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  1. P

    Does my pilgrim passport need to be stamped by the issuing organisation

    Hello all apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place. I am 7 days from finishing the Camino Frances having started in SJDPP on the 29 of May. My credential was not stamped by the issuing organisation. Does this matter? Appreciate it is a bit late to ask but hopefully it is not an...
  2. J


    Hi All, One question, is it necessary to use a credential on caminos. A compostela is not real important for me. Thanks
  3. SioCamino

    Credencial vending machine in Pamplona

    A friend sent me this photo from Pamplona this week... Handy if you arrive and need to get a credential outside of office hours! Great idea.
  4. CWBuff

    Sarria and cellos (aka sellos)

    Seems the way my stages mapped out I will be spending the night in A Balsa and the following one in Villei For the sake of an argument let's say that I will get my only cello del Dia on eve of June 15 when I arrive to albergue On June 16 I start walking and reasonably guaranteed 1 cello for...
  5. m0mkat

    Sarria- first stamp

    I will be starting my Camino from Sarria in less than 45 days. My first Camino ever and a huge step for me to do solo. I‘m looking forward to meeting new friends on this journey. This forum has been a huge inspiration for me to just do it. I know I can get my first passport stamp (sello) from...
  6. BrianLCrabtree

    A quick question about the last 100k

    Is there any requirement that the first stamp of the day in the last 100k is from the same place as the last stamp of the previous day to confirm I picked up where I left off? Hello, everybody, from Villaviciosa. Starting the Primitivo tomorrow, Sunday, 22 May.
  7. Marbe2

    Better Organization needed for distributing Compostelas!

    Yesterday we got Compostelas. I don’t usually get one anymore, but we were walking for sick friends and wanted them to have them. Before I relate my experience, I want to communicate that I deeply appreciate the efforts all of the volunteers make on behalf of the pilgrims. Thank you very...
  8. David Tallan

    Medieval "credencials"

    I have often read that modern credencials descend from letters that medieval pilgrims sometimes carried that basically said they were a pilgrim and asked for safe passage. Does anyone know of any documentation of this? Have any survived?
  9. Peter Fransiscus

    Obtain the QR-CODE before you arrive in Santiago.

    You don't have to have studied to realize that it can get very busy in the upcoming months at the Pilgrim Office. Over the past few weeks I have helped many people to fill in the digital form to obtain the QR code that they need to obtain the ticket. My advice is simple , fill in the form the...
  10. Renascer

    Route Change and Compostela?

    Hi Everyone! I am finally headed to my Camino next month now May 2022. I have a question for you about the Compostela. I will be starting in Porto but once i pass Tui i would like to go to Oia with a Bus(if there is one) and continue from there. If I start again from Oia towards Santiago and...
  11. T

    Compostela - From Vigo?

    Will walking from Vigo to Santiago earn a pilgrim the compostela
  12. Flog

    Registering your details in advance for compostela

    Just to clear up a question which I have asked several times, but wasn't given an answer to, but will answer now for anyone who would like to know. All at the risk of opening another can of worms but never mind, here goes: Below is the QR code which takes you to the website to register to get...
  13. S

    Fisterra Certificate

  14. Peacemaker

    Two stamps - where?

    Hello all, I’m on the Camino now (Najera) with my wife and a question just occurred. I know we need to get two stamps a day in the last 100 km to qualify for the Compostela. One will typically be from our albergue. Does it matter where we get the other? For example, would it “count” to get...
  15. T


    Hi all, I have been walking the camino frances for the last month starting in St Jean. Since Leon though I have had injuries however I managed to make it to Sarria but now I have to take at least two rest days. I have aready walked the last 100km before from Sarria so I am thinking of taking a...
  16. FourSeasons

    Certificate of Distance

    Is it possible to bring my pilgrim credential from my first Camino in 2013 to the pilgrims office and request a certificate of distance from it? SJPdP to Santiago. I didn’t think to get it or that it was even a thing back then. 😊
  17. Albertinho

    Registration at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago

    Olá peregrinos! I was asked here on the forum to explain how to register for applying the Compostela certificate. At the moment I am working as a volunteer at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago. Somebody suggested to make a short YouTube video but it is not allowed to take pictures nor videos in...
  18. tpatnode

    Credential Stamps

    I am a genuine newbie to the Camino. I plan on starting the French Way in Ponferrada on April 29th. Where along the way to Santiago do I acquire the necessary stamps in my Credential to receive a Compostela in Santiago?
  19. Frankybaby66


    Hi all, probably a silly question. I've done 2 Caminos before and on each of those I have been issued a credencial at my start point withe the front page filled in by staff there. This time, I have bought a Credencial from this website to save time on Day 1 of the walk. I am walking from...
  20. jsalt

    Applying for Compostela 2022

    Hi, would somebody please be kind enough to post the exact procedure, in a step by step guide, for how to apply online for one’s compostela on arrival in Santiago this year? There were some recent threads, but I can’t find them right now, I’m technologically challenged, and have been asked to...