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  1. Kanga

    Supplex Nylon or Macabi skirt available locally?

    I'm in love with my Macabi skirt, purchased from another forum member, but having been used daily by me on the Camino del Norte and the Camino Francés it is getting a bit worn. I really want another one but buying direct from the maker is prohibitively expensive - they want $60 freight. So...
  2. Anniesantiago

    Got my New Slender Macabi

    Less fabric. Less bulky. Still plenty of room to hike. Same big kangaroo pockets, phone pocket, and zippered money pocket. The waist is bit more generous and easier to get up over my hips. I love it!
  3. NTange

    Merino or Quick Dry Wicking tops????

    Help. I have read so many threads & picked up plenty of great ideas. However, I am still confused... I will be walking in April/May and concerned about being cold. I come from Darwin (super hot all the time) & feel the cold whenever I leave the NT!!! Should I focus on merino tops, which take...
  4. AlwynWellington

    I'm hot!

    Background When walking I normally generate quite a bit of heat, especially around the mid-riff. With minimal clothing I still have three layers: underpants, shorts (or longyi or sarong) and the bottom of the short sleeved merino top. Add to this the belly-band of my pack. As a consequence...
  5. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Adventure Skirts [Paid]

    Purple Rain submitted a new resource: Purple Rain Adventure Skirts - handmade activewear hiking skirts with yoga-style waistband and side pockets Read more about this resource...
  6. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Adventure Skirts 2015-11-19

    Purple Rain Adventure Skirts is dedicated to providing women with high quality performance skirts that inspire the freedom of adventure without compromising style or function. Handcrafted with love in Oregon, these hiking skirts feature a yoga style waistband and two side pockets big enough to...
  7. SafariGirl

    Will I be warm enough?

    Hola amigo/as, Can you share your views please? I leave SJPP in a week & am just beginning to wonder if I'm going to be warm enough. To keep weight down I'm taking short & long-sleeved tech-tees, a micro fleece & a very thin waterproof jacket. My plan was to layer & generate body heat by...
  8. aliwalks

    Clothing in September

    hello everyone, I am walking from Ponferrada starting September 8th, do I need long pants and also rain gear? Any help would be appreciated, buen camino Aliwalks
  9. N

    Buff brand vs knock off?

    Hi - I have seen there are lots of buff fans here so I went to look online. There are alot of buff style items out there but is it better to go with the actual Buff brand? Thanks!
  10. francesh17

    What to wear in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

    Hi all, I am 16 and walking a portion of the Camino with my confirmation group. I was wondering what is appropriate to wear in the Cathedral? Do you need to have shoulders covered and a long skirt? Or is it ok to wear shorts? Thanks, Frances
  11. Sara Jean

    Do I need pants in July? - Packing for the Camino Frances

    Hello All! I've just booked my flight to Bilbao, so I'm feeling all kinds of excited about walking the Camino Frances, since I have this "it's really happening" feeling! :-) I have a question related to packing for everyone... I'm planning what to bring with me and I'm unsure of whether I...
  12. electra_cd

    Sarria to Santiago late May- investing in merino vs. fleece?

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to answer questions on this forum! I'm hiking Sarria to Santiago at the end of May into June and could use clothing pointers. I already own hiking sneakers, polypro and wool socks, silk base layers, athletic tees, and a rain jacket. I'm in the process of...
  13. samoht.w

    Wearing a Kilt on the Camino

    I do a considerable amount of long distance hiking and have taken to wearing a Kilt due to the convenience and comfort. I am leaving in 22 days to begin the Camino Aragones . Last September I walked the Camino Frances but not in my Kilt. What do you think. Will I be frowned upon? I am of...
  14. gracie

    Baggage weight

    I weighed my baggage and it is already more than 10% of my weight, that doesn't include yet the shampoo, soap, shoes, mobilephone and the charger. Since i will be taking my journey in the middle of August maybe it is not a good idea to take a fleece jacket. Is there an area along Camino Fances...
  15. WalkCWalk

    Macabi skirt - I'm taking the plunge

    My friend has the charcoal one and loves it. She has made a believer of me and I'm going to order one for my September Camino. Question for you Macabi wearers..... I want the khaki one, but will it show dirt? My friends charcoal one sheds dirt and dries quickly. Who had the khaki one and do...
  16. jouffroy47

    Clothing for the Aubrac in early to mid-October

    I will be taking the Via Podiensis in early to mid-October and am wondering what to expect in terms of climate and what to bring in terms of clothes. I understand that because of the high altitude, the Aubrac and be cold. Also what to expect in terms of terrain so what type of boots to bring...
  17. Jocelyn

    Jacket or poncho??

    Hi there, I fly in to SJPP tomorow to start my walk on Sunday. I have looked at the weather and see that it is boiling. Whilst i appreciate that a rainy day is inevitable i am stuck between taking a poncho and a jacket. I am taking the layered approach to clothing - vest top, t shirt, fleece. Do...
  18. Issy T

    Has anyone walked with compression stockings

    I am 58 and starting the walk in Roncesvalles on the 29th May. I have been having a problem with pain just under the knee which happens about 1-2 hours into my walks. My physio suggested wearing compression tights, such as skins. Just wondering if anyone else has used these and how they went.
  19. WalkMWalk

    Camino Buff - You know you want one!

    I am now working on a new order so let them know that they can put in an order even if not a member of the Forum. I have received about 20 requests from APOC members that paid through the paypal link here on the Forum:http://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/camino-buff.80/ I would...
  20. Anniesantiago

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    I think whether or not a Macabi Skirt looks "unfashionable" on a person depends on the person's body shape and your idea of "fashionable." Personally, I think they look great. Here is a page of many, many women in their Macabi skirts. It's nice because you can click on each photo, read a...