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  1. AlwynWellington

    Cooking from Canterbury to Rome

    Background In September 2018 I walked from Canterbury Cathedral to Chaumont-en-Haut-Marne. I thought I was reasonably well set up. In addition to the usual garbage I also had a two person tent (me and my pack) and a single sleeping pad: total weight less than 900 gram. All up walking weight...
  2. MaartjedeMeer

    Cooking in winter on the Camino Frances

    Hello, I'll be walking the Camino Frances from the beginning of December this year until somewhere in January '18, by myself. I plan on cooking as much as possible, since I'll be travelling on a tight budget. So I have some questions regarding cooking, that I haven't been able to find...
  3. Nekodemus

    Recipe ideas for easy cooking

    Just back from Santiago, I've started planning my next wee walk. One thing I've noticed frequently when shopping, is other pilgrims just standing there looking at all the food on the shelves, short-circuiting, unable to come up with ideas for cooking their own meals. This led me to the thought...
  4. notion900

    Pining for Galician cooking in London?

    In the spirit of positive business-as-usual upon which we pride ourselves in London, I wanted to give a big-up to a local restaurant in my barrio of Londres - run by two lovely ladies - Ana from Galicia and local Teresa: L'Oculto Wine Tapas Shop. They started out as a tiny import business...
  5. Anniesantiago

    Advice from prior hospitaleros

    I'm interested in hearing experiences of those who have served as hospitalero. It's something I have never done but would love to do - a way of giving back to the Camino I love so much. I wonder if it's anything like leading a group? I have to admit I did not do a good job my first time...
  6. Laina Rose

    Stove or no stove?

    I'm planning a winter hike on the El Camino and was wondering if I should plan on bring my camp stove? It's an ultra light pocket rocket so weight isn't a concern, but I'm not sure if I'll use it. If I do want to bring it will I even be able to buy fuel for it in Spain?
  7. jesben1

    leaving for Camino del norte on Sunday June 28, few last minute questions...

    Hello, I'm starting the journey to Spain this Sunday and plan to start walking from Irun next Wednesday. I have a few last minute thoughts/questions First me and my travel partners are on a budget and plan on cooking meals, staying in hostels etc. What are some things you would suggest...
  8. scott

    Cooking on the camino

    Hi I would like to know if I would need to bring a light stove to cook with or am I just wasting space in my bag? I see that there is places to go and eat but I was thinking if I didnt make it on time. Thanks for the help. Buen camino.
  9. Kiwi-family

    cooking query for Baztan, Salvador and Primitivo

    We are planning on these routes to use albergues and are aware that we will need to carry some food in case the kids don't manage long distances. To this end, I have made some curries and stews and dehydrated them. Question is: will be albergues have a pot we can boil some water in to rehydrate...
  10. Zippety

    Communual Cooking Contribution Suggestions

    Being single with a limited cooking repetoire, I am looking for suggestions for food to contribute to commual meals. My intention is to not cook for myself but I expect that there will me times where a communal meal preparation is the experience to be realized. Any input is appreciated. Boots...
  11. Yallah

    What did you cook along the camino?

    A just-for-fun question. I know many people (including me) do a lot of cooking along the camino, either to save money or to get out of the "pilgrim menú" rut. I'm feeling nostalgic for the many pasta dinners and bottles of cheap red wine, as well as the impossibly rich Greek yogurt I used to...
  12. Lynda t


    Are there cooking facilities on the Portuguese route starting in Lisbon?
  13. A

    Cooking in albergue?

    Dear Pilgrims, I would like to ask you about cooking throughout the Camino. It is possible cook in every albergue or refugios. Is cooker ordinar facilities? I will not able to take the gas-burner in the aircraft and I do not know If I will able to buy some in Astorga or Ponferrada. Thanks
  14. C


    Is it a good idea to bring small camping tins to cook with if one wanted to , or is this surplus wasted weight ?
  15. J

    Cooking utensils?

    The question is, do I need to take any? I am about to start my first Camino at the end of September. I would like to do it economically and so hope to cook a main meal whenever possible - fatigue and sore feet permitting! I have read that some of the Refugios do have kitchens, but what about...
  16. michael

    cooking and eating

    When the guides show accommodation as having kitchens can I assume that they also have the necessary items for cooking i.e. pots and pans? Would I want to eat something prepared in them or should I carry a camping set with me? Any advice on what to carry regarding cooking/eating plate cup kfs...

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