follow the Caminho for as long as possible and stay in the country, hiking, for as long as possible. I would...
  6. Papist Giant

    Tent vs. hammoc vs Albergues

    I really like the communal aspect of the Albergues, but I have some slight concerns. 1) I snore- LOUDLY!! I would pack earplugs just to give them to others 2) I am 6'8" and 320+ lbs. I don't know how comfortable I will be, and nobody wants to be underneath ME if I have a top bunk. I don't...
  7. WriterChantal

    Cheapest Way to Way

    I have been reading and planning to walk the Camino for about 3 years now. I really want to do this! But I'm pretty much the working poor, it so hard to even afford a plan ticket much less take 4 months to walk the Camino. So, I'm trying to get my costs down as low as I can. I would like to...
  8. Nefeli

    Wild camping in Le puy

    Hello everyone! My partner and I are planning on doing part of the camino Le puy in August 2016. Unfortunately we will not be able to afford it, as i m reading that the prices are very different from the camino Frances which we did last year, but we dont want to allow this to stand on our...
  9. Apicula

    Truehiker and wildcamping via francigena

    If you got any questions about via francigena, wild camping it and what gear I brought, though I have no clue about accommodations^^ did the VF the fall of 2014 18 August to 28 November with my friend. Cheers!
  10. M

    Camping along the Camino Portugues

    Hi! I am a part of a small group of people who will be walking the Camino from Porto to Santiago in July. We are hoping to camp along the way. Does anyone know of campsites (that will accommodate 5 tents) on the way?
  11. MikeSass

    Tent camping the whole Camino

    I'm thinking about tenting the whole Camino. Or most of it. My parents told me tent camping in Europe was very liberal and they camped all over. But that was some years ago. I'm sure the times have changed. Has anyone done this?
  12. Robert Z

    Camping on the Camino Frances

    Hey all, I was wondering if camping in a tent was possible at all on the Camino Frances? Is it possible to find spots just outside cities to camp? Any info is greatly appreciated, Rob
  13. J

    Camino Littoral - water points, foodstores and camping

    Hello! We, a group of 3 young people from Finland and Portugal, are starting our very first camino in 1,5 weeks. Like usually, we are making plans on last moment! We are going to start from Coimbra, and from Porto onwards follow the Camino Littoral. We have limited amount of both time (21 days)...
  14. Auste

    Le Puy to Santiago de Compostela Summer 2014

    Hi all! I am 19yr old traveling from UK London to Lyon which from there will be taking a train to Le Puy destination. I am 100% confident of my chosen route from Le Puy to Santiago as I am in love with the comments and reviews. I will be taking a tent with a sleeping bag with me as I have red a...
  15. K

    Starting from Auch

    Is there a place to get my credenciales here? I was thinking of starting from Auch, then meeting up with the camino aragones, before joining CF. Anyones thoughts on this trek? It will be my first camino and I'll be doing it alone. I plan to bring a little one person tent, more as a backup plan...
  16. M

    Camping along the Camino Del Norte

    Hey all - I am planning on hiking the Camino del Norte (primitivo at the end) this August and want to camp the whole way. I read from posts years ago that albergues not in large cities let pilgrims pitch tents for free on the albergue property - is that true? Is there a camping guide to the...
  17. T

    Camping along the Camino Frances?

    Me and my walking partner love the idea of camping along the route. What options are there to set up a really basic bivouac on the warmer nights along the way? Can you just set up any where off the beating track? What are the dangers to consider when camping like this? Thanks
  18. S

    Camping on the camino

    I know this has been aired before, but at the moment there seems to be increased interest. What experience have youall had - eg, problems with finding somewhere to "wild/discrete" camp/dogs,animals/unfriendly locals etc. I'm attracted to this mode of travel, not least due to the pressure on...