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  1. Caomhin O Fearghaill

    Compostela - If starting from Ourense

    Do I qualify for a Compostela if I walk from Ourense to Santiago?
  2. K

    Credential del Peregrino Registration

    Just looking at my credential del Peregrino and I see you have to register. Can I register anytime before I walk or wait until the first day of walk? I'm assuming I just use the QR code to register!
  3. Sukydee

    Is it possible to obtain a replacement compestela?

    Two dear friends who completed the Camino Frances with me very sadly suffered a house fire last year. The entire contents of their home were lost. Does anyone know if there is any way to obtain replacement compestelas for them please?
  4. A

    Pilgrim Passport in SJPdP?

    Hello! I’m starting my Camino soon (having never done anything like it before) and I wanted to check, do I need to bring anything/ register anywhere first in order to get my Pilgrim Passport in Saint Jean? Thank you :)
  5. jfgough

    Additional passport or pages

    I've been a bit over eager to obtain stamps and I'm not sure I will have enough, especially after Sarria. What options are there for getting either a new one or additional pages. Also, where would I obtain them. Thanks in advance for your help. Buen Camino
  6. R

    Problem registering

    Hi all. Me and my wife are starting our Camino tomorrow. We have pre-registered for our credentials and my wife has received her QR code but I have not despite sending mine yesterday and also tried again today. If I don’t receive it before going to Porto cathedral today what will they do ...
  7. S

    Holy year 2021 passport. Can I use for this year 23?

    Hello I wonder if anyone can help. I have an unused Holy Year Passport, unused. I am walking again this year and wondered if there is an issue using this passport or do I need to get another one? Thanks for any assistance. Elizabeth
  8. N

    I didn't double stamp!

    Hi everyone, I'm on the Camino Frances and I started from León. I just realised that I was meant to double stamp on the last 100km. I thought this was just for those only doing the last 100km, which was a silly misunderstanding. I have 40km (2 days left) so will do it from now on, but will I...
  9. S

    Pilgrim passport

    Hi I will be starting the Portuguese coastal from Porto 31st of September. Do I sign my pilgrim passport prior to getting it stamped in Porto cathedral. First Camino so it's all new to me. Seamus. Buen camino
  10. loudwaters

    Camino stamp when needing to stray off-stage?

    How do you get the camino stamp in Portugal if you occasionally travel or stay off-stage? I will be going on my first camino in April, 2024 along the Camino Portugues, starting from Lisbon. I searched on the forum, and unless I missed it, my question has not been previously posted.
  11. JIMMCC13

    Pilgrim's Passport

    Is it possible to visit Ivar's store in SDC to purchase merchandise to bring home? Thanks
  12. Kristen Alvarez

    Vicarie Pro

    Hola everyone! I’m starting my 1st full Camino Frances journey on Sept 2, and I’m nervously excited! I’ve been reading so many great and helpful hints from everyone on this forum and (think) I’m ready to go! I did have a question about the Vicari Pro. Although I’m walking this Camino for...
  13. M

    Registration and Passport Information for Portuguese Coastal Camino in Porto

    Hi there, we are starting the Portuguese coastal Camino on Sept 1 in Porto. Can someone tell me location of Cathedral where we can register for the Camino and get our passport and first stamp? Thanks
  14. Anniesantiago

    Have I been wrong all this time?

    It was my understand that you must walk the entire last 100 kilometers to Santiago to get the Compostela and that it must be done in one trip. But now someone says you can do it in consecutive trips at different times. Is that true??? Nevermind... I found the answer on the Pilgrim Office Page...
  15. fornazari

    Where to get credential in Santiago?

    Good morning, everyone! Where can i get the credential in Santiago de Compostela before start the way?
  16. FionaC

    Getting your first sello

    I’m waking the Primitivo next month and will arrive in Oviedo late, starting my Camino early the next day. Is it a requirement to have a sello from the starting point of your Camino? I already have my credentials. Thanks, Fiona
  17. J.Patrick

    Sellos on the Francigena

    On the Caminos I’ve done I’ve loved the whole process of getting stamps / sellos, marking the places, the passage of time, the walking of miles. I’ve felt at home with it and have made a shrine of them at home. is there a culture of sellos / stamps on the Francigena? Will anyone know what I’m...
  18. Pathfinder075

    Pilgrim Office Pre Registration query

    So I decided to pre register now, so i have less hassle later. But I have sort of an issue with the first drop down box. As some of you know my route this year is a bit complicated. I start in Santander and then do the Vadiniense, Salvador, then Camino do Mar, Ingles, probably the Finisterre...
  19. Dojo

    Camino Del Norte Special Certificates or Stamps

    Does the CDN have any special certificates or stamps along the way? The Frances has the midway point certificate in Sahagun. The Portuguese has the Pedronia in Padron. Finisterre and Muxia, each have their own certificates.
  20. MickMac

    Certificate for SDC to Finisterre and Muxia

    Is there a Cert for walking to Finisterre and on to Muxia, if so what do I have to do to get it ? and where in Muxia or Finisterre can I obtain it. Walking next week 24th August ?.

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