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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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  1. VNwalking

    Pre-Romanesque Churches Accessible from Camino Routes

    What follows is a summary list from this thread, a crowdsourced compilation of camino connections for Visigothic and other Pre-Romanesque churches on various caminos. (There are some duplications when a place is accessible from 2 caminos): Camino de Madrid — Wamba Side trip from Norte — San...
  2. ramble-on

    Best One Day Walk on Any Camino?

    As preface, I had booked myself to walk (with a pilgrim I'd traveled with on a previous trek) on the Camino d’Arles, leaving March 24, 2020. For obvious reasons that did not happen, so I have been re-living my memories of previous caminos. I’ve been very fortunate to have walked the Camino...
  3. Tincatinker

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    Members will be aware that I am neither a contrarian nor a provocateur but that I do like, now and again, to ask questions a little beyond which is the best bar to discuss the best sleeping bag in. So, as I viewed a thread started by a new member who is flying into Madrid and probably training...
  4. C

    From one first-timer to another

    As I approach the one year anniversary of my journey along the Camino, I find my mind drifting back to the crunching of the rocky sand path under my shoes; the repetitive, meditative beat of a boy trekking across the emptiness of the Spanish plains. A boy who never expected to do embark on such...
  5. JabbaPapa

    The full Camino.

    The actual "full Camino" is to start from your front door to Santiago, then turn about and walk back home again (difficult, unless you live in Spain or in France or Andorra or Gibraltar near to the Spanish border) -- regardless of which route you've chosen. No, I've never done it either (though...
  6. timr

    A Bovine Incident - todo toro

    I'm separating this, but I'll link to it from my Live from the Camino thread. Two bits of background. First, I'm a city person at heart. From Liverpool. I love the sound of the bin lorry as much as the dawn chorus. I live in a very rural part of Ireland. It's like parts of the Camino, but with...
  7. VNwalking

    I need a laugh.

    Do you have a funny, embarrassing, or heartwarming Camino story to share? @gerardcarey? Anyone?
  8. Alasdair Kay

    PULPO !!! You have been warned.... oh and Orujo the yellow post meal firewater

    Dear Newbie Pilgrim.... I am sure you have scoured the pages of St John"the unreliable" Brierely's guidebook and within it's pages you have read things like "when you get to PortoMarin try the Pulpo, octopus it is a local delicacy ... Now let's just think about this .... Has it ever ... I mean...
  9. jsalt

    The lessons I learnt every day on the Camino

    A long post, so not for everyone. Might help newbies, and bring a smile of remembrance to oldies. Lesson 1 (St Jean): get back to the albergue by 10pm or you WILL be locked out. Lesson 2 (Orisson): if you want a bottom bunk claim your bed BEFORE you go for a beer. Lesson 3 (Roncesvalles)...
  10. Dan the Man

    Was there Any 1 Thing or Event Along Your Camino that was the MOST Memorable to You?

    I have really used much of the information here to prepare for me Camino. I am now training, and ready for what comes my way. I loved reading about people's favourite places to stay. I am wondering from the experienced walkers what was that 1 event/moment/or experience along your Camino that...
  11. Robo

    You're Going to Take a WHAT ?

    OK, call me Crazy. Hmm Could be a song title in that......... A RICE COOKER! OK, here's the back story. My lovely wife Pat has agreed to come on the Camino with me. She's really not the outdoors type, so I'm going to do everything I can to make it a great experience for her. Why...
  12. Tincatinker

    Those we leave behind

    My beloved is, I realise belatedly, stressed and distressed by my planned pilgrimage. I am taking the Camino Frances in April. We have been together some thirty odd years now and have never been apart for as long as the five weeks or so that it will take me to reach Santiago and Finisterre. I...
  13. +@^^

    How to feel like you are on the camino without leaving home

    (Photo added by Ivar) so youve been back home for a year now and missing that elusive camino feeling and thinking of walking again . well theres good news you can now achieve that same feeling from the comfort of your very own lounge suite . heres how: sleep in your sleeping bag in a different...
  14. markvanoss

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    OK peregrinos, this first-time pilgrim (leaving SJPdP on May 19) hopes to learn from your experience. What was the SINGLE smartest "unexpected" item you included in your backpack? Keep it to one item, please, and (may I suggest?) skip the basics. I hoping for examples of items I would NEVER have...