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  1. Hello!


  2. Hi there, who are you?

    Hi there, who are you?

    My sweet daughter stops for every single animal that wants to say hello.
  3. Hi, how are you?

    Hi, how are you?

    My sweet daughter stops for every single animal that wants to say hello.
  4. Hello there!

    Hello there!

  5. Penny Kingma

    Has anyone traveled with a dog....how was it ?

    I’m wondering if any of you on the forum traveled with your dog. I know I saw a few. Would you do it again? Does it pose a problem for train travel....hostels etc.
  6. M

    All about dogs

    Today I'm going to do this thread because many have not tradao about this animal that is the best friend of men dogs are very smart dogs To start, a new study claims that dogs reject those who are ruines with their masters. It is likely that dog owners are not surprised to learn that more and...
  7. Tamargrace

    Credentials for peRRegrinos and the charity APACA

    Hey Did you know you can get a certificate for dogs from Santiago? I have been suprised as to how many hostel and albergue owners have never seen one before. The wonderful charity APACA which is the Asociación Protectora de Animáis do Camiño creates these stunning little dog passports for 3€...
  8. M

    What to do with aggressive dogs

    I’ve seen threads on this topic buried in miscellaneous threads, but I think it’s worth having a stand alone thread in Personal Safety. Lots of people run into dogs on the Camino who are fiercely protecting territory or livestock and some even bitten. The best way to deal with them can be a...
  9. Tamargrace

    My dogs are up for it but i think the people dont want them there

    I have walked the whole Cornish coast with them and they were ace. They are welsh sheep dogs, pure working stock. Good endurance, tolerance and really happy peopledogs too. I have seen alot of negative feedback regarding dogs on here and the last thing I want to do is annoy someone or dusturb...
  10. Jakke

    Lists of dog-friendly aubergues

    I would not advice anyone to take a dog along, but that is besides the point. On our Finnish Camino group (FB) there is a discussion about walking with dogs. What kind of resources are there along the camino? Do we, e.g., have a list of places where dogs can stay overnight? Addresses of vets?
  11. notion900

    A Nice Dogs thread

    So many threads on Mean and Scary Dogs: I want one on Nice Dogs please. Please post your photos of Nice Dogs of the Caminos here, and say where they live, and their names if you know them. These are all Via de la Plata hounds...where else have you seen Nice Dogs? This gorgeous big fella...
  12. R

    How to deal with dogs?

    More than once I have been warned about the dogs and the usefulness of a walking pole / stick - particularly on the Camino Portugues, but I guess the situation is similar on other routes as well. (I heard that it is, or at least used to be, a known issue on the Le Puy route.) But what exactly do...
  13. B

    Safe for women alone on Via de la Plata?

    Hi there, I'm planning to walk the Via de la Plata starting in Seville at the end of March. Wondering about safety for a woman walking alone with no Spanish! What are the main safety considerations? Appreciate your tips and help. Becky
  14. RoryGentry

    Camino dog tags

    (Note- this is being re-posted in this category at Ivar's request.) These military-style "dog tags" are fun little items that can be used in lots of ways. If you have been on the Camino, it can be a reminder of your journey. If you are preparing for the Camino, it can be a reminder to keep...
  15. Sebastian Smetham

    Camping and animals?

    Hi. We have just joined the page so hi! Seeing that there are lots of helpful first hand informants we hope you can help us. We will walk from Seville in mid February camping along the way as we did the camino Frances and other routes. We have picked up that the bulls/cows/cattle are...
  16. Gemz

    Cheapest way from the UK

    Hello I am planning on walking the camino this year with my dog, I am looking for the cheapest way to travel there fromantic the uk...any suggestions please? Can I travel to France first or...? Thank you in advance
  17. hecate105

    Oaky's Grand Tour

    We undertook a strange pilgrimage - starting in Sintra, Portugal and ending at the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. On the Uk portion of the Camino our dog insisted on coming with us, despite the fact that we were cycling. This is his version of events... My blog on the link below shows...
  18. diggs

    Service Dog

    All, I have a legitimate service dog who travels with me. Anyone know about the implications of taking a dog on this route?
  19. ivar

    Attacked by dog at Biduedo (about 6.5 K before Triacastela)

    Dear all, Here is a message I got from a pilgrim just now. This happened today. --------- Hello everyone. What started out as a wonderful day took a turn fore the worse today. I would like to warn peregrinos walking through Biduedo (about 6.5 K before Triacastela) to be very careful. We were...
  20. tararrr

    Black dog on route between Molineasca and Ponferrada

    I'm just wondering if anyone else had an encounter with a small black dog on the walk out of Molineasca? I was walking past a yard when I heard a dog barking a few meters away, then felt something nip at my calf. Turned and there was a horrible mangy black dog at my leg, with open wounds on...

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