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  1. Chris from Michigan

    Paying for a digital credencial through the app

    I have the credencial app. When I set up a Camino trip it wants a payment of €1.5 but it won’t accept my credit card. This is a known issue. The app doesn’t take PayPal and this only seems to affect non-European cards. I don’t care WHY this is happening and, no offense intended, I don’t care...
  2. George Vancouver

    Compostelas for Dummies

    There are other threads on the new Compostela system. I didn't find one that explained it simply and clearly. (If there is one I apologize. Feel free to delete this thread Ivar.) I will try explain so even dummies like me can understand. 1. There is a placard with a QR code outside the front...
  3. O

    Certification (credencial) in San Sebastián

    Hi, have reached San Sebastián but still don’t have a certification card! I understand you can get them from buen pastor or the cathedral but I’ve visited both and have been unable to find anyone to talk to in either place- anyone got any advice? many thanks, Olivia 😊
  4. L

    Camino passport question

    Hiya! Just one week to go, then I'm getting on a plane to Porto, and a few days later I'll be starting my Camino from Vigo! Aaaaah! Excited and scared in equal measure. I'm getting all my ducks in a row, I've got most of what I need already, with most importantly: the credential! But... I'm not...
  5. Annet2020

    Credential: first stamp and starting date

    I will be in Porto the day before I start walking the Camino Portugues. I already ordered my credential online but of course I will have to get my first stamp from the Cathedral in Porto. If I get my stamp the afternoon/evening before I start walking, does that mean that date will be put in my...
  6. M

    The queues in Santiago

    I did my first camino in July-August 2021. I had a really great experience right up until Santiago but Santiago left me massively underwhelmed and disappointed. My main reason for this was that I felt that having walked from St Jean that those who had walked similar distances, with our backpacks...
  7. J

    doing multiple caminos

    leaving next week to do the Primitivo, Finisterre, and Ingles caminos. Is it acceptable to use just one credencial for all three walks? thanks, Jeff
  8. Flyguy


    Will arrive in Leon on Sept 7th and need to get my credential, can it be sent to my accommodation in Leon or where is one available?
  9. T


    My wife and I will complete our Camino Frances when we continue on from O Cebriero. We started in SJPP 2 years ago.. do we still need to get 2 stamps a day on last 100km or will 1 a day do as we started in SJPP
  10. T

    Finisterre Credential

    Does anyone know if a credential for Camino Finisterre can be got in Santiago....and if 1 can where can it be got
  11. D

    Question about the Credencial

    I was given one of the following Are they(it, I only have one) valid credentials for getting you Compostela in Santiago, with the stamps/sellos in the book? where I found the images...
  12. paulgeis

    staying in madrid, would like to get a camino passport but do not speak good spanish

    greetings, i am currently staying in hostels in madrid. i would like to walk the madrid camino and pay for a camino passport but my spanish is not good. could anyone assist in how i can get a passport for this? thank you so much!
  13. jsalt

    Collecting Compostela for Someone Else

    Hi, if this has been covered before, please point me to the right thread. If I arrive in Santiago with others, and we all go to the pilgrim office to get our tickets for the compostela, and the others then have to fly home immediately (for one reason or another), can I collect their compostela...
  14. G

    Credential App

    I understand that the Cathedral de Santiago have launched an App that acts as your credencial that you scan along the way instead of using the paper/stamps type. I’m planning to do the Portuguese Camino again and an wondering if anybody has experience of this App and how its working on the ground?
  15. Anniesantiago

    Spiritual, Religious, or ??

    In the past, when getting my Credential, I was asked why I was walking. If for spiritual or religious reasons, I could get a Compostela. If just walking for the heck of it, I could get a pretty piece of paper saying I'd completed the pilgrimage. Some of my Credentials even have a space for the...
  16. BuenC_JamieG

    Credential question

    Hi fellow peregrinos! I'm going to walk the Camino del Norte for about 20 days and then I'll get on the Camino Primitivo to Santiago. My question: Does the Compostela specify which route I walk? If so, should I bring 2 credentials that show each route I walked in case one day I finish the...
  17. Tartrazine

    Credencial in Irun

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I Will be in Irun next Wednesday the 28th of July, starting the Norte on Thursday the 29th of July. I'm trying to find out where I can pick up a credencial on the Wednesday (I'm there all day as I actually arrive late on the Tuesday) given the Albergue...
  18. L

    Credential — dual pilgrimage

    I bought the dual pilgrimage credentials for my originally plan to walk both in Japan and Spain last year, and then the world changed… Questions: Can I use a mix of this one and the holy year credential to get my completion certificate at SdC? This credential has 40 squares for stamps if I go...
  19. t2andreo

    National Police - Policia Nacional to stamp credentials

    This was in El Correo Gallego this morning (in Spanish): And also appeared in La Voz de Galicia - Santiago...
  20. Renascer

    Credencial stamp space!

    I am so happy that i just received my credencial! But now i am wondering how will all the stamps fit inside those pages? I want one stamp of the places i visit and then after Tui needs two stamps per day. How is it possible to fit all? Do they give you extra pages or the stamp itself is small...