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  1. R

    Porto - Santiago April

    Hi. Is there anyone can comment about weather conditions in the beginning of April in Porto-Santiago regions? Is it windy, rainy? Cold? Also about Credential - where is it possible to obtain it?
  2. Gabe_Way

    If I already have the credential, do I still have to register in SJPD anyway?

    As the title says. Do we need to go to the pilgrim office to register, regardless of having the official credential, which I have bought from this website? Or are we good to go? Thanks!
  3. KJFSophie

    Number of stamps per day on Portuguese Camino for last 100K ?

    I'm walking from Porto to Santiago this September 2018, and am curios if I need to get two stamps per day from Tui on? ( similar to Sarria ? )
  4. Nancy Sarno C

    Lost Credential today

    Hi. I am on the CP and lost my credential. I had it stamped a a cafe in Vigo this morning. I think it fell out of my pack on the wooded trail before Redondella. Message me if you find it please. I can pick it up in Santiago perhaps.
  5. M

    My Credential arrived in the post... so...?

    What do I need to do when I get to SJPDP, do I need to still go and register somewhere or can I just begin walking now?
  6. B

    Obtain Compostela

    We (4 of us) are planning to do the Camino Frances this May from St. Jean pied de Port to Sarria then take the bus from Sarria to Compostela. Then walk again to Muxia since we did the walk from Sarria to Compostela 3 years ago. I read the information notice I need to have two stamps each day...
  7. crhutch

    Question regarding Pilgrim's credential

    If I get a pilgrim's credential and walk only a few stages of the Camino, can I use that same credential a following year to complete the Camino?
  8. M

    Where to start in Venice

    Hi Everyone. My son is in Venice and in urgent need of guidance. He is in Venice right now and does not not where he needs to go to get started. He also need a credential. Could anyone on this group provide some guidance? Thanks in advance.
  9. L

    Reusing an old pilgrim credential

    I've got a pilgrim credential from my camino adventure 6 months ago, and I'm walking again this week. Will hostels accept my old credential and continue to add stamps to it, or do I have to get a new one? (I did wonder if hostels check the dates and locations of stamps... and they do! I was...
  10. kessey11

    Can I start in Muxia

    I am entering the last few days of my Camino to Santiago and have planned for 2 extra days that I won't need. I would like to walk some of the finisterre Camino; particularly Muxia to Finisterre. Is it possible to bus from Santiago to Muxia and get a credential in order to walk from Muxia to...
  11. TracyBatonRouge

    Credential in Burgos?

    I leave tomorrow, and my credential never came in the mail. I start from Burgos. Could someone tell me where to get a credential in Burgos? Thanks!
  12. Susan B Johnson

    pilgrim's credential

    Where can I get a pilgrim's credential in Ferrol? Is there a special office? Is it necessary to have one if I don't stay in albergues?
  13. John MLT

    Credencial & certificate - section hiking!

    Hi all, I'll be walking the Camino Frances from St Jean to Santiago over two parts. This September Ill be walking to Burgos, and then from there to Santiago in April of next year. Can anyone tell me if I'll have any issues when presenting the stamped credencial at the certificate office in...
  14. minaleigh

    Several General Questions

    I put this post under equipment because there are some questions about it, but I have more outside that topic. Anyways, hello! I am a new pilgrim and have been lurking, reading various posts for hours. Many have answered the majority of my questions, but I need some clarification on others...
  15. DLJ


    In light of the latest announcement regarding the various credentials, we are planning to do the Camino El Norte to Santiago in April, do you or who do you recommend contacting for a credential? I could get one from the American Pilgrims on the Camino, but from past experience theirs has been...
  16. ratyoke

    Order a passport or get it in Spain?

    I read that some people get their pilgrim's passport when they arrive in Spain, and I also see that it can be ordered and sent to your home before you leave. Are they both the exact same passport? Is there any reason to do it one way rather than the other? I'll be starting my camino in...
  17. sillydoll

    The changing significance of the modern Credencial

    The first modern 'credencial' was issued in the late 1950's to road pilgrims who followed a road map of routes for pilgrims and tourists which was published for the 1954 Holy Year. Five road routes leading tourists and tourist-pilgrims to Santiago were developed closely following what would...
  18. Martha Jansen

    Begin or end your camino with a visit to Paris

    For pilgrims who have the time to visit Paris as part of their camino, it's good to know that if you have your credential with you you can receive a stamp at the audio desk in Notre Dame Cathedrale and also at the Information Kiosk within the small park surrounding the Tour Sainte Jacques. And...
  19. I

    Credentials (donativo)

    Credentials are now available in the UK from Peterborough Pilgrims. We have set up a site to enable all pilgrims to access our facility. So in the words of a very old TV show in the UK... Come on Down. Contact this site:- http://peterbros-pilgrimcredentials.blogspot.com/

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