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  1. G

    Hiking tights for September Camino Frances

    I am doing the Camino Frances in September and want to get some tights to stay warm hiking in the cold morning mountains. I have no experience wearing long tights and am confused about what types I should get: cool weather vs cold. The temperature will be 8-10 celsius lowest and rising to 20 c...
  2. phildimashq

    General Packing question

    Hi folks, I'm heading off this Sunday, have my packing list done, and most of the gear is now spread out on the bed in the spare room. Starting my walking from Porto on the 7th June, mainly the Central Route and then I'm thinking Variante Espiritual. In terms of packing, I'm wondering about...
  3. N

    Merino fleece or synthetic puffy for October/early November?

    Hi everyone - I am starting to overthink my mid/outer-layer options and could use some advice. I am planning to walk the Frances beginning in late September from SJPdP, ending in SDC at the end of October and then going on to Fisterra and Muxia the first week in November. I’m torn between a...
  4. J

    How common are hiking shorts on men

    I know that in Europe men don't commonly wear shorts. Are they acceptable on the Camino Francais? Thanks, Jim
  5. mickcope

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    Reading a blog recently - one of the hikers was talking about his use of mens hiking skirts. When he listed the advantages they seemed really interesting. I wonder if any men on the forum have used these (and I am conscious that a Kilt may fall into the category) With a SJPP start next week...
  6. CaminoKate0214

    how to pack for Sept-November walk

    When I did the Camino in 2015, I went in summer since I was a teacher. This time, I'm going 1 September through the end of November. How should I pack AND how do I keep my pack light? Thanks.
  7. Monasp

    Clothing for mountains

    An American woman in shorts and flip-flops was rescued from the Bendarte pass (Pyrenees) in hypothermia So for the mountain stages, be properly dressed and shod to avoid problems such as the following...
  8. crbonade

    Favorite shirts?

    Cancelled twice thanks to COVID, but it looks like I will *finally* get to do the Primitivo this fall. Although I had all my gear ready to go back in 2020, I now have to buy some new stuff thanks to wear and tear, a new dog who for some unholy reason likes to chew on wool clothing, and putting...
  9. michaelporourke

    Seeking a mid-layer clothing recommendation for Primitivo (September 15 - Sept 28)

    I'm looking for a good mid layer (fleece or synthetic jacket) that is lightweight and packable, and could handle the unpredictable weather elements (cold mornings and in higher elevation, heavy wind, etc.) of the Asturias portion of the Primitivo (for me, around September 15-21). I'm planning...
  10. Crandall

    Take clothes or buy them?

    How easy is it to find quality clothing along the French Way? In St Jean? I really woukd like to only bring what i am wearing, then purchase more local things as I need them. Any thoughts?
  11. Embee12

    Macabi skirt sizing/slim/usage

    I know there have been some lengthy threads about the Macabi skirt. I did have one twenty years ago, which I loved... who knows where it went? At the time, they didn't have the slim fit. If you've got a slim fit, how do you like it? I'm 5'1, so a short length is definitely in order. I think...
  12. Lucyev

    Altus Poncho Help

    Please help! I’m looking to order an Altus Atmospheric Poncho for the CF in Sept/Oct. I’m UK based, so will probably end up ordering from Amazon Uk, which will charge me over £11 for delivery, so I want to get the sizing right. I’m a shorty, 5 foot 1, 195 pounds, and will be carrying a 45l...
  13. Lynnhardy

    Clothes to bring for ‘norte’ Camino late April .

    Hello everyone, I wanted some advice on clothing for the north Camino starting 26th April please? Do I need coat, long sleeved tops? Or is it warm enough to go more to the shorts/t shirt side of things with one long sleeved….any advice would be amazing……. Thankyou Lynn
  14. El Cascayal

    Leggings/tights experience, pros & cons

    this was part of what I noticed from @peregrina2000’s post yesterday from Alvaro’s YouTube video. Loved it, thanks for posting, Laurie. And so, the detour, shorts with leggings. I noticed last week that if I wear leggings when walking, my bilateral hip pain is almost nonexistent. Any thoughts...
  15. Aloha From Kauai

    Make My Mind Up 4 Me

    I am trying to decide between a North Face ThermoBall jacket & a 100% merino wool, expedition weight but thin jacket, both weigh about the same within a couple of ounces. I will have a medium weight long sleeve merino t-shirt also and my Black Diamond stretch rain jacket. What do you think?
  16. Tali

    Altus rain ponchos purchased in US

    I just found this website that sells Altus ponchos (Atmospheric Raincoat) with delivery to the US (and other countries). They are discounted (i.e., $47 vs $66 for a blue one, $50 vs $66 for a yellow one - the red one is not discounted at $66). I bought 2 - shipping was about $22. They said...
  17. davebugg

    Techniques and Tips For Cold Weather Walking

    When deciding on gear and clothing choices related to walking in colder weather, it is important to make these considerations in conjunction with how one might use them to best effect. Adequate clothing can fail to prevent hypothermia, for example, if good technique is ignored. Layering...
  18. Eve Alexandra

    Women's tall/petite/extended sizing clothes find

    If you are struggling to find a light weight pants option as a petite/tall/extended size woman...I brought my kitchen scale (it fits in my purse easily) with me to Old Navy last weekend when everyone else was watching the superbowl. lol The women's stretch tech pants in the cargo option are...
  19. michaelporourke

    Clothing for "packing smart"/not overpacking for Camino Primitivo (second half of Sept 2022)

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to pack "smart" and avoid packing unnecessary clothing. What items (clothing and otherwise) would you recommend for walking the Camino Primitivo in the second half of September 2022? I understand the weather can be unpredictable (rain, hot/cool weather fluctuations...
  20. Eve Alexandra

    Mid layer question

    I was at REI tonight and noticed several pieces similar to this link. Why yes, I did take my kitchen scale with me, :D and I can report that this item weighs less than a thin fleece quarter zip. But I have no idea how warm they are on a cold morning or post walk chill. Are they a decent mid...