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  1. malingerer

    Pilgrims with severe balance problems: how do you manage?

    I have a severe balance problem ( incurable) which has badly affected my ability to walk any great distances. Thank god for pacer poles! I cannot ride a two wheel cycle either because of this. MY final solution is an adult tricycle. Can I hire such a beast in Spain or would this be a...
  2. A

    Urgent - Seeking accessible accommodation near Santiago

    Hi all, not sure if there will be a response. My parents finished their walk this past weekend to Santiago, but my mom had an accident and fell that resulted in surgery. They now will need to stay in the area for at least another 2 weeks for Physical Therapy until they are able to come home to...
  3. L

    Can I Walk the Last 100km of Camino Frances with a Wheeled Walker?

    Is it possible to traverse the last 100 kilometers of the Camino Frances with a wheeled walker? Since the last I walked the Camino my mobility has been greatly reduced, I now use a wheeled walker to get around. I walked as far west as Astorga but never finished and now would love to...
  4. Paintboy2

    But what about the handicapped?

    I'm a veteran pilgrim, but have recently suffered an injury that has left me handicapped. I can walk, but with great difficulty. Still, I find that I'm unable to give up on my love of Caminos. I'm going to try for another one, maybe next year if I can get my legs to work well enough. My...
  5. C

    Blind companion on Camino Portugues?

    I walked Pamplona to Burgos October 2022, alone. It was just lovely. (I only walk about 8-15 km per day because I have knee arthritis and another bothersome pain.) I have a close friend who is blind, and who might just love to go with me on another Camino walk, I'm thinking the Interior...
  6. Wheelchairpilgrim

    By wheelchair from Le Puy to Rocamadour

    I am now on my way from Le Puy-en-Velay to Rocamadour in my wheelchair. It is a dificult road (a lot uphill) but I manage to do it by wheelchair. I also write a blog about it (it is in Dutch, but most browsers can translate it).
  7. Kiwi-girl

    Adult off road buggy

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but please point me in the right direction if not, so here goes. My friend and I are in the planning stages of walking the Camino, not sure yet which route. My friend wants to take her mother with and push her in an off-road buggy, she is not...
  8. Dvanleeu

    Charging electric wheelchair en route

    My electric wheelchair has a range of 12 miles. Takes 6 hours for full recharge, but a one hour charge could add 2 miles the range. Does anyone have experience plugging in along the way? We’re taking the coastal Portuguese route from Porto. So far my plan is to taxi to accessible sections 7...
  9. S

    Bryan's inspiring story of overcoming muscular dystrophy while hiking the Camino Frances and Portuguese Camino

    I start my third Camino two months from today and was doing some research this morning. I came across a short story (the link is found below). As I opened this webpage, the picture at the top of the story took me aback. I saw a young man that I met in advance of Rabanal del Camino back in...
  10. L

    Using Alinker on Camino Frances

    Has anyone got any experience using an Alinker to help them walk?
  11. NigelKing

    I have a walking disability, which Camino is best this December?

    Hi I’m 67, got severe ankle arthritis in one ankle and a fused ankle on the other. It is painful to walk any distance, but a Camino would be so important for me spiritually. I’ve been preparing spiritually for years for a pilgrimige and I’m current on a two month solo trip through Spain with...
  12. dutchwalkagain

    Neuropathy tips

    planning my 5th ( 20 days only ) Camino . My partner will join me for the first time . He is planning to walk limited miles daily and forward by bus or taxi as needed . He has neuropathy and both feet are numb . Any tips about Camino and Neuropathy are welcome . Thanks
  13. dutchwalkagain

    Taxi from alto de perdon to Puente la Reina

    Hi , I’m planning my 5th Camino for 2022 ( Yay) Last camino was in 2018 . Now my partner will join me . It will be a limited ,somewhat chopped up Camino . 20 days . My partner has health issues and won’t be able to walk more then 5 to 10 miles a day . So he will forward each day by taxi or bus...
  14. CaliHiker

    Easy/safe road routes first 7 days?

    I’m preparing to do the first 7 stages of Camino Frances with friends hiking. One of our group has a disability and will be unable to walk, but we’d really like for her to be able to join us. We’ve discussed having some of us bike and others walk. If we were going to have her bike the camino to...
  15. Lhollo

    Extra pillows logic problem

    Hello fellow pilgrims! As you may have seen in my planning post about Belorado to Sarria, I’ve been merrily working away, booking rooms for that section. Everything is unravelling now that some of the places I’ve reserved have said they have no extra pillows. I’m having a bit of a wobble over...
  16. Wheelchairpilgrim

    Rolling in France by wheelchair

    10 days ago I started the next stage of my camino from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 through France 🇫🇷 to Santiago. This year from Taizé to Le-Puy-en-Velay. A wonderful wheelchair trip with great adventures. It is posible to follow me at also on Facebook and Instagram...
  17. turkeyneck

    Still going and still rocking!

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going and adapt. Multiple sclerosis decided to impact my life to the point of limiting my walking ability. Even with the help of braces and trekking poles, I am not able to walk everyday and for extended periods of time. However, I started training on a...
  18. PilgrimPillar

    Paraplegic and walking with crutches.....

    In May/June 2016 I walked upon a 25-30 year old guy walking Frances with a handicap. From memory he took around 10 steps supported by two crutches before pausing for a second. I was blown away by his willpower and stamina. From what I remember he successfully arrived Santiago and there was a...
  19. turkeyneck

    Not March But Maybe October 2021

    As with all things nowadays, I will postpone my walk until October 2021. It is my sincere hope that all of us begin to recover and soon be together. I will keep training and working to ensure that I can complete a route before my multiple sclerosis renders me immobile. As with most people with...
  20. Paintboy2

    Spine Fusion Adventure

    Have any of you Camino veterans walked after a back fusion? I'm 4 weeks pre-op for a major back fusion operation and I'm wondering how it will impact my next Camino (#5). For those of you in the know it's an L2 - S1 I interbody fusion. I'm not new to surgery having had two total knee...

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