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  1. Jakke


    This is a matter of taste, so no arguing. I am out of necessity a vegetarian and I have diabetes. What Portuguese dish would you ask for if you were me?
  2. CaminoKate0214

    type 2 diabetes and possible blisters -- treatment?

    As a type 2 diabetic, I just cannot imagine doing the needle and thread thing! That would seem a great way to get a huge infection that would put a quick end to my Camino. Anyone here with ideas for diabetics to treat blisters? I've been wearing my hiking shoes for about three months now, so...
  3. Marilyn Canada


    Does anyone know if I can purchase Insulin....Flex Pens for each of Novo Rapid and Levemir.....WITHOUT ....a prescription in Spain? I walked the Camino France's in 2008 and carried all my insulin and diabetic supplies needed for the forty days. Since then my dosage has increased significantly...
  4. gagseymt

    Dealing with Diabetes

    I am problay not the first to do the walk with type 2 diabetes. I have no problems carrying my tablets. But many say always have energy bars available. Well there's my problem. Too much sugar in the bars. What has other people used when walking, as a snack to gain a quick energy boost?
  5. Susan hopes

    Proper disposal of used diabetes supplies

    Buenos dios, fellow pilgrims! I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and must carry with me my insulin, needles and test strips. For those of you who have walked the camino with this condition, can you share how you disposed of used needles, test strips, etc.? At home I have a sharps box and can...
  6. A

    T2 diabetes - Anyone walked with this?

    I have walked before and wish to return. But I have since been diagnosed with T2 which I control well with diet and no meds or insulin yet. But I remember the very carby (but lovely) meals I had at the time. So I now wonder whether you – as a type 2 – have been able to 'walk off' the usual...
  7. K

    Diabetic walk - how to keep insulin cool?

    I am a 55 yr old Type 1 diabetic, planning to walk the whole Camino Frances from 5/5/14. I inject Novorapid three times a day and Levemir once. Unused insulin needs to be stored in a fridge, as it only lasts 28 days outside a fridge. I plan to allow 50 days for the walk. I anticipate that if I...
  8. M

    Pilgrims with Insulin Dependent Diabetes

    My diabetes is well controlled, I use an insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor, and I have no medical complications. My biggest concern is how to carry all my pump supplies & "emergency" food/drink with me. Soon I will "practice" a walk of 5-10 miles with my backpack loaded with what I...
  9. jeffnd

    Just diagnosed type 1 diabetic...

    I've been getting really bad headaches lately. I went to see a doctor, he said it's high blood pressure. He didn't put me on anything, he just told me to get more active and eat better. I was supposed to follow up in a month. But on Thursday night my headache got so bad I went to the ER...
  10. sillydoll

    Camino Frances fund-raiser for Canadian Diabetes Association

    http://traveledearth.com/2012/05/13/our ... ge-to-you/ "Type 2 diabetes is very much a lifestyle disease, and we have a very personal connection to diabetes… several of our family members are diabetic. We have already donated $80 to kick-start the fundraiser… now we need your help to reach our...
  11. S

    Insulin pump supplies (equipment)

    Hi I will be traveling the Camino for 6 weeks in May and June 2012. I am a type I diabetic and I am currently using an insulin pump. Because of the limited space I have to pack all my clothing and equipment I am seriously considering going back on injections during the Camino because it takes...

    Diabetes 2, pen & pills, no daily checkups

    I got an invitation to walk to Galicia and my diabetes specialist just promised to support me all the way by phone so there should be no problem at all! Untill now I thought I couldn't do it... On this Forum there are already a few dozen posts on diabetes and diabetic and I PM'd with a few...
  13. sillydoll


    There is an excellent article for people with diabetics on the CSJ of UK website. http://www.csj.org.uk/diabetics.htm
  14. A

    diabetes and the walk again

    Thanks for the replies about freezers. I read on one of the links in a reply that a thermos in a fridge over night is adequate for insulin storage, so no need for freezer. So you think access to a fridge will not be a problem? I was wondering whether there is an official website that would...
  15. A


    We may be walking with a friend who is an insulin depentent diabetic. Are there facilities in the refuges to freeze an ice brick every night to keep the insulin cool for the trek a month out of Santiago?

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