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  1. LGLG

    No worries in the world

    You see... don't stress - it's a breeze!
  2. camster

    Burst my camino bubble.

    Let me explain. I've been planning the walk for three years, having bouts of super excitement and bouts of not thinking about it as much. The thing is whenever I feel excited again about planning and going, I have your wonderful pictures and stories come to mind. I am aware of the not so good...
  3. Joodle

    any moments of "what the heck am I doing here" ?

    I am hoping for honesty in your answers. Don't be afraid of scaring me. I don't scare that easily. Were there moments of "What have I done" or "please God, let me wake up in my own bed"? the real moments when you just want to quit and you feel miserable and can't believe you're doing this...

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