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  1. L

    Doing the Portugues with a disability?

    Hi y'all. Like many people, I'm thinking of doing the Camino next year - september/october, pretty much. After long consideration, I've settled on the Portugues because of the coastal bits - I like the sea. :p Plus the bit with the boat in the Espirituel. Sounds fun. However, I have an extra...
  2. L

    To Those of you with New Hips

    I'm six weeks into healing from receiving a new hip. Doing good but still exhausted after short (2 blocks) walks. My doctor says I'll be able to do the Camino next year providing there's a vaccine and Europe is willing to let anyone from the USA in. My question is to those of you with a new...
  3. W

    Maps.me Voice

    Hi! Hope this is OK to post here. Just spent a day and a half trying to get tracking on the Portuguese Coastal for Maps me once done found it does not support voice for walking (only for bikes,cars!) As i am visually impaired i need pretty much accurate voice information regarding what to...
  4. turkeyneck

    With hope and gratitude for March 2021

    Greetings! What a roller coaster of a year so far?! With patience and concerted effort, I hope that all of us make it through the fall and winter then into a blessed spring. With much disappointment, like many pilgrims, I could not start in St Jean last March. To top off the whole pandemic...
  5. simply B

    Pacerpoles for people with diminished core/upper-body strength?

    Long story short... A close friend has been diagnosed with ALS. He has been walking with conventional trekking poles for a few months now but now he has been developing blisters on the hands from the increased chore of weight-bearing. His "next stop" on walking posture support has been told to...
  6. T

    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    Hi, my wife, a devout Catholic, has expressed an interested in Camino a couple of times in the past. Considering that the next year is of special religious importance I'm looking into organizing it. However she has some health problems. Nothing serious, but can't do a lot of strenuous...
  7. W

    Severely Visually Impaired Walking Portuguese Coastal Sept 2021

    Hi! I hope to walk the coastal route next year as a solo traveller;i have travelled solo before in Europe several times. When exploring these destinations i had options as to which direction to go ;based on local knowledge. Whereas the camino has one destination Santiago. My question relates...
  8. jsalt

    Walking With Facet Joint Osteoarthritis

    This is a long shot, but thought I’d ask anyway. Is there anyone on this forum who also suffers this condition? I can move this thread to personal messaging if preferred. I’m not looking for medical information, just a support group. Thank you for any replies. Jill
  9. malingerer

    Walking with Meniere's Disease

    Any one out there with personal experience and tips/tricks for walking with Meniere's Disease? Mine is getting worse! I fall inside as well as out of my flat I use my Pacer Poles most of the the time and shop using my hip-belt hiking trolley. This certainly ensures me social distance :) I...
  10. dougfitz

    Vision and eyeglasses while walking

    [MODERATOR'S NOTE: These first two posts have been moved from another thread, as the topic seems worth a thread of its own.] Edit (to explain the issue now that this has been used to create a new thread) Older walkers might have noticed that when they are using bi-focal, multi-focal or...
  11. K

    6-7 days walking for someone with arthritis

    Hello, my wife and I have previously completed sections of Caminos St. James and Norte. Unfortunately, my wife has started to develop arthritis in her ankles and knees. At this stage she is comfortable walking 10-15k on the flat but has a problem with continuous or long uphill/downhill...
  12. D

    Camino on a Wheelchair

    Do you have any advices for the Coast Portuguese Camino on a wheelchair? Is it "possible"? Do you know any wheelchair adapted albergues? I am doing with a friend on a wheelchair next month, starting in Baiona. If you have any tips I will be very appreciate. Thank you. Regards
  13. Mark McCarthy

    Audio description for the film The Way

    Does anyone know if any of the Camino films like The Way or Six Ways to Santiago have an audio description feature for visually impaired viewers?
  14. Pelegrin

    Disabled pilgrims will be able to make reservations in public albergues

    The news says that for Xacobeo21, disabled pilgrims will be allowed to make reservations in public albergues of Xunta de Galicia. Also says: - The Xunta albergues are going to be conditioned for disabled pilgrims. - Some stages in Galicia and other Comunidades Autónomas will have audioguide...
  15. L

    Which (short) section of the Camino should I take my mother who uses a wheelchair on?

    Hello guys, My name is Lina, 22 year old and I am planning to walk the Camino Frances for the first time starting May 2020. My mom was diagnosed with MS a while ago and we would always promise each other that we will walk the Camino together when she gets better. Fast forward 10 years and my...
  16. S

    Anyone done a Camino Frances with someone with limited mobility

    HI there, I am planning on doing some of the Camino Frances with a family member with MS. He can only walk 3 miles per day. I am thinking of us walking the 3 miles then getting some sort of transportation to the next stage. Any ideas from those of you who have attempted the Frances like this?
  17. D

    Brail and Tactile Stamps for Visualy Impaired Pilgrims

    We've read recently of visualy impaired pilgrims on Camino. I've also met and been told of such pilgrims when I've been on Camino. Something I treasure greatly - and I know I'm not alone with this, are the stamps I collect on my credentials. I know that the albergues/cafés/restaurants are proud...
  18. T

    From Blind "rescued Irish Walker"

    Hi gang maybe some of ye read in the tabloid papers this week of the and I quote , the dramatic rescue mission of a group of irish walkers on top of a mountain while trecking the Camino. The papers declared that this rescue happened in severe conditions and that the rescued were...
  19. A

    Camino with a disability

    Hello, I am starting to plan my camino. However, it is a bit of a challenge, as I suffer from spastic cerebral palsy, which affects both of my legs and my left hand. I do not use any walker or crutches or wheelchair, but I get tired easily, falls are as easy as getting tired and can walk approx...
  20. L

    Most accessible part of the Camino?

    I want to give me 70 year old mother a taste of the camino as she loves walking and always admires my adventures on the camino. The problem is she has some mobility issues and can't walk very far, maybe 10k a day. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a flat good path, not too rocky...