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  1. Santiago de Compostela Spain

    Santiago de Compostela Spain

    Here are some pictures from Santiago.
  2. Aliog

    Lost Mammut Jacket. SQC Airport

    Hello Travelers, I just want to try my luck here as well if someone has found a Mammut crew jacket on the airport in Santiago. I feel so stupid to lose the jacket of my dad on the last day... My Flight was on the 27th May at Night. Greetings
  3. notion900

    5th camino certificate

    Here's a picture of my friend with her Compostela and her 5th Camino certificate. Just posting it because I had never heard of it until she got it. (click photo to enlarge)
  4. Drew1578

    Bitten by the (idea of walking the) Camino bug - 5/6/7 days. Need some advice.

    First off howdy - I'm new to the forum - found it by chance the other day while researching the Camino. From what I've seen so far this seems like a great community with a huge wealth of knowledge. I've wanted to walk the Camino for years, but never thought I would get a chance (the Frances...
  5. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    Pilgrims compostela in Geneva

    Hi, We are about to arrive in Geneva to start our Via Gebennensis. (The Geneva Way) I believe there is a small bookshop where the "yellow" guide can be purchased, does anybody know where we can purchase our Compostela certificates from in Geneva.
  6. N

    Last 100 km: How to Reach Starting Point?

    Hi! I hiked most of Camino Frances (some bussing due to injuries) starting in Saint John Pied de Port last year with my mother. For us, it was pretty simple to get the train in and start at the "start" of the trail. Next summer, I am planning a trip with my best friend who has NEVER hiked...
  7. S

    Vigo to Santiago

    My friend is arriving into Vigo airport next week & walking to Santiago. I would like to help him get a compostela & Vigo falls just short of the required 100km journey. My guidebook says the church of San Miguel de Bouzas is 100km from Santiago - can anyone verify this? He is time poor so...
  8. KinkyOne

    About obtaining Compostela for last 100/200kms (again, I know...)

    ...but when watching certain vlog with false info I did some internet searching. As I know you can only get Compostela if you collect two stamps per day on the last 100 km (walking) BUT: - 1: there isn't any rule published on Cathedral site...
  9. D

    Statistics - June 2017

    The number of compostelas increased 6.5% from last year to set a record again. Notable is that the split between male and female is pretty much 50:50. Per national population, Ireland continues to be first!! La Peregrinación a Santiago en Junio de 2017 Durante el mes de Junio de 2017 en la...
  10. natefaith

    Found! Compostela has been found in Santiago

    Hello everyone, A Compostela certificate was found on Rua da Caldeirería in Santiago de Compostela today. If you think it might be yours, please do come by Pilgrim House tomorrow (Saturday) between 11am - 8pm to pick it up. The address is Rua Nova, 19, in old town. And if you're in Santiago and...
  11. Camino Ariana

    Sahagun Certificate for Halfway point.

    Last year at the train in Sahagun someone had picked up a certificate for completion of the Half way point on the camino. Can anyone tell me if there is a pilgrim office there or where we could pick up the certificate.
  12. Jeff Crawley

    Too late for a Compostela?

    An acquaintance emailed me last week. After 5 years of planning she and a friend walked the CF from Sarria to SdC last October. They did all the usual end of pilgrimage stuff, even got to see the botafumeiro, but put off queing in the rain for their Compostelas. The next day it was just as bad...
  13. Panka

    Compostela if you split Frances?

    Hi pilgrims, I am wondering if you walk the camino frances or any other camino route partially during the year and ultimately you do it in 2-3 years and you collect the stamps during this trips in the same pilgrim passport, will you receive the compostela for the whole route or only for the...
  14. deni

    Camino Franglés

    Hi all, I’m planning to walk the Camino Frances as far as Sarria next month and then intend to take public transport to A Coruña in order to follow the Camino Inglés. I’m curious to know if this is likely to cause any Compostela difficulties in Santiago as the last 100km will be partly by train...
  15. Nicole Marks

    Finding a friend

    My friend will be at the camino for about 25 days or more and I would like to meet her 2-3 days before Compostela. What would be the best town for me/her to spend a few days waiting for the other one that is in transit? Thank you!
  16. coldweather

    Earning Compestela on CP

    Greetings. I want to confirm to earn the Compestela while walking the CP, one must start at least from Valenca/Tui, right? I just want to be sure I am budgeting enough walking time. Thanks in advance.
  17. sillydoll

    The changing significance of the modern Credencial

    The first modern 'credencial' was issued in the late 1950's to road pilgrims who followed a road map of routes for pilgrims and tourists which was published for the 1954 Holy Year. Five road routes leading tourists and tourist-pilgrims to Santiago were developed closely following what would...
  18. G

    Coastal route compostella question

    Hi I want to walk the coastal route of the Camino Portugues with my son who is 9. We walked some of the Camino Norte last year, but this year he wants to do enough to get a compostella. Where would we need to start on the coastal route to qualify for the 100km+ distance? We are flying to Vigo...
  19. ivar

    April 1st 2016 Camino Passport/Credential rule

    UPDATE: This might not be as bad as i first thought. Please read this post first! Dear all, I just saw this was posted by the Cathedral on their site: http://catedraldesantiago.es/es/nota-credencial-peregrino-dic15 It is a long text in Spanish, but the core of it all is this...
  20. Roamin' Rob

    Earning the Compostela certificate

    Is the minimum required to earn the certificate the LAST 1oo km or a minimum of 100 km? My family and I are going from Leon to Santiago. As an example, if we made it from Leon to only as far as Portomarin and got our credential stamped properly along the way, and then got injured or something...

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