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  1. M

    Bedbugs (chinches) in Cadavedo Aug 13 2016

    Hello all, I just stayed in the municipal albergue in Cadavedo on 13/8/2016, and there were many, MANY bedbugs. The beds in the room on the left had it the worst, those people were covered in bites. They hid during the day and when we left at 6 am the next morning, they were all over the walls...
  2. P

    Which Camino has the Worse Chinches?

    Any good Chinches stories out there? Any specific camino that is reputed to have them? I ran into them twice on the Camino Norte. The second time I actually caught a few crawling on me and slipped them into a plastic bag, to show the manager of the pension. They shut the pension down for a few...
  3. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear

    This post is now also available as a handy PDF in the resources section here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/de-bed-bugging-your-camino-gear.483/ ************* As I just went again through the whole procedure, I thought I write it all together and post it here. Some of the...

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