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Luggage Transfer Correos


  1. copado

    What is the one luxury or non-essential item you would bring with you?

    For me a beard trimmer, rechargeable. About 250 gm (small). With the sweating all day shaving would result in raw or rashly skin. With a trimmer, I won't walk out the far end looking like Santa Claus either nor will I have to go through the itchy beard growing phase while hiking. P.S. This...
  2. hecate105

    New bike seat that makes cycling a pleasure! 2017-03-05

    https://www.the-cushty-bicycleseat.com/ I am a keen cyclist but every time I get off my bike i walk like a cowboy! It is extremely painful to the 'undercarriage'! For years i have looked at alternative seats without success. But now i have found it - the holy grail of cycling - a comfy seat...
  3. AlwynWellington

    I'm hot!

    Background When walking I normally generate quite a bit of heat, especially around the mid-riff. With minimal clothing I still have three layers: underpants, shorts (or longyi or sarong) and the bottom of the short sleeved merino top. Add to this the belly-band of my pack. As a consequence...

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