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cell phone

  1. YoCo

    Clarity on SIM card usage /coverage

    I have read many threads on this subject and I'm still not clear on what is covered. Pertinent info: -Samsung 7, unlocked (I'm pretty sure but will make sure) - plan on downloading What's App for texting /calling home -uploading pics /video only at alburgues with wifi -not using GPS or maps...
  2. JenD

    cell phone on camino frances

    Hi. I am hoping to do the Camino Frances beginning on June 1, 2017. My question is in regards to using my cell phone. When I did a search on the topic there was mention of a SIM card. I just was not clear if you buy a card in France or Spain and just put it in your existing phone or do I need to...
  3. R

    Google Fi Project

    Anyone using this on Camino Frances? Would it be smart to take along a WiFi hot spot?
  4. JP

    Cell Phone Options.

    Cell Phones on the Camino Portuguese, buy one or Get a SIM card?
  5. crhutch

    Verizon Cell Phone Plans

    My wife and I will be walking the Camino in March. We will be in Spain about 9 weeks. This will be our 2nd Camino. In the past I would get a sim card and use a unlocked phone. This time I am thinking about using Verizon's International Travel Preferred Pricing Plan. I would love to hear anyone...
  6. Suzanne Edminster

    2014 US cell phone: New plan offers free unlimited cellular data, texting in Spain

    Hi all-- just an update. T-mobile offers free roaming and data (via phone, not wifi), as well as free texts, all over Europe, including France and Spain. Phone calls either in Spain or internationally are 20cents a minute, not bad if you use a direct dial only occasionally in emergencies. The...
  7. C

    Getting a Cell phone in Spain

    Hello There are comments at one of my posts about getting a cell phone in case of emergencies. Since my US carrier (Verizon) uses a different network than the "standard" GSM I cannot update my cell phone in Spain. When I travel to Peru, there are several cell phone companies that offer you...
  8. D

    Cell phones - SIM with data service?

    We took unlocked cellphones to Spain a couple years ago. No trouble getting cheap SIM cards (Orange) and they were used in both Spain and France largely to reserve ahead for Gites in France. I would have bought a data plan as well for email service but we were refused because we didn't have a...
  9. C

    best french cell phone company for le puy route

    i am getting ready to go on le puy camino and would like to know which cell phone company works best on this route. I am wanting to buy their sim card.....would also love to buy it online before i go if possible.....less work to do when i get there.....finding a store in a strange land can be...

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