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  1. S

    Vigo to Santiago

    My friend is arriving into Vigo airport next week & walking to Santiago. I would like to help him get a compostela & Vigo falls just short of the required 100km journey. My guidebook says the church of San Miguel de Bouzas is 100km from Santiago - can anyone verify this? He is time poor so...
  2. KinkyOne

    About obtaining Compostela for last 100/200kms (again, I know...)

    ...but when watching certain vlog with false info I did some internet searching. As I know you can only get Compostela if you collect two stamps per day on the last 100 km (walking) BUT: - 1: there isn't any rule published on Cathedral site...
  3. Undermeoxter

    Can I get a pilgrim passport in Sauveterre de Bearn

    Hi all, Ill be starting my first Camino in Sauveterre on Friday (4thAugust) and have just realised that I'll need the pilgrim passport to stay at the Auberges. Can I get this in Sauveterre? And if so how/where? Thanks in advance for your advice & assistance! D
  4. Eduarda

    Resume last year's Credencial

    Last year, I started my Camino Portuguese in Ponte de Lima, but unfortunately, for personal reasons, I had to return home, making Porrino my last stop... This year I would like to pick where I left off! Can I use the same Credencial de Peregrino? Will I still be able to get the Compostela? Thank...
  5. Camino Ariana

    Sahagun Certificate for Halfway point.

    Last year at the train in Sahagun someone had picked up a certificate for completion of the Half way point on the camino. Can anyone tell me if there is a pilgrim office there or where we could pick up the certificate.
  6. Rupe

    Canadian Credential

    Where can Canadians get Credentials for Portugal (Caminho)? Would prefer to have them in hand before leaving Canada. Thanks
  7. FRL

    Getting a Credencial

    Is there a pilgrim office in Pamplona where one can get a credencial? Three of us will fly into Madrid and make our way to Pamplona, to spend a night, before bussing to SJPDP the next day. If we could get a credencial in Pamplona then we would be able to stay in an albergue instead of a hotel...
  8. sillydoll

    Camino Frances Certificates.

    There are a number of certificates pilgrims can earn on the Camino Frances. 1. The COMPOSTELA: based on a 14th c document which has changed many times, with long periods where it was not issued, especially in the modern era. To earn this certificate you must walk the last 100 km to Santiago...
  9. B

    Obtain Compostela

    We (4 of us) are planning to do the Camino Frances this May from St. Jean pied de Port to Sarria then take the bus from Sarria to Compostela. Then walk again to Muxia since we did the walk from Sarria to Compostela 3 years ago. I read the information notice I need to have two stamps each day...
  10. Jeff Crawley

    Too late for a Compostela?

    An acquaintance emailed me last week. After 5 years of planning she and a friend walked the CF from Sarria to SdC last October. They did all the usual end of pilgrimage stuff, even got to see the botafumeiro, but put off queing in the rain for their Compostelas. The next day it was just as bad...
  11. crhutch

    Question regarding Pilgrim's credential

    If I get a pilgrim's credential and walk only a few stages of the Camino, can I use that same credential a following year to complete the Camino?
  12. Aldy

    Can I get a credential at the Santiago Church in Malaga

    My husband and I will in Malaga, and we want to start the Camino from the Santiago Church in Malaga. Can we purchase credentials at the church or somewhere in Malaga? Thanks and Happy New Year
  13. Panka

    Compostela if you split Frances?

    Hi pilgrims, I am wondering if you walk the camino frances or any other camino route partially during the year and ultimately you do it in 2-3 years and you collect the stamps during this trips in the same pilgrim passport, will you receive the compostela for the whole route or only for the...
  14. L

    Reusing an old pilgrim credential

    I've got a pilgrim credential from my camino adventure 6 months ago, and I'm walking again this week. Will hostels accept my old credential and continue to add stamps to it, or do I have to get a new one? (I did wonder if hostels check the dates and locations of stamps... and they do! I was...
  15. Angelrawr

    Can I still get my compostela if I take a train(or anything else) from León to Sarria?

    Hi all! :) Angela here. I am in the middle of my Camino at the moment. I am staying at León with a wonderful walking buddy I've made since the very beginning of our walk from Burgos. It's going great- except I developed tendinitis in the knee and have a hard tape wrap (artwork by el doctor) on...
  16. C

    Shouldn't it be two different types of credenciales (pilgrims' passports)?

    Well, maybe they already exist and I'm just unaware of it. I don't know. Let's see, the credencial (the Cathedral issued one that I know) states that it's just for pilgrims making the route with a Christian sense. Shouldn't pilgrims that make the pilgrimage without any Christian sense have...
  17. olgaeveraert


    I received my credentials, and they are in Spanish. Is there an english translation? I read that the last 100 km requires 2 stamps a day. What is the reason for this and must it be in 2 separate locations, i.e. town/village, or in 2 different offices for stamps? I am confused.
  18. Helen1

    Never occured to me to go the post office for credencial stamp

    "Every post office has a stamp for your Credencial, and many of them have special stamps we have designed with relevant monuments or events of that particular place. Thus, your Pilgrim's Passport will become the best of souvenirs of all the places you could see and visit on the Camino. Here you...
  19. kessey11

    Can I start in Muxia

    I am entering the last few days of my Camino to Santiago and have planned for 2 extra days that I won't need. I would like to walk some of the finisterre Camino; particularly Muxia to Finisterre. Is it possible to bus from Santiago to Muxia and get a credential in order to walk from Muxia to...
  20. J

    Camino passport in Bordeaux?

    Where can I get one in Bordeaux? Also, is there a list of Auberges between Bordeaux and SJPDP? I start two days from now but worst case I'll have backpacking equipment. I'm not sure of my route, I'm cycling and was going to find a route by the cost with the ride with GPS app.