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credencial sellos compostela

  1. lindam

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    Just saw an article related to changes being made, starting in 2021, in the way stamps are collected in one's credencial. The article does state that the traditional method of gathering sellos will remain in place for those who do not wish to embrace the new method. Here is a link for said...
  2. Vaughan

    Starting stamp

    I am planning on starting my Camino in Hondaribbia since it is convenient for the airport. Are there any recommendations for where to get a starting stamp in my credential?
  3. Staffman

    Same Credential for Santiago/Fisterra/Muxia?

    I am planning to walk the Via de la Plata and then continue to Fisterra and then on to Muxia where I understand I can get a Compostela/Certificate from all three locations. Can I use the credential signed-off at Santiago and continue to have it stamped for my journey to Fisterra and Muxia or do...
  4. Paintboy2

    Did you frame your credential?

    I enjoy looking at my old credentials and remembering when and where I received each stamp. I have cancelled my 5th Camino scheduled to start in two weeks and instead of packing I framed a couple of my old credentials. Ivar has a great map for sale in the store that I've used to show where we...
  5. SuperPilgrim

    Origin of the Camino Passport

    I've heard many conflicting stories about the first camino passport (or credential). Does anyone have links to books or other articles about the history of this document? When? Why? Different versions over time?
  6. jgiesbrecht

    Passport, Credencial and Certificate Care

    Just a couple questions... First, how did you keep your passport and credencial from bending/damaging during your walk? Second, in Sahagun, I have read different answers....has anyone been there recently and can they tell me if you can or cannot buy a tube to keep that certificate from...
  7. R

    Porto - Santiago April

    Hi. Is there anyone can comment about weather conditions in the beginning of April in Porto-Santiago regions? Is it windy, rainy? Cold? Also about Credential - where is it possible to obtain it?
  8. F

    Lagos to Santiago de Compostela via Rota Vincentina

    We are planning our Camino in March and April starting from Lagos. The plan is to follow the fishermans trail but deviate on our first day to Vila Bispo and continue on the second day on the Rota Vincentina trail north to Santiago do Cacem. The Rota Vincentina trail ends here. Is there anyone...
  9. M

    The shell?

    Apologies for what is probably a dumb newbie question :) but here goes... I have read some posts about obtaining your Camino passport in the office at SJPdP before you start and some also mention getting a shell. Is the shell just as a souvenir of your journey? Or is it required as some sort of...
  10. gloria lowe

    Taking a number in Santiago.

    I read on a Facebook site that you now have to take a number to get your Compostela at the Pilgrims Office. Have I missed something recently ?
  11. J

    Pilgrim Passport from Castro-Urdiales?

    Hi I am starting my first Camino from Castro-Urdiales 10th August 2019, not sure I have time to order a pilgrim passport online. Will I be able to pick one up from the tourist office in Castro-Urdiales or perhaps there is somewhere near the bus station in Bilbao? Thanks!
  12. Y

    Pilgrim's credentials in on stage 21 and further

    Much apologies for possibly silly questions, but I was not able to google it and I am a bit worried. I am starting my path on stage 21 (https://www.pilgrim.es/en/northern-way/stage-21-aviles-muros-de-nalon/), arriving at Asturias airport and heading further on foot. Will I have any trouble...
  13. S


    Hi. Am arriving in Santiago tomorrow but wonder can I get the credencial any day or does it have to be the day you finish? Many thanks.
  14. J

    Lisbon to Santiago in July! A few questions:)

    Hi! First of all I wanted to ask if anyone is going to be walking the Portuguese Camino in July? I’m starting out from Lisbon on the morning of June 30th and would be great to know if I’ll be completely alone on the route or not as I’m slightly concerned with the posts I’ve read about flashers...
  15. M

    Stamps in Oviedo

    Dear all, I am staring the camino primitive in June. We have booked Ibis Hotel as we are going to arrive late on a Saturday around 8pm. I am not sure if Ibis has stamps, but if not where would I get the a stamp in the morning? We are not walking the camino in a rush and I am not planning to...
  16. Gabe_Way

    If I already have the credential, do I still have to register in SJPD anyway?

    As the title says. Do we need to go to the pilgrim office to register, regardless of having the official credential, which I have bought from this website? Or are we good to go? Thanks!
  17. Rainerbernd

    Pilgrim's certificate Pedronía from Padron

    Boa tarde peregrinos, you can get a pilgrim´s certificate in Padron, the PEDRONÍA. All you need is a stamp from the church in Padron in your credential. Then go to the tourism office and collect your certificate. Sorry,today I was told, you can get it in the church as well.
  18. trecile

    Post a picture of your credential!

    I'm interested in seeing the different credentials issued in different countries. I've ordered all of mine from Ivar, and I really liked the colorful one that used on my first Camino in 2016. I used the current, more somber looking credential the last two years. What does your credential...
  19. The Pilgrim's Essentials

    The Pilgrim's Essentials

    My Credencial -- it is 11 ft. long !!!
  20. Kiwi-family

    On getting a compostela

    This topic has been discussed ad Infinitum, but I thought I’d add our experience to the mix. The previous four times we have queued, handed over our handmade credentials with a stamp for every day walked and received a compostela. Yesterday our group of five approached the five volunteers in...