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  1. Rainerbernd

    Pilgrim's certificate Pedronía from Padron

    Boa tarde peregrinos, you can get a pilgrim´s certificate in Padron, the PEDRONÍA. All you need is a stamp from the church in Padron in your credential. Then go to the tourism office and collect your certificate. Sorry,today I was told, you can get it in the church as well.
  2. trecile

    Post a picture of your credential!

    I'm interested in seeing the different credentials issued in different countries. I've ordered all of mine from Ivar, and I really liked the colorful one that used on my first Camino in 2016. I used the current, more somber looking credential the last two years. What does your credential...
  3. Kiwi-family

    On getting a compostela

    This topic has been discussed ad Infinitum, but I thought I’d add our experience to the mix. The previous four times we have queued, handed over our handmade credentials with a stamp for every day walked and received a compostela. Yesterday our group of five approached the five volunteers in...
  4. notion900

    5th camino certificate

    Here's a picture of my friend with her Compostela and her 5th Camino certificate. Just posting it because I had never heard of it until she got it. (click photo to enlarge)
  5. S

    Ponte de Lima - Credencial

    Hello everybody, We are going with my wife to start our first Camini in Friday this week from Ponte de Lima. Is there any chance to get the credential there or near? Thanks for any advice. We wold like to go directly from the airport to Viana do Castelo and them next morning to Pte. de Lima...
  6. Limah

    Please Help: Where to start from coastal to variante espiritual for credential

    Hi Everyone, I have a couple more hours and need help. I walked Camino Baztan, Camino Vasco and Camino Santiago .. and can you believe it, I haven't been to Santiago yet! I'm coming full circle this time around and plan to make it to Santiago. I am flying into Vigo Airport super soon. I do not...
  7. Peter Fransiscus

    Chromatic history of the Compostela glory Enjoy.
  8. peterbells

    Getting stamps and mobile signal

    Just booked to do Sarria to Santiago in September. What is mobile signal like along that route (so I can speak to my wife in England) and what sort of places can give you a stamp for your passport and do you have to pay. Many thanks. Peter
  9. ELHS220

    PLEASE - ID your Credential

    I will be finishing a two-week volunteer period in the Pilgrim Office this weekend and I have a few observations to share. 1. People are showing up with the TITLE PAGE of the credential BLANK. What happens if you lose it along the way? Please fill in your name CLEARLY. Otherwise we have to...
  10. B

    best time to stand in line to collect compostela

    hi , what is the best time of day to collect my compostela (shortest lines. thanks.
  11. Tamargrace

    Credentials for peRRegrinos and the charity APACA

    Hey Did you know you can get a certificate for dogs from Santiago? I have been suprised as to how many hostel and albergue owners have never seen one before. The wonderful charity APACA which is the Asociación Protectora de Animáis do Camiño creates these stunning little dog passports for 3€...
  12. KJFSophie

    Number of stamps per day on Portuguese Camino for last 100K ?

    I'm walking from Porto to Santiago this September 2018, and am curios if I need to get two stamps per day from Tui on? ( similar to Sarria ? )
  13. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    Pilgrims compostela in Geneva

    Hi, We are about to arrive in Geneva to start our Via Gebennensis. (The Geneva Way) I believe there is a small bookshop where the "yellow" guide can be purchased, does anybody know where we can purchase our Compostela certificates from in Geneva.
  14. Olivia Covarrubias

    What's your favorite sello (stamp) from the Camino?

    Hi, I was looking at my stamps from last year and love them all, but the one from Logrono is my favorite so far. Returning this year in May to complete my journey. What's your favorite sello (stamp)? Olivia
  15. John Sikora

    Stamps on the Camino Portugues

    Simple question. I'm walking the Camino Portugues from Lisbon to Santiago (via the coast) in September. Is it similar to the Camino Santiago with regard to stamps? It may sound a bit silly but I think that one of the best parts of the walk are the stamps in the credencial. I ended up framing...
  16. Robo

    SJPDP Credencial Question -

    Having bought some stuff from Ivar recently I am in possession of the new style, 'official' Credencials as issued by the Cathedral in Santiago. Exhibit A. They have one downside, as others have pointed out. The whole of one side is taken up by mini maps. Which might make a nice souvenir, but...
  17. Lindam1

    Passport stamps

    I started my camino in August this year and walked from St Jean pied de Port to Logrono, I am wondering if the stamps collected on the passport have an expiry date? How long do I have before I need to resume my walk?
  18. J

    Obtaining credentials/passport Lisbon

    Hi! I'll be starting my Camino in a week and wondering if anyone knows if you can pick up credentials at the Lisbon Cathedral ahead of time/anytime? Or does it have to be the day you start your walk? Thank you!
  19. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    Where to stamp the pilgrim passport in Fátima

    Where to stamp the pilgrim passport in Fátima
  20. S

    Vigo to Santiago

    My friend is arriving into Vigo airport next week & walking to Santiago. I would like to help him get a compostela & Vigo falls just short of the required 100km journey. My guidebook says the church of San Miguel de Bouzas is 100km from Santiago - can anyone verify this? He is time poor so...