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  1. Marcus-UK

    VdlP via Sanabres or Continue along to the Frances

    I am considering cycling the Via de la Plata in May next year. The options appear to be leaving the VdlP at Granja de Moreruela and following the Camino Sanabres into SDC or continuing up the VdlP and linking up with the Camino Frances. Has anyone got any recommendations? I know this is a...
  2. DSC00703.JPG


    cycling the Camino Portugues
  3. J

    Cycling VdlP: prevailing winds?

    A quick question for all the VdlP experts on here: my wife and I plan to cycle the VdlP, leaving Seville mid September 2018. Is there a prevailing wind direction? It makes a big difference on a bike. I am guessing/hoping that if there is a prevailing wind, it will be S, SW or at worst W, ie off...
  4. J

    Cycling - Franics vs Norte/Camping vs Not/Road vs actual route

    Hi - I was hoping to get some advice on a few things so here we go... Looking to tour through N. Spain on my bike by myself as I have wanted to it for a while. Not for religious reasons, I just like riding my bike and Spanish food! I'm a 28 year male and I ride a reasonable amount (was in italy...
  5. S

    Cycling el Camino del Norte/Primitivo

    Hey there, I'm looking to mountain bike el camino del norte/primitivo possibly in September of 2018. I liked the path taken by these bloggers here. Basically I would love to mountain bike on trails as much as possible, though I realize the pavement will help me gain some mileage here and...
  6. P

    Weather and clothing! Camino del norte

    Hey all!!! Ill be cycling the camino del norte starting in March 2018 and Im just wondering what kinda of weather have you guys experienced on that route roughly round that time???
  7. Jack Quinn

    Cycling & Blogging the Camino Portugués

    I am a 75-year-old male who is currently cycling the Camino portugués and posting daily blog entries of my experience. I'm cycling during August 2017, but I will leave the blog up when I finish, because it may be of use to others who are considering doing the same. If you check the blog out well...
  8. C

    Physical training needed to cycle?

    Hi, A friend and I are hoping to cycle the Camino, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago, in October. Ideally we want to aim to do it in 12 days, while giving ourselves 2 extra days to rest/explore/catch up if needed (worst comes to worst, we have also another week in Spain after that but we want...
  9. Helen1

    Cycling the Vía de la Plata

    Nice/short account of cycling Via de la Plata (not as a pilgrimage). They make it sound quite tempting... https://www.cicerone-extra.com/cycling-the-via-de-la-plata
  10. H

    Camino Frances or Norte

    Hello, My partner and I are planning to begin our Camino in September. We were initially going to begin by walking from SJPP to Pamploma, and then planned to cycle from Pamploma until Leon (at least). We have three weeks and don't know that we will finish the Camino. We intend let the...
  11. J

    Need help in planning cycling route Porto-SDC

    Hello, I am planning my first camino from Porto to SDC and I am very excited!! I am aiming for mid-September but I have a few questions before I book my ticket. If I take the coastal route, is 6 days sufficient? (I am a road cyclist so I'm in decent shape) Can anyone who has cycled this route...
  12. joecamino

    LIVE from the Camino Burgos to León-- best route

    Hola! Yesterday I walked into Burgos, 17 days after leaving SJPdP. Tomorrow I pick up a rental bike for what I hope will be a 3-day ride across the Meseta. Does anyone have guidance on best cycling route(s) to León? Wherever possible-- and safe-- I'd prefer to ride the road, and leave the...
  13. M

    Cycling From Pamplona To Santiago In 7 Days

    Hi Me and a friend of mine plan on cycling the camino frances this July, from Pamplona to Santiago in a maximum of 7 days, so around 100km a day. We plan to fly to Biarittz and then a bus to Pamplona. Does any one have an itinerary or breakdown of stages for each of the 7 days, highlighting...
  14. M

    Cycling & Walking the Camino de Santiago Book - now free 2017-03-04

    I have reduced the price of my book 'Cycling & Walking the Camino de Santiago' to being FREE for the next 5 days - it is just available on Amazon Kindle. It is on all Amazon sites across the world. The reduction ends at midnight on March 8th 2017. I would love a few comments.
  15. M

    Cycling & Walking the Camino de Santiago 2017-02-20

    In early 2014 we visited our friends Jessica and Nigel, and the Camino de Santiago came up in conversation. They had just completed it but we had no idea that it even existed until they told us about it. We learnt that it was a famous walk that started in St Jean Pied-de-Port and finished at...
  16. mcp52766

    My September 2016 Camino Frances SJPDP-SDC

    Three months after my return, I have shared my experience with many people face to face. While coming from America where the Camino is not as know as it is in Europe, I found many people initially concerned but later inspired by the task, particularly with my being a 50 year old woman traveling...
  17. Kiwi Suz

    Del Norte in high season, 2016, we biked

    I found this forum so helpful, I promised myself I would write something on return. Finding info, especially in English, seemed difficult before we left...so here is the stuff we thought might be useful to others: We biked Santander to Santiago finishing 20 August. We took 19 days. We were the...
  18. sara carlson

    Biking the English Route

    I'm considering biking the camino; but am interested in both the Northern and English routes. I know cyclists have to bike the last 200 km which eliminates the English route since it isn't that long. If a person were to cycle 100 km or more of the Northern route, and then transfer to the English...
  19. Nancy Curren

    Cycling the way questions

    We will cycle the Camino for 2 weeKS ending in Santiago on May 1. So many questions. Help please. 1. What route and where to start? 2. Buy or rent bikes? Where? (We do have additional time in Spain.) How about shipping or travel with them from USA or Germany where we have friends? Looking for...
  20. D

    Camino del Norte - September 2016

    Hey Guys, I have been looking through the forums quite a bit - I thank all of you for the huge amount of information!! A friend and I are all booked for the Camino del Norte and will be arriving in San Sebastian on the 2nd of September. We are both (he more than I) experienced cyclists and we...

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