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  1. long trails

    Post Camino depression

    I was looking for a recent topic on post-trail depression so I could add a link to an excellent article that was shared on a hiking forum, but I could n't find one, so here you go! I find that even after a four or five day hike I could feel quite down, for no apparent external reason. Since...
  2. sarahwillwalk

    Post-Camino withdrawal symptoms / blues

    Hello, all. I got back from the camino two days ago. I had a wonderful experience walking from Sarria to Santiago. I spent my entire first day back in bed (presumably to catch up on sleep and rest), and noticed yesterday that I could have done the same if not for an appointment with a new...
  3. Abbeydore


    If you don't suffer from it you are blessed, if you do you probably know how I feel @ present The recent full moon has given me a pretty hard time of it! Walked my dog in suffolk eng. Enjoyed some sun, but feel pretty crap...........not wish it upon any one! Anyway tomorrow's another day, love...
  4. beiramar

    Mental Health Issues

    All of the threads here deal with fisical health issues and I was missing a discussion about psychic problems and the camino. I already did a camino and from what I experienced there and read in this and other forums, it seems to me that these issues are almost a taboo. The reason for a...

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