1. M

    Coastal to Central in 11 days?

    Hi Everyone! We've been a bit overwhelmed by so much info - we are leaving Porto on Sept. 17th and have 11 days to get to Santiago - we'd like to do the first day to Vila do Conde then head inland. Can anyone share the route from Vila do Conde going to central and how to possibly include Casa...
  2. C

    Detailed route map from Viana - Coastal Route

    Hello all! I intend to do the coastal route from Viana to Santiago. I dont need to know distances between the places. I need to know where to find a map that shows the actual route. The actual streets names in each town. For instance: where doesthe camino pass through in Viana, Caminho etc...
  3. A

    Caminho Portugues da costa Porto

    Hi everyone! A friend and I will be doing the camino in June: we arriving at Porto on June 16th and will start walking on the 17th. If any of you will be doing the same, please say hi. We are both from Spain and is first time camino for both of us. we are really excited! Cheers! :-)
  4. S

    Portuguese Coastal Camino 2016

    My husband and I are making our second Camino starting on 08 June 2016. Walking from Porto to Santiago. Initially along the coast to A Guarda, then inland to meet friends in Tui and north from there. Hoping we bump into some of you out there! Buen Camino!
  5. Kay803

    help me find the Way! lol

    hello Camino friends I am curently in Ancora, heading to Caminha tomorrow, then on to Valenca. I'm having a very difficult finding markers (mainly just followed the coast from Porto) but soon I will have to turn east. Can someone give me some idea about how well marked the Way is from here to...


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