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  1. Eve Alexandra

    Hot weather camino questions

    Nervously venturing into planning, and hoping for the best, but no plane tickets purchased yet. My last camino was in March, and the one that got cancelend in 2020 was also scheduled for March. Now I'm considering an August-September walk, SJPP-Finisterre, and I am trying to determine what to...
  2. woody66

    patagonia nine trails shorts

    This sounds like they are what i was looking for! I have ordered a pair to try and will buy a second pair if OK! Has anybody used the Patagonia nine trails short on Camino? They are pricey; but it says they have 3 zip pockets (security),and include antibacterial boxer type liner. Eliminates...
  3. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    I know layering comes up *a lot* but with advances in textiles and new products coming to market every year, I've spent more time than I would care to admit re-working my layers for both pilgrimage and my non-supported walks on the Appalachian and Florida Trails. I'm headed to the California...
  4. davebugg

    Considerations about Gear and Clothing Recommendations

    Foreword Note: I know this is a wordy post. :-) For those who want to avoid the entire read, and get right to the conclusion, you can skip down to where you see +++ Many of you know that a large part of my life has been as a so-called 'expert' who is hired by backpacking gear and clothing and...
  5. Isca-camigo

    Mens or Unisex Sarong for walking in August

    So do any of you posters have experience of walking in summer in a sarong? I walked with a young American guy in July 2014 on the Primtivo who was wearing one, he seemed to have no issues. Is there a particular material I should be looking at, silk, cotton or another? I am not even sure at what...
  6. lt56ny

    What to wear in Winter

    I am sure most Camino Veterans know what is contained in this article I just found. I have walked in winter and there are great tips in here. For any new pilgrim who is planning a cold weather Camino I think reading this will help alot...
  7. BombayBill

    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    Since we can't go anywhere let me obsess, even more than usual, about gear. I'm one of those guys who loves to waste endless time making sure I've chosen exactly the right thing to take with me. We are all familiar with the endless debate about shoes and ponchos. So let's talk about the rest of...
  8. woody66

    How does Marmot compare to Patagonia?

    Hi everyone! Is the Marmot Precip Jacket, better than Patagonia's Torrentshell 3l !!! (I am at a loss i brought Hagalof's LIM multi sport jacket 20000 HYD,HEAD £128 it leaked on first time of wearing after about 35 minutes in the rain(got full refund) my daughter said it's a good company and...
  9. Flig

    Wimpy Merino Shirts, Or Is It Just Me

    TL/DR - merino shirts being shredded by pack. Do you folks wear merino shirts in direct contact with your pack? I have completed two short hikes with a 5 kilo pack I n as many weeks. I wore a new REI Merino wool shirt for the first hike of about 7k. I washed the shirt, most gentle setting/on...
  10. Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Camino Packing Lists always cause lots of debate! And there is no easy answer. It depends on time of year, type of accomodation and many other things.
  11. katie@camino

    Macabi skirt

    Hi all, I am an Australian living in UAE. I am looking to procure a Macabi skirt or two - one knee length (for Camino), one full length (for more local travel). I have looked online at the Macabi website in USA and the delivery cost is prohibitive. Does anyone know of a retailer/distributor...
  12. Jeanne from Washington

    What clothes do you wear after shower

    I know this question sounds strange... do you wear the next day's walking clothes after showering for the day? Do you bring a separate outfit to wear around town? Everyone keeps talking about packing light. I have packed/repacked around 6 times in the past 6 months.
  13. Avoiding Sunburn - Camino de Santiago

    Avoiding Sunburn - Camino de Santiago

    There are always questions about weather and what to wear. I'm of the 'cover up' variety of Pilgrim!
  14. t2andreo

    Hats and shade... The definitive post...

    This is a frequent subject in the forum. Every summer, when the really hot dry weather comes to northern Spain, and indeed all Spanish pilgrimage routes, the subject arises. Recently, with the serious heat wave across all of Europe and much of Spain, this discussion has taken on a new urgency...
  15. K

    Recommendations: No blisters, no sunburn!

    Recently back from walking the Via de la Plata from Sevilla to Salamanca. It was brutally hot for the first week. I would like to share two items that worked well for me. I took "sleeves" that runners normally use to keep warm. These were great to counteract the sun which usually ended up...
  16. CalledToRise

    Anyone wear white?

    Hey y’all. I’m trying to decide on one of the two shirts I’m bringing. It’s a white nike drifit. Is it crazy to wear white on the Camino? I would guess it gets real dirty throughout The day and would be hard to keep it clean. Anyone out there wearing white. I’m doing the CF in the heat of...
  17. Ungawawa

    Stylish hats anyone? Pics please!

    A common theme among certain women I've met on the camino is what a dork I look like in my floppy North Face booney sun hat 🤣! It's been compared (unfavourably) to a child's beach bonnet. I don't see what's wrong with it, myself. The camino's not a fashion show. But if it was... what would you...
  18. Drew1578

    Men's convertable hiking pants

    Howdy - I'll be leaving from Ferrol on May 5th and I'm slowing getting all my gear together. I was considering taking two pairs of shorts along with one pair of convertible pants (and a pair of rain pants) for the trip, but having spent the last couple of days researching what pants are out...
  19. KJFSophie

    Lightweight Wrap Skirt !

    THIS is one of my most fabulous finds! A lightweight wrap skirt, quick dry, modest length, velcro adjustable waist, key pocket.... I wear legging capri's on my treks and have always thought them too tight ( obviously) for going into churches/cathedrals and looked for years for a simple wrap...
  20. jungleboy

    A new buff for a new camino

    @Wendy Werneth and I are leaving Lisbon tomorrow on the overnight train to Madrid, staying a night in Madrid to see some friends, taking the train to Oviedo on Thursday and starting the Camino Primitivo on Friday! Today I bought a new buff to celebrate the start of a new camino!