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  1. M

    Siena to Rome in December/January?

    Hello! I'll be walking the Via Francigena from Siena to Rome with two friends, starting Dec 27th. I have no idea what to expect. What can we expect about the weather? I'll check which accommodations work before we go. Would it be recommended to reserve in advance? Is New Year's (Bolsena) and...
  2. S

    Walking in December

    Hello all, I'm hoping to get some feedback as my husband and I want to take the Camino Portuguese this coming December. This will be our first Camino, and so far, we haven't found many people who have traveled during this time. Taking into consideration every year is different, does anyone know...
  3. Ludmilla

    Camino Portugues late December

    Dear all, We plan to hike on the Camino Portugues for five to six days after Christmas - 12/27 to 01/01. Will most of the albergues be closed then? Is it more advisable to do the bit Lisbon to Porto, or the section Porto to Santiago de Compostela? How many days will the section Lisbon to Porto...
  4. Trish K

    Rough cost of Camino Frances in December

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am loving the wealth of information on here. I am planning to undertake the Camino Frances setting off on 24/11 and hoping to arrive in Santiago on 31/12. One piece of info I can't seem to find recent info on is what I should expect to spend. I will be...
  5. PlutseligPilegrim

    Three some minutes of El Norte

    Had this tune from artist named Machinedrum stuck in my head before I left....impressions of scenery put to use....just to give some ample taste of what it's like in december...
  6. SYates

    One Week in December

    After the Camino Ditch Pigs Clean Up I hope to sneak in a short pilgrimage, but on which Camino? I have around ~7 days and prefer to walk no more than 20km/day (heels still tender). I am not concerned about getting yet another Compostela but would very much like to end in Santiago. So, which...
  7. DeborahAliceee

    Coastal Route Starting in Porto in Mid-December 2016

    Hey all, first and foremost any feedback/advice is VERY welcomed! I have decided to start my Camino in Porto and am allowing myself 15 days to reach Santiago. I have lots of questions though! I know the weather will be colder (but I am from MN so I am not bothered by it) and it looks like the...
  8. vlebe

    2016 Nov/Dec & 2017 Jan Peregrinos Departures

    Dear Pilgrims; its not that I want to "copy" the other thread related to the "sep/oct departures" but, I think opening up this one for nov/dec/jan would give us a good comparative number to get things into perspective of really how fewer pilgrims will be fighting against the wet/cold/snowy...
  9. G

    Walking the Camino in December/January

    Hi there! So, I'm going to walk the Camino Frances for the first time, starting in 13 of December. My idea is to walk the French path till Leon, then take the Camino Salvador to Oviedo and there start the Camino Primitivo to Melide, where, once again, I'll be walking the Camino Frances to...
  10. Ross Sheeran

    Thermal Underwear? Is it cold enough?

    We are starting the Camino in late October through to early December. Is it cold enough at this time of the year to be wearing long thermal underwear or is it unnecessary extra weight to carry if not needed. Thanks for any
  11. K

    Christmas/New Year Period

    Hi, Me and my Girlfriend are planning to do the camino from Sarria to Santiago between Christmas and New Year. Do you have any tips and suggestions especially regarding the equipment and the accomodations please? Everything is appreciated as this is our first time doing the camino and very...
  12. beiramar

    First two weeks of December- which route to go?

    Hey peregrinos and peregrinas, My fiancé and me will have the first two weeks of December off and are thinking about getting a slightly different Camino experience. As a bit of background information: walked the caminho Português three times, also did Fisterra. We live in Porto and hiked...
  13. Daxzentzu

    November,December & January Camino

    I will start my pilgrimage, Camino Frances, during November, 2014. I hope that veteran camino "winter walkers" here, may provide me with insights, for walking at this time of year There is a saying that ignorance is bliss which means I should just let go and just let it happen. But my rugby...
  14. mla1

    Suggestions for walking in France in December?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has walked on any of the routes in France in December? I have a little more than two weeks for walking. I am planning to walk the LePuy route in the spring of 2014 or 2015, so I thought I might be able to get in a shorter walk somewhere else in the meantime. I was...
  15. F

    December Camino from Porto to Bilbao

    I have now booked my tickets and The Camino Portuguese is waiting for me...and vise versa! I'll start in Porto on December 10th and expect to arrive in Santiago around the 20th - which I consider realistic...(I am trained and fit).... Could anyone recommend MUST-STAY alburgues on this route?? I...
  16. caminoforme86

    Camino Frances November and early December 2013 :)

    Hey I am just new here and looking for some advice or just general feedback of people who have walked the Camino Frances alone in the months of November and into the early December? I am currently on a gap year in Europe, I am returning home in September for a month and plan to leave for the...
  17. J

    Cycling the Camino France's across December/jan

    Hi all I'm wondering what people experiences have been like doing the camino France's during December/January and whether it is even possible. The research I've done so far has been a less informative than I'd hoped so thought the best way to find out would be to ask. Is it possible to cycle...
  18. jeffnd

    Starting from Paris, in December

    So, I have this wild thought in my head of walking the Tours route and starting in Paris, and I need some advice on this. There is very little information on walking from Paris, and virtually nothing about walking in winter. But, with my new job, I'll have winters off and with some careful...
  19. ktchnofdngr

    Walking the Camino this December.

    Hey, all. I am planning on leaving Sunny Texas this December 6th via Paris for my camino (with a short stop in Lourdes first). I will actually start walking on the 9th, and I have four questions. First, how sparse should I expect fellow pilgrims to be, and since I'm a female walking alone...
  20. L

    Camino de invierno December

    Hi. Was wondering if anyone has walked the camino de invierno in December before starting from ponferrada. Just wondered what the weather will be like and if you managed to find any open albegues. Thanks

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