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  1. Rav

    My buff has been so necessary!

    I always hike, work, and play with a buff around my wrist, so I naturally brought on on my first camino. Aside from its #1 intended purpose (wiping the sweat from my face), it’s been essential for me so many times. It’s a hand towel, because so may bars and albergues don’t have paper towels or...
  2. T

    sweat/jogging pants, and electric toothbrushes

    Hi folks, I've been loving reading through so many posts on here! I'm getting ready to do the CF starting in late September, and two questions have come to mind. - I'm thinking of taking one traditional pair of hiking pants for the hiking, and a pair of glorified, obscenely expensive...
  3. Thyme_Is_Running_Out

    Fleece in Pamplona and beyond

    Hey veteran Pilgrims, I’m currently just east of Pamploma. I’ve been carrying a fluffy fleece zip-up with me that I didn’t even use going over the Pyrenees during Saturday’s storm. Do you think it’s something I can send ahead to Casa Ivar or do you think I’ll need it going forward. Note: I...
  4. D

    Boxer shorts - any recommendations

    Hi folks, I’m heading for my first camino in a few weeks and need some recommendations on hiking boxer shorts. I bought a pair of breathable running boxers from decathlon which don’t work, not very comfortable, cause chaffing and not breathable. I‘ve been looking at brands like Saxx, StepONE...
  5. D

    Fleece/jacket necessary in august?

    Hello everyone! I will be walking the Camino del Norte starting august first. I can’t quite figure out what warm layers I need, if any. I’m thinking of just a light weight fleece. Would that be enough? Is it too much? I have a rain poncho that I’m bringing as well. Thanks!
  6. A

    Skirts and wool leggings

    Hi all! I am trying to finalize my packing list for my first camino. I will be walking the Frances starting September 21. I am planning on bringing two hiking skirts (one skirt, one kilt maybe) and two pair of merino wool leggings, which I think I could layer on cold days and skip entirely on...
  7. KiwiJohn

    A good hat.....

    I am looking to purchase a good hiking hat that ticks all the boxes, such as sun protection, sweat wicking etc. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance. 🇳🇿😎
  8. MichaelNW

    Men's Pants - There Can Be Only One

    When I walk the Camino in 2019 I wore REI Adventure Pants. They don't make them anymore and they were not perfect anyway. When I travel and hike, I try to carry as little as possible. My next Camino I am planning to go ultralight. I found that with technical pants like the REI Adventure Pants...
  9. AR1965

    Brands of clothing (merino wool)

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to do Camino Frances next year June and July. I’m hearing a lot about Merino wool clothing being cooling, fast-drying, odor resistant, etc. Has anyone found this to be true? What brands have worked well? I’m looking into WoolX and SmartWool, and am open to suggestions...
  10. MARSKA

    Looking for Long Pants and Shorts with Great Pockets for the Camino

    I could really use some help. I'm still trying to find long pants and shorts for my October CF. I am 5' 4" and 160lbs; I wear a large petite in long pants. A regular large in shorts. I bought the OR Fersi long pants but unfortunately my phone wont fit in the back pockets - only the front -...
  11. uncletim

    Short sleeve shirt with 2 large pockets

    How about a very lightweight short sleeve shirt with 2 large pockets maybe zippered for hot humid weather? needs to breathe well and hold a passport etc. snaps can be better than buttons that fall off.
  12. Sacha

    How to pack Tilley hat (ltm6) into backpack?

    I splurged and got a new Tilley Airflo ltm6 hat for this years camino. But I am not sure how to pack it into my backpack? I know people say it can take a beating, but I wanted to make sure with you before I potentially ruin mine. Tilley ltm6
  13. G

    Is this equipment ok?

    Hi, I was wondering if those decathlon socks would be ok for the camino del norte. They seem to be good against blisters, they are not merino socks though. Is it THAT necessary to buy merino socks? Moreover, I'd like to ask some other questions: 1) is a 40L backpack is enough or if it is too...
  14. MARSKA

    What brand sports bra?

    Hola! This question is for those who identify as female - what brand sports bra do you take with you on the Camino? When I google "quick dry sports bra" I get a gazillion results. The ones I use at home don't wick very well and neither do they dry quickly. Suggestions appreciated!
  15. NJohn

    Favorite Walking/hiking leggings

    For those of you who walk wearing leggings, do you have a favorite brand?
  16. LisaWalker

    Down jacket or No?

    I’m starting in Burgos on the Frances on 13 May ending Santiago 5 June. Who would bring a down jacket? I’ll have rain jacket, long sleeve merinos. Wondering if it’s very cold in the mornings. I’m from Australia by the way. Feel the chill easily.
  17. P

    Quick drying hiking tshirt help

    Hi, I am looking for some quick dry tshirts, though I don't like the Polyester Elastane ones. Are the only other options merino?
  18. magarac

    Shower or drizzle ( April )

    Good morning ! Need an advice please. I will start my Camino Francés end of March from SJPdP, and hope to finish at Santiago by the end of April. I would expect some amount of rain some/most of the days, but not sure about intensity ( showers vs drizzle ) and frequency ( once or multiple times...
  19. R

    Layers in June/July?

    Hello, friends I have yet to meet... I have seen a lot of discussion about layering and keeping warm; I appreciate all the input. But it seems to me like you all are talking about now (April) or Sept/Oct). As someone who will be walking June 11-July 12, I can't wrap my head around the idea that...
  20. T

    Mid Layer

    Hi. My head is wrecked from reading! Going on the Camino de Frances starting second half of March. I am looking for a fleece as either outer layer on nice days or a mid layer on bad days. I was thinking of going for the Patagonia R1 air, or the R1, or the Arc'teryx Atom or the Arc'teryx Proton...

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