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  1. Y

    Pilgrim's credentials in on stage 21 and further

    Much apologies for possibly silly questions, but I was not able to google it and I am a bit worried. I am starting my path on stage 21 (https://www.pilgrim.es/en/northern-way/stage-21-aviles-muros-de-nalon/), arriving at Asturias airport and heading further on foot. Will I have any trouble...
  2. S


    Hi. Am arriving in Santiago tomorrow but wonder can I get the credencial any day or does it have to be the day you finish? Many thanks.
  3. The Pilgrim's Essentials

    The Pilgrim's Essentials

    My Credencial -- it is 11 ft. long !!!
  4. S

    Ponte de Lima - Credencial

    Hello everybody, We are going with my wife to start our first Camini in Friday this week from Ponte de Lima. Is there any chance to get the credential there or near? Thanks for any advice. We wold like to go directly from the airport to Viana do Castelo and them next morning to Pte. de Lima...
  5. Robo

    SJPDP Credencial Question -

    Having bought some stuff from Ivar recently I am in possession of the new style, 'official' Credencials as issued by the Cathedral in Santiago. Exhibit A. They have one downside, as others have pointed out. The whole of one side is taken up by mini maps. Which might make a nice souvenir, but...
  6. L B

    Reusing my cedential

    I walked from Burgos last year to Santiago but now I feel like I'd like to return and finish my walk to Finisterre and Muxia. I still have quite a bit of space in my credential and I'd love to keep using it from Santiago onwards when I continue my walk, and it'd be nice to have all my stamps...
  7. Eduarda

    Resume last year's Credencial

    Last year, I started my Camino Portuguese in Ponte de Lima, but unfortunately, for personal reasons, I had to return home, making Porrino my last stop... This year I would like to pick where I left off! Can I use the same Credencial de Peregrino? Will I still be able to get the Compostela? Thank...
  8. FRL

    Getting a Credencial

    Is there a pilgrim office in Pamplona where one can get a credencial? Three of us will fly into Madrid and make our way to Pamplona, to spend a night, before bussing to SJPDP the next day. If we could get a credencial in Pamplona then we would be able to stay in an albergue instead of a hotel...
  9. crhutch

    Question regarding Pilgrim's credential

    If I get a pilgrim's credential and walk only a few stages of the Camino, can I use that same credential a following year to complete the Camino?
  10. LisaM

    Credencial in Lisbon

    I went to the Cathedral in Lisbon this morning and they have run out of credencials. The priest said there are more coming but in three days' time. I start the Camino tomorrow (Monday). Does anyone know if I can get one anywhere else in Lisbon? If I cannot find one, can I collect stamps on a...
  11. L

    Lost credencial between Zubiri and Pamplona?

    I picked up a credencial on a road curve when coming to Pamplona. Please let me know if this could be yours with some information (name, where you have stayed and when). I go slowly so I will mail the credencial to the albergue of your choice.
  12. C

    Shouldn't it be two different types of credenciales (pilgrims' passports)?

    Well, maybe they already exist and I'm just unaware of it. I don't know. Let's see, the credencial (the Cathedral issued one that I know) states that it's just for pilgrims making the route with a Christian sense. Shouldn't pilgrims that make the pilgrimage without any Christian sense have...
  13. Rod Murray

    Best place to get a new Credencial after Sarria

    New members of our group are missing their Credencials. We've left Sarria and need 3. Where can we likely to get some?
  14. deni

    Camino Franglés

    Hi all, I’m planning to walk the Camino Frances as far as Sarria next month and then intend to take public transport to A Coruña in order to follow the Camino Inglés. I’m curious to know if this is likely to cause any Compostela difficulties in Santiago as the last 100km will be partly by train...
  15. John MLT

    Credencial & certificate - section hiking!

    Hi all, I'll be walking the Camino Frances from St Jean to Santiago over two parts. This September Ill be walking to Burgos, and then from there to Santiago in April of next year. Can anyone tell me if I'll have any issues when presenting the stamped credencial at the certificate office in...
  16. camster

    More than one credencial or passport?

    Hi! I was wondering how the credencial works: if it is two-sided or one-sided. In the event that it becomes full and you need a second one, is it easy to find a place along the camino to get a new one? Can you ask for 2 passports right from the start, or is it not allowed? Thanks!
  17. fraluchi

    Credencial in Lugo (primitivo)

    From today's Voz de Galicia: (February 17, 2016) The Archbishop of Santiago rejects pilgrims leaving Lugo with a credential endorsed by the bishopry of Lugo. This was announced by the coordinator of the Pilgrim Office of Santiago de Compostela, Montserrat Diaz, in a public statement to the...
  18. minaleigh

    Several General Questions

    I put this post under equipment because there are some questions about it, but I have more outside that topic. Anyways, hello! I am a new pilgrim and have been lurking, reading various posts for hours. Many have answered the majority of my questions, but I need some clarification on others...
  19. H

    Stamping credencial in north France

    I am starting at Cherbourg in April, and walking via Mt St Michel and Angers to join the Paris route at St Jean d'Angely (and then continuing on to Santiago). Does anyone know where I can get my pilgrim's passport stamped in France when I am not on a main pilgrimage route?
  20. ivar

    April 1st 2016 Camino Passport/Credential rule

    UPDATE: This might not be as bad as i first thought. Please read this post first! Dear all, I just saw this was posted by the Cathedral on their site: http://catedraldesantiago.es/es/nota-credencial-peregrino-dic15 It is a long text in Spanish, but the core of it all is this...

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