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  1. Ben L.

    Clothes donation opportunity in Santiago

    Hi everyone, just finished my first Camino a few days ago (Francés + Finisterre). I'm not sure if many people know about this, but the Convento/Iglesia de San Francisco accepts clothes and shoes donations that they'll give to the local homeless population. It's an immediate opportunity to give...
  2. T

    Type of Clothes to Wear While Hiking

    Hello, I'm 18 and from Texas. I will be walking the Camino Frances this June-July solo. I'm used to hot weather, however I am still very pale skinned and get burned up easily even with sunscreen. I've read some articles saying that there was little shade along the walk, so I'm concerned in that...
  3. C

    T Shirts

    Hi there! The equipment list suggests two t shirts. Presumably, these are the main walking shirts? So are people using ordinary cotton t-shirts? Or some special wicking material? Now doesn't cotton take forever to dry after washing? And doesn't the sweat just cling to the fabric for hours...
  4. P

    Camino Português in October

    Hi to everyone. Two years ago I did the Camino Frances in January. I knew exactly that I needed winter dresses. Now I'm planning to do the Camino Português next end of September or in October, from Lisboa to Santiago. I don't understand at all if I need summer or winter dresses. I have got only...
  5. Mama B

    LePuy weather/gear for May

    Hello all, I am beginning walking on May 1st from LePuy and am wondering about the range of weather and suggestions for clothing. I walked from SJPDP to Santiago mid-June to Mid-July previously and the weather was mild to hot. No warm clothing needed and only a silk bag, no sleeping bag. I...
  6. D

    Tour groups

    Hi Fellow Pilgrims, My daughter studied abroad in Santiago de Compostela last Spring, and we became fascinated with the Camino. She and I plan to walk it in June & July 2017. She will be 25 years old and I will be 60 years old next summer. I have knee problems and therefore, I am concerned...
  7. sabbott

    The Top Ten Things I've Learned from this Forum

    Two years ago I kissed my son Colin goodbye at the airport and watched him and his 15 lb backpack disappear into a security line. He was on his way to the Mexican border to begin walking the Pacific Crest Trail. 2,700 miles and four months later, he made it all the way to Canada. For a long...
  8. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Adventure Skirts 2015-11-19

    Purple Rain Adventure Skirts is dedicated to providing women with high quality performance skirts that inspire the freedom of adventure without compromising style or function. Handcrafted with love in Oregon, these hiking skirts feature a yoga style waistband and two side pockets big enough to...
  9. electra_cd

    Sarria to Santiago late May- investing in merino vs. fleece?

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to answer questions on this forum! I'm hiking Sarria to Santiago at the end of May into June and could use clothing pointers. I already own hiking sneakers, polypro and wool socks, silk base layers, athletic tees, and a rain jacket. I'm in the process of...
  10. samoht.w

    Wearing a Kilt on the Camino

    I do a considerable amount of long distance hiking and have taken to wearing a Kilt due to the convenience and comfort. I am leaving in 22 days to begin the Camino Aragones . Last September I walked the Camino Frances but not in my Kilt. What do you think. Will I be frowned upon? I am of...
  11. C

    Fly with equipment as a carry on.

    Wanted to make the re commendation that those traveling to the Camino, especially from great distances such as I have fly with their pack and equipment as carry on. Attached is a link for the perfect example of how El Camino has turned nightmare for one pilgrim. He is fortunate to have others...

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